Police release surveillance video of Las Vegas shooters’ last moments

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Jerad and Amanda Miller

Jerad and Amanda Miller

Yesterday, Las Vegas police released a surveillance video showing the final moments of alleged Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller as they were holed up on the floor of a Walmart, pistols pointing at each other .

On June 8, 2014, the Millers shot and killed two Las Vegas police officers, Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck, at a pizza restaurant, draping one of the victims with a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, a swastika, and a note that said “The revolution has begun.”

The couple then fled inside a Walmart, where Amanda Miller shot and killed customer Joseph Wilcox as Wilcox, who carried a gun, moved to confront Jarad.

The Millers then holed up in Walmart’s automatic section where their last moments were caught by the store’s surveillance camera, each pointing a gun at the other in an apparent murder-suicide effort.

“It looks like they are shooting at each other,” an officer watching the video says in real-time, in a clip shared by authorities. “Looks like she just shot him.”

But police said the bullet that killed Jerad Miller didn’t come from his wife’s gun, but from a police officer’s rifle.

“None of the rounds that she fired hit him,” Assistant Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill said at a news conference. “The male was shot, in fact, by police fire just prior to this incident,” McMahill said.

As Jerad Miller lay mortally wounded, his wife turned her gun on herself, a scene authorities had removed from the released surveillance video clip. (Source: ABC News)

What do you think of the surveillance video clip? Why is there no flash of a gun firing? Why is there no blood?


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0 responses to “Police release surveillance video of Las Vegas shooters’ last moments

  1. traildustfotm

    Too many questions, indeed. Thank you for this post, Dr. Eowyn.

    “…his wife turned her gun on herself, a scene authorities had removed from the released surveillance video clip”

    Although I can understand the police removing this for the sake of the viewers, we are now left with the question of a cover-up. In the era of a lying sociopath in the White House, we NEED answers.

  2. I am afraid that with all the other false flag operations–that until it can be proved otherwise . . . I will consider this just more B S. (Not that consevative types can always be typed–but the guy looks more like a wild eyed looney than some patriot type trying to start a war.)

  3. Frankly, I’d call it staged. The whole event seems to have been scripted in advance, quite possibly starting around the time of the sandyhook incident.

  4. Not bad, multiple shots and no smoke or kicks. Amazing.

  5. Glenn, Watch the youtube on large screen and use the pause/start button.
    @ :8 seconds it seems her hand kicks up and back. Click pause/start real quick thru next 4-5 seconds. Right at 10-11 seconds she turns the gun sideways and gun looks like the slide is stuck back. Either it’s empty or jammed which she seems to have cleared in next frame and points gun at dude on ground.
    Just my humble opinion. Play with the vid and let me know what you think.
    As for smoke I would not expect any with the lighting in the store.
    I did not see any kind of flash or kick from his gun. I doubt he fired.
    With her gun it would be difficult to see flash from this angle and lighting.

    • Well, after Loughner, Lanza, Holmes “mass shootings” all occurred in places where there definitely are video cameras which would answer a lot of unanswered questions and none of that video has been produced, it could be time to start fabricating it for these events.

      Pretty interesting how fast this one became available to me. No time stamp, obvious cut edits (esp. at :34) and of course the obligatory blackout.

  6. Not to add to the mystery, but Las Vegas PD isn’t exactly lily white either. I frankly don’t trust any “evidence” they provide. William Griggs has covered some of their escapades.



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