Please Pray For Will’s Mom

Will   is a very loved member of Fellowship of the Minds. Last night, his mother became very ill and Will rushed her to ER.

Please say a prayer for Will and his mom. When I get more news, I’ll post updates.

May God’s magnificent Angels spread their wings of love, peace, and protection over Will’s mom.

UPDATE #1: Will just wrote on his FB: “Sending this from work. Thank you all for your prayers. Mom is back home resting explain later.”

UPDATE #2: In an e-mail to me, Will explained that his mother was throwing up, repeatedly, and had dangerously high blood pressure. The people in ER told her it’s her gall bladder. She is scheduled for surgery, but is now back home. Thank God. Please continue to keep her and Will, who is totally stressed out, in your prayers.


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Prayers her way Will…may she be safe!


Praying for Will’s mom, all the medical personnel involved in her care, and Will.


Prayers for Will’s mom and the entire family.



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Will,you and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.


Sorry guys I just written a massive paragraph thanking each and every last one of you for your support and when I went to post my browser lost it all! All I want to say is my mom is doing fine now and out of respect for her especially with that ass around I will not say much but to all my friends (ALL!!!) From the bottom of my heart thank you! Also I want to thank my brother’s friend from Calvary Chapel I had a brutal day yesterday came home late and had to drive early in morning (100… Read more »


My prayers are with you and your mom, Will!!! Hope she recovers really soon!!!


Will, I’m so glad your Mom is OK and I will pray that she continues to be and the Lord gives you both comfort.

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