Police Captain Suspended w/o Pay for Refusing to Attend Islamic Propaganda

A police captain in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was demoted and suspended for two weeks without pay because he refused to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” event at the Islamic Society of Tulsa—an event that was nothing more than Islamic proselytizing.

As recounted by Bob Unruh for World Net Daily, June 3, 2011, Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields is suing his chief and the city after he was demoted and targeted by an internal investigation for refusing orders to attend an event featuring lessons in Islam, a tour and a prayer service at a mosque linked to an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing trial.

The legal action has been brought by attorneys with the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of Fields. Named as defendants are the city, police chief Charles W. Jordan and deputy chief Alvin Daryl Webster.

At issue is a solicitation by officials in the Tulsa Police Department for officers to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” organized by the Islamic Society of Tulsa. The invitation said the officers would be given tours of the mosque, meet the mosque’s leadership, be given presentations of “beliefs, human rights, women” and “watch the 2-2:45 weekly congregational prayer service.”

While at first the police administration’s recommendation for attendance at the event appeared to be voluntary – there was a voluntary signup list – the law firm said when officers refused to respond, the managers made it a required event.

The Thomas More Law Center explained that the day “had nothing to do with any official police function. It clearly fell outside of the police department’s policy on community policing, and based on comments made by police department officials in a closed door meeting, it was not ‘community outreach’ as it has been previously portrayed. Rather, it included a mosque tour, meetings with local Muslims and Muslim leadership, observing a ‘weekly prayer service,’ and lectures on Islamic ‘beliefs’. The event was scheduled for Friday, March 4, 20011 – Friday being the ‘holy day’ or ‘Sabbath’ for Islam. In fact, the event was originally voluntary, but when not enough officers were willing to attend, it became mandatory.”

Read the rest of Unruh’s article HERE.

Please read and sign a petition by Act! for America, calling for Captain Fields’ reinstatement, and then forward it to everyone you know. Let’s expose to America the unconstitutional and politically correct actions of Captain Fields’ superiors!

At the appropriate time Act! for America will hand deliver the petition to the Tulsa police department. If the response to the petition is strong enough, there’ll be a rally and news conference in front of police headquarters to put the heat on them. So please sign the petition today!

So where is the ACLU? And where are the “separation of church and state” atheists?

[sound of crickets chirping….]

H/t beloved fellows Barbareno & Tina.


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9 years ago

“beliefs, human rights, women”? What, pictures of stoning inc.luded?

9 years ago
Reply to  DCG

Yeah, I thought views that limited or didn’t respect others’ Constitutional rights weren’t respectable enough for public employees to be associated with let alone be forced to be involved .with… or at least that’s they telk me about right to life, the TEA party and/or anything that mentions a non-muslim deity (apparently it was Jesus raping, pillaging and looting, taking multiple underage wives, converting people at swordpoint and going “It’s Allah’s will– he knows what I like!” and we were just misinformed).

Dan Beliveau
9 years ago

It seems since we have elected the closet muslim in the White House all of this stuff is happening more and more. America seems to be sliding down more and more everyday into the abyss, I hope we wake up before it’s too late, these people attacked us on 9-11 and many seem to want to forget.