Please sign protest against Satanic Black Mass scheduled for tonight

From TPF Student Action:

Our Lord Is Attacked… We Cannot Remain Silent…

Sign This Petition to Stop the Satanic Black Mass

I regret to inform you that satanists are planning a blasphemous Black Mass in Ottawa (Canada) at a heavy metal bar called “The Koven” on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019 at 10:00 PM.

This new attack against God is called “the first organized public black mass in Canadian history” and described in these terms:

  • “Satanic Unbaptism”
  • “Black Mass Ritual”
  • “Featuring Burlesque performances”

Can you please spread the word to all your friends so we can stop this sacrilege and express our love for God?

And remember: Because of peaceful protest, a satanic Black Mass at Harvard University in 2014 was stopped.  Canceled.  Over 168,000 faithful spoke up at that time.

Saint Michael won a great victory that day. And God can win again.

Please sign your “STOP the satanic Black Mass” petition here

No words can describe how evil this is.

Typically — in a satanic Black Mass — the true Catholic Mass is twisted and the Sacred Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is attacked in the most vile, unspeakable manner.  And Christian symbols such as a Crucifix are desecrated.

According to Global News, Canadian members of the Satanic Temple promoting the black mass said “blasphemy” is an expression of “personal freedom.”

You see — the more God and His holy Law are pushed aside and ridiculed, the more satan gains ground to deceive and ensnare souls in his dark web of sacrilege and blasphemy.

That’s Why I’m Asking Your to Protest Right Now

Every Black Mass is a direct sin of hatred against God.

It offends Christians and all God-loving people!

Sign your peaceful petition of protest & reparation today.

May Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in battle!

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action, Director

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1 year ago

“A mans entire duty is to pray and to fight.”

– Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson

1 year ago

Curious…do the satanists ever do anything to mock Allah or Islam? I bet I know the answer…

1 year ago
Reply to  DCG

Or “Judaism” for that matter

1 year ago

May God send His holy angels to push back on the blackest darkness that is trying to destroy America, Canada, England, and every country in the world.🙏

Joseph Ulman
Joseph Ulman
1 year ago

Sunday Devotional: ‘I have come to set the earth on fire’ That scripture alone should be the clue. Do you really think the church (Roman Universal) filled with it’s pedophiles and graven images preaching another Jesus is any different than this one. Where in the bible does it say that signing a petition is how we are to fight evil. People, WAKE UP! Prayer…lots of it, and strict fasting, many days..and put on the FULL suit, learn scripture be honest be at peace be saved be righteous…go to battle That is how we win for the Glory of Jesus. Not… Read more »

mossy bloke
mossy bloke
1 year ago

I signed and so there is my “spiritual bullet” striking the devil.