Please pray for the people in and near Mexico City

Earthquake Struck 2 Hours Ago

Fellowship of the Minds is a blog with a distinctly Christian emphasis. So it’s only reasonable to call our many Christian readers to focus their prayers and faith power on the rescue, healing and protection of the people near the quake.
And of course, for the people dealing with the hurricanes.
Thank you.

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2 years ago

I just read a news article and they’re saying the earthquake happened on the anniversary of the 1985 hurricane, and there was a nationwide drill occurring just before the quake hit.

2 years ago
Reply to  Maryaha

I meant to say 1985 earthquake, not hurricane. Sorry…

2 years ago

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Please pray for the people of Mexico and the victims of the earthquake.
Is God trying to tell us to change our ways with the hurricanes and now an earthquake?