Polar Bear Attack in Manitoba, Canada

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These are photographs of an actual polar bear attacking a man.
The pictures were taken while people stood by and watched, because they could do nothing to stop the attack!


The pics are extremely gruesome!!!
Remember you are forewarned!!!

Are you sure you’re ready?
Okay. Remember you asked for it!!!

Reports from the local newspaper say the victim will make a full recovery.
H/t beloved FOTM co-founder Joan.

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2 responses to “Polar Bear Attack in Manitoba, Canada

  1. Awww. Cuteness alert! And don’t we all need “cuteness” and warm, fuzzy, cuddly once in a while? Just a quick and simple distraction from what is happening in this very dangerous world we live in. Between all of the muslims that want us dead; an election in eleven months that is going to be fraught with fraud and violence [if we even get to vote!], and the complete and total chaos going on around us… We need pictures of Baby Polar Bears “attacking” humans!!!

  2. Aaahhh…so cute. I want one!


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