Please read this and have duct tape on hand. To me it is sheer Insanity.

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Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me to tell you that I believe the SHTF real soon. Why you ask?  Please Please Please Read this. Even just the highlighted spots. OK.        ~Steve~            H/T  May

I'll be back when I find new fingers.

FDA Says You Have No Fundamental Right to Grow or Eat Healthy Food, It’s a Privilege. 
Part 1, just so you know what happened last month.
August 9, 2011
Federal and state teams arrest people at gunpoint, destroy food, and seize assets—all because they’re afraid of unpasteurized milk and cheese. Please don’t let them trample the Constitution this way—a new Action Alert!
On August 2, there was an armed raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, conducted jointly by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You may recall that we reported about a similar FDA raid on the same co-op last year.
Mike Adams, editor of, broke the story last week, and we thank him for his excellent and continuing coverage of this issue. He reports that armed teams were deployed with guns drawn, law enforcement ordered all co-op members out of the store, seized all the cash in the register, then handcuffed the co-op’s founder, James Stewart, and placed him in an unmarked car without reading him hist rights.
For rest of story Pls go  HERE!!
OK, Now we get into the INSANITY of it all.
Here’s a quick follow-up article to the one posted a few days ago about the Rawesome Food Club raid. Feast your eyes on the following statements released by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the raid.
Note: Below, ‘Plaintiffs’ refers to James Stewart, Rawesome’s founder, Sharon Palmer, owner of Healthy Family Farms, and Victoria Bloch, the LA County liaison for the Weston A. Price Foundation. The trio were
charged with the production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese, and other products without the proper permit; and with “mislabeling cheese.” They were also charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit a crime.
According to the FDA…
“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a new ‘fundamental right’ to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law.
“There is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds.”
“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families,’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.”
I’m gonna say something real crazy here: if the above statements released by the FDA don’t freak you out, you’re clueless and a big part of the problem. The fact that they can state that all Americans don’t have a “fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families” is downright dictatorial. If the Constitution doesn’t protect us with respect to what we choose to eat or not eat, it’s a useless document…
Please excuse me for one minute.

OK, Thanks I needed that

…useless because it seems those who rule over us have no reason to abide by it. Why have a Constitution if government agencies risk nothing by ignoring it? Instead, the FDA should be punished. Every agent involved, from the FDA down to the clueless LAPD drones who blindly accepted their orders, should be jailed. After all, they are the ones who committed a crime on that day; not James Stewart, Sharon Palmer and Victoria Bloch.
And this is why my hope is dwindling for our future. Things like this occur and no one cares. Not a blip on the radar for most. They just continue on with their daily routines, not the slightest bit aware that every day, another theft of liberty occurs, trickling away the rights our forefathers fought and died to obtain. Doesn’t that disgust you!? Doesn’t that make you sick!?
I’ve grown more and more contemptuous toward those who are ignorant and content in that ignorance. These are the true enemy of the free. These are the people who represent the ultimate problem; not the ruling elite. Because if everyone woke up, the ruling elite would no longer be rulers.
Those around you are the problem. Wake them up…or we’re doomed to serfdom…or worse.
You can start by contacting your Congressional Reps via the link below, and urging them to support a bill that Ron Paul has created that would enable the sale of raw milk and dairy across state borders.
It’s a start.
As an aside FTW  is a tattoo I have. Perfect for days like this. I’m pissed.

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0 responses to “Please read this and have duct tape on hand. To me it is sheer Insanity.

  1. Unfortunately, I know far too many people who figure that as long as it doesn’t affect them directly, then they won’t worry about it.

  2. I didn’t milk Holsteins for seven years because I needed a hobby…I wanted good whole organic milk for my children.I didn’t home school for 21 years because it was easier than sending the kids to the government daycare/prison and I didn’t postpone vaccinations until their immune systems were developed enough to have a chance to protect them…and then I had misgivings. I don’t live in a rural setting because it’s convenient . Our answers won’t come from Washington and legislation won’t protect us from those who would enslave us…WE must be the change. WE must decide to be free and endeavor to remain unbound by the chains of the oppressors in this world…and I’m not asking any ones permission because I’m answerable to a higher power and if they don’t like it ,they can take it up with Him.

  3. Fundamental right to eat what you want? Nah, but it is a right to have health insurance. Messed up…

  4. In August 1969, age 26, I left a thriving landscaping & garden maintenance business in the Bay Area of California to immigrate to Canada. Earlier, I was not accepted for the military due to a congenital cardiac defect, though I told them it had never really bothered me. So why did I depart?
    My reason was very simple. I had not yet begun to have children, and I decided the US had become too violent and troubled a nation socially for me to raise a family in the ways I thought were desirable. My wife had already endured teaching average grade school students and could not deal with the unending hostility and violence in that environment. It has become far worse, of course, since those halcyon days.
    Long-time readers know the rest of my story. We had three children, all raised in the bush on goat’s milk, organic veggies, healthy meats from our ducks, chickens, geese, sheep & goats, and raised in the Slocan Valley of BC, thirty-five miles from any town of size [10,000 souls]. They managed to survive w/o TV, only the CBC radio for the most part, and learned real-life experiences: everything from sharpening tools to raising critters to how to make cheese, even how to assist in difficult birthing/deliveries. Life –and death– were every second, just as lived by humans since before the Bible was composed.
    Canada unfortunately has gradually become Kanada, and we are not far behind what is now the USSA. I was raised to memorise and love the Constitution –and yes, Virginia, and you aspiring politicos, it is ALWAYS capitalised, and there is only the Treasury and never Treasuries– not to figure out how to get around it so I could reward the monied scum bags who put me in office, as is all-too-common now.
    Without a doubt another Revolution is needed, just as Jefferson wrote, to purge the treasonous corporate fascists and dual-citizens throughout the feral gubbmint. Foreign Islamic nations are not the greatest threat to the US of A, rather its politicos w/secret agendas already within most certainly are. Even at 69 I would give my life to defend what’s left of the country, for as Teddy Roosevelt thundered, “My country, right or wrong! When right, to keep it right, and when wrong, to make it right!” Ron Paul has always done that; if he’s not allowed to be elected, you may as well depart, to save yourselves and your families.

  5. “we either refresh that tree of liberty, or …I don’t wanna think or what.”
    LOL… I keep hearing you conservatives saying that.. What, do you think civil war will be neat and orderly like the 1863 version??? People all lined up single file ready to be shot?
    Hell no.. If civil war hits in America – the steets will be bloodier than bagdhad. We will hit you when you aren’t expecting. You
    will. lose all your loved ones – everyone and everything you
    hold dear will NOT escape brutality…The rest of Americas days will be filled with random guerrilla warfare. .. Don’t think
    it’ll ever recover from such a state of affairs – next time you
    fantasize about ancient historical writings like Thomas
    Jeffeson’s. …When he wrote those words he didn’t envision a
    circumstance of civil war where so many millions of people don’t GIVE A FVCK and wouldn’t hesitate to include
    conservative women, children, grandparents in the causalities
    of war. .. If you conservatives want to fight a civil war in MY AMERICA, people like me who REALLY **DON’T** give a
    flying FVCK – WILL hit you where it hurts most and where you least expect it. People like me aren’t registered as any
    particular ideology so you won’t be able to find me at home to per-emtively murder me. There are millions like me and we *WILL* make your life suck ever so bad if you get any wild
    ideas about actual WAR here.

    • tbm, or rather Tom, or rather Legion:
      Got yourself another IP address from Knoxville, TN? And again, near a cemetery — Bowling Cemetery. Do those dead bodies you lie down among smell as foul as you?

    • Oh Legion, you are so sweet today! Have a great Friday and try to not be so angry that you have a pleasant weekend 🙂

    • Even when angry my 12 yr old son was better-tempered and far more sensible than you are, as displayed by your hideous lapse of civility. Please send us an accurate description as to your location, so that when a shooting civil war begins, one of our kind can come by and share it w/you. Notice that I write this w/o anger or rancour: It simply recognises that we cut out cancers, don’t we? And I do so love a good day of target practice….

    • Hmmm…………. ?
      Tell me, does that stand for Two Balled Man? or The Bowel Movement? or maybe Tickled By Martians? Is the “jja” related to “junior jackass”?
      I’m always curious about how people arrive at the email address personnas.

  6. What IS your problem @tbm? The radical left are the ones who want a freakin’ war son! Tell you what…when all he!! breaks loose, I will be the one who will be standing over you with a big grin on my face and a ******* at your throat, waiting for you to cry UNCLE! ….It’s all good bro….C’ya soon!

  7. TBM, I can smell your FEAR. LOL


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