Police pursuit of crazy woman driver

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This erratic woman driver led police on a wild chase in Orange County, California. Unbelievable!

H/t FOTM’s Grouchy Fogie


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0 responses to “Police pursuit of crazy woman driver

  1. Wonder what she was snorting…

  2. NO! What you have seen here is the modern day American feminist, who doesn’t respect ANY authority! There are other groups like her, but if you mention them, you will be called racist!

  3. Loved when you could hear the other guys in the studio laughing
    when she started doing loop-de-loops.
    Needs some Sabre Dance or Benny Hill saxaphone.

  4. I’ve got a job discing a field for her….I wondered for awhile if she
    didn’t just need to turn the key off.
    Definitely a classic ….

  5. Did she just come from the DNC???


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