Police go to man's home by mistake; kill dog

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There’s an alarming trend in America — of trigger-happy police shooting homeowners’ pet dogs “by mistake”.
The latest incident took place in Colorado.

ZiggyJeff Fisher and Ziggy

CBS4 in Denver, CO reports on Jan. 15, 2013, that Jeff Fisher of Adams County is in shock after deputies shot and killed his dog.
Fisher said police went to his house by mistake. When they forced their way through the door, Fisher’s dog Ziggy ran outside and an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed him.
Fisher said Ziggy went to the door “to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times. They killed my dog for no reason. I called the dog, he turned to come back to me and the police officer opened fire.”
Ziggy was an 8-year-old Blue Healer/Border Collie mix.
The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to the address on reports of a business alarm going off. Fisher said he rents space from the neighboring business where the alarm was sounded.
A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said he can’t say more until the investigation is complete but did release this statement, “It’s our goal at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to complete a thorough investigation of this incident, be able to answer any questions that people who have concerns about this incident may have and to do right for the owner of this dog.”
Fisher said he wants that deputy to be held accountable: “I’m on the ground crying hysterically and the police officer says, ‘You need to calm down, you can get a new dog’.”
The attorney representing Fisher, Jennifer Edwards, believes that animal shootings are out of control, and referred to the elk in Boulder and the dog in Commerce City that were recently shot and killed by law enforcement. Edwards said, “Something has got to be done about it. They’re taking our family members and I don’t care that they’re the furry family members they’re family members no less.” Edwards wants answers and reform on how law enforcement deals with animals. She believes a lawsuit is likely.
Fisher said he just wants his friend back, “I don’t have kids. That’s my son.” Ziggy was his best friend and Fisher can’t believe he’s gone.
A reader of this news on PrisonPlanet, philip41, makes an interesting point:

philip41 says:

January 16, 2013 at 6:24 am

If you ask me all this shooting dogs by the police is an initiation in proving you are willing to kill. Like psychopaths who practice on animals before they move up to killing people.

Another commenter alerts us to two other especially egregious incidents:
Cop shoots restrained dog in the head:

Chicago cop shoots puppy twice for wagging its tail; police return 2 days later and issue ticket:

H/t FOTM reader Joan W.

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0 responses to “Police go to man's home by mistake; kill dog

  1. I have a lot of respect for first responders. But this reminds me to evaluate before supporting the police. What a disgusting trend!
    If this is some kind of initiation, then let’s blow the cover off it, and make a public laughing stock of these Barney Fife wannabes.

    • Their “training kicked in” is the usual reason given for stupid behavior like this… public service unions (i.e., left/liberal ones) keep them from going to prison like soldiers would get punished for such stuff. (A decade ago there was a fad to actively not hire people who’re too smart– more than the average college student– to be a cop because they’d get bored, quit and waste all those training dollars spent on them. Now look what we’ve got.)

  2. Tragic. To say the least.

  3. My heart drops because of this incident. If my dogs were still alive and police mistakenly broke down my door, and took aim at my dogs then any action I would take would be protecting my family member if they tried to shot my dogs. We have 2 retired police officers in our family but if this trigger happy action by a few becomes the norm then the police have changed the rules. Now who are the bad guys.
    With the logic of the police, if they are attacked, they can kill. So if we are attacked, we can kill them? I think not!!! With all the uniforms out in the public the cops should be glad they were not shot in self defense. The guilty shooter or shooters should be placed on leave and/or discharged. This would be the best thing for all the remaining great cops. What idiots! Were they attacked? If they were it was self inflicted. I normally side with the police but many are getting way too bold and darn stupid.

  4. These mentally defective policemen are as dangerous to society as street gangs and corrupt politicians. Killing innocent animals and pets is revolting. I hope I never witness such a thing or I’m afraid I’d do something to the policemen that I would regret.

    • Chicago… I especially like the way the ticket for the dog who was shot appeared after the media coverage because some other officers were angry about it, not very bright and certainly abusive– definitely corrupt in the usual Chicago manner.

  5. Not cool whatsoever. I’d sue the heck out of them.

  6. This is a deranged man that should have never made it through the academy and been issued a shield and a weapon. Just how long will it take before he makes another bad decision to pull and fire his weapon? Except this time the target is a human! Time to releave him of his shield and weapon before he has a chance to make that bad choice.

  7. If you are regular readers of the Dog News in the Examiner, there is a disturbing trend involving the police shooting family pets. Really horrible. This was in the Examiner recently. At least the officer has been removed. But still, what a tragic thing to happen to that poor man. A Border collie mix is the best dog a person could have. https://www.examiner.com/article/colorado-officer-who-killed-family-dog-has-been-removed-from-duty?CID=examiner_alerts_article

  8. WOW, That is pathetic. Those two are no better or worse than the public they protect and I use that term loosely..

  9. Police under years of a Democratic administration… left/liberals don’t feel police aught to be allowed to think or use common sense.

    • Really, liberals think police (and military)ought to be robotic dolts who just do what they’re told… and to be the only ones with firearms.


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