Please Pray For Tom's Wife

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Our beloved Tom in NC (catscanner150), a regular contributor to this blog, needs our prayers.
Tom’s wife, Kathie, will be undergoing knee-replacement surgery this morning (April 5) on her right knee.
Tom jokes that since Kathie has had both hips replaced and now the right knee as well, if she walks through an airport, the oh-so-competent TSA, ever on the lookout for terrorists, will surely put her on the Top Ten Most Wanted list.
All joking aside, Tom loves his wife dearly. Please pray that all goes well — that the Holy Spirit guides the hands of Kathie’s surgeon and that God sends His magnificent Angels to spread their wings of protection over her.

Thank you.

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0 responses to “Please Pray For Tom's Wife

  1. will say a special prayer for Kathie,I know everything will be ok.

  2. Praying for Kathie, Tom, and all the medical personnel who will be taking care of her.

  3. Prayers that all goes smoothly!

  4. Thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  5. She will be in my prayers.

  6. Mine too.

  7. Prayers for Tom and all involved, as I have seen a knee replacement up close and personal.
    The danger to the life of the recipient is minimal, but it doesn’t look that way to the family members who watch it live.
    My advice?
    Go down a few while the surgery is in progress.

  8. Will stick her on my list pronto.

  9. lowtechgrannie

    God bless her! They’re doing wonderful work joint surgery these days! I’m praying for her speedy recovery. Lord be with you both, Tom and Kathie.

  10. I am offering my prayers today, and my day, for Kathie. I have had many surgeries, including both knees being replaced. It always helped me to have a crucifix with me. I held it while I suffered. I will think of Kathie today and the rest of this week and offer my continuing prayers for her. God bless you, Tom as well!

  11. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind words. Kathie’s surgery went fine and she is now resting comfortably, she has been having some bouts of nausea since the surgery but her pain is under control. Her doctor did a great job and since he is a Christian I know the Lord guided his hands.
    I am back home now and I just want her to get some rest, the next few days are going to be rough for her because I know they are going to have her up and walking and having physical and occupational therapy. She should be coming home on Friday.
    Thanks again, you are all great, compassionate, patriotic Americans, whom I am proud to call my friends.

    • Hallelujah !!! Thanks for letting us know that Kathie came through surgery okay.
      Friends of the Fellowship, please keep Kathie in your prayers — that she recovers quickly!

    • Great news that all went well! Hope she gets to feeling better soon.


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