Police broke up fight as mother tried to force 15-year-old into abortion

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LifeSiteNews: Police had to rush to a Planned Parenthood facility on Monday to stop a physical fight between a mother and her 15-year-old daughter, after the teenager refused to have an abortion, officers say.

The mother wanted the child to abort, but the teen wanted to keep her baby, according to police in the Cleveland suburb.

The altercation took place inside the Bedford Heights Health Center, a Planned Parenthood facility located at 25350 Rockside Road in the Cleveland suburb. The facility says it offers the morning after pill, pregnancy testing, and abortion referral.

The Plan Dealer reports that no charges have been filed in the incident, which took place at 3:50 pm. Monday afternoon, but that the prosecutor’s office will further review the issue.

The news comes just one day after a 15-year-old girl was reportedly locked inside an abortion facility when she and her mother changed their minds about going through with the abortion. Abby Johnson of the pro-life group And Then There Were None received text messages from the girl, who said she was locked inside a room at Buffalo Women’s Services, reportedly the first businesses in America to house an abortion office and a “natural birthing center” under the same roof. A local pro-life volunteer named Cheryl came to her rescue, Johnson reported.

Incidents of forced abortion are common, especially for young teenagers who feel they have no other option. In one prominent example from 2000, Florida mother Glenda Dianne Dowis pointed a gun at her 16-year-old daughter’s belly while driving her to an abortion facility. Dowis was sentenced to two years community service and three years probation.

Last October, Pennsylvania Judge Michael Faulkner dropped charges against 37-year-old Magdalena Mateia-Bitla, who police said violently beat her “school-age” daughter in the abdomen when the girl refused to have an abortion. “Everything is great,” the mother’s attorney, Angelo T. Almonti, said after the mother completed family counseling. “Prosecuting would have been overkill.”

A meta-analysis published in January in the journal PLOS Medicine found that one-quarter of all women seeking an abortion were abused.


Pro-life activists say violence is the heart and soul of abortion.

“Pro-choice advocates might argue that neither of these cases resembles the ‘right to choose,’ as each involves the use of force and coercion from the mother and the abortion clinic,” Katie McCann, public relations manager at Ohio Right to Life, said. “But what is abortion except the use of force against an innocent child?”

“The abortion industry thrives on force and violence,” she said. “To be consistently pro-life means opposing violence and aggression in all of its forms. But to be consistently pro-choice means to accept force and aggression against an innocent human being.”


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  1. Paul H. Lemmen

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Sadly there are many who will believe this is not true. Abby was in contact with this girl and prolife community is rallying around her.

  3. traildustfotm

    Thank you for this article, DCG. I would know such an outrageous thing was going on (even at abortion mills) if you hadn’t pointed it out. The thing is so crazy it defies belief.

  4. “The abortion industry thrives on force and violence…..’ and let’s not forget: it literally FEEDS on death. Without the product…DEATH…..it doesn’t exist.

  5. There is one other major problem with this story that really must be pointed out… The Girl Is 15, that means someone committed statutory rape with her in order for her to get to such a condition in the first place, she is a *minor* and shouldn’t even *be* having intercourse, much less be pregnant therefrom in the first place… attempting to abort the child is an attempt to conceal evidence of a most heinous crime… and whoever is responsible should be found and held responsible for their crime and the consequences thereof. The girl has made poor choices, but if she chooses to keep the child, that is “choice” in action, isn’t it? You can’t get much more pro-“choice” than that.

    The boy/man responsible for this has effectively married this girl, and has a responsibility to her and the child which is also a consequence of his actions, he must take care of them, her for the rest of her life, and the child for as long as it takes for them to be an independent person and cleave off to their spouse, the girl is equally responsible, for the same, to him.

    Also, this would tend to indicate that pp (Read: pushing propaganda) is actively in the business of destroying evidence of sexual crimes, and aiding and abetting criminals, why has no one brought a suit against them yet, for being complicit in the sex abuse of children?


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