Police chief pushes back on Washington state’s new gun restrictions

While I admire this police chief turning the tables on the proggies via “sanctuary laws,” I would rather challenge Washington’s new law in court. I don’t like sanctuary status for illegal aliens and don’t want to see the whole country explode with “exemptions” to our laws.

From Fox News: One police chief in Washington State wants to make his city a “sanctuary” for gun owners.

Republic Police Department Chief Loren Culp is looking to shield his city from a new state law that imposes more strict limitations on firearms.

Initiative 1639 was recently approved in Washington and prevents individuals under the age of 21 from buying semiautomatic weapons.

The law also creates the potential for someone to be criminally prosecuted if he or she stores a gun where a “prohibited” person gains access to it.

Loren said on Sunday that he “cannot and will not” enforce the law, and that I-1639 almost eliminates the ability for individuals under the age of 21 to exercise their constitutional rights.

“It goes against the oath of my office,” he said on Fox & Friends.

Loren wrote on his department’s Facebook pageaccording to The Spokesman-Review, that he is recommending the “Second Amendment Sanctuary City Ordinance,” which would “prevent federal and state infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.”

He said Sunday that most of the counties across his state denied the I-1639 law, but that high-population areas like Seattle passed it.

“I have tremendous support of my community for doing this,” he said.

According to Seattle PI, the National Rifle Association has filed a lawsuit challenging the new law.


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Jim Campbell
1 year ago

I believe you will get your wish soon. Cuomo, in NY has just run off the rails again and this will certainly be taken to the Supreme Court. These fools as as though they own us. For your readers and of course you.

Once Again New York’s Andrew Cuomo violates the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights Big Time

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Thank you, police chief Loren Culp, for standing up for our Second Amendment right to bear arms. But you should expect the ACLU or a judge to go after you. I hope the citizens of Republic, WA, have your back.

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
1 year ago

Our Constitution is clear on the matter that there just is no such thing as a prohibited citizen from owning a firearm. Only life in prison or execution can prevent the free exercise of a citizens civil rights. For as long as I can remember parents were responsible for determining when their own child would learn to handle and own a firearm. As long as it is not misused it is legal. No legitimate reason for that to change; except that there are way too many citizens that have been mislead into believing the dangers out weigh the true purpose… Read more »

1 year ago

It would be nice if Ruthie quits and we get another pick on the Supreme Court. Then we could kick these “upstairs” and put an end to this for a while.