Plumber of the Year Awards – Finalists!

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How does this even get past the planning stage?
What the heck?
Should have measured twice!
Apparently, you don’t want anyone seeing your face, but everything else is okay?
The oak seat is a nice touch!
This stall is for people that have arms like an orangutan.
FYI…all of these plumbers are no longer in business. They have sadly been elected to public office and now serve in various positions in the government!

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0 responses to “Plumber of the Year Awards – Finalists!

  1. This post is brilliant at bringing forth the laughter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are very funny. Hope none of the plumbers on these jobs was paid.

    • Sadly, I expect most of them were. I’ve seen stupid installations here in Victoria, the first such was a flood drain installed at the TOP of the concrete pad outside a basement entry, so the water would have already been flooding through by the time it reached the drain.
      Maybe it was intended for ‘excessive overflow’ only…. Or maybe water flows uphill in Victoria. Sadly enough, it was in my former wife’s new concrete work she had done before I showed up and corrected as much as I could. She had been a widow before me, so maybe she was taken advantage of, as happens here all-too-often, most especially to seniors. It REALLY pisses me off!

    • You bet your bippy these guys are paid (a huge amount per hour) and are probably STILL employed! I think one of them was the plumber who crimped the water line upon installation (it’s under the concrete pad) into my kitchen in my NEW house (some years ago) which caused my FLOOR to explode in the kitchen when they blew air through the line to see what the problem was….and,,,,it was probably the SAME wise plumber guy who, while finishing the upstairs hall bath, ground out his cigarette on the NEW linoleum floor…..making a BIG melted, burned HOLE in the floor….WHO DOES THIS KIND OF CRAP and STILL MAKES A LIVING?????? And the answer is: Most of them.

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  4. Dear CalGirl: Sorry to admit that you had me roaring! Hate to laugh at others’ problems. You have a gift, Girl!

  5. traildustfotm


  6. Thanks pnordman…. 🙂 I’m glad to be able to entertain with the “story of my life,” b/c…..hey…..if we don’t laugh, we’d be crying all the time. Believe me….there’s MORE where this came from.


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