Please pray for patriot soldier Matthew

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A piece of our DCG’s heart is missing today.

Today, her sweetheart, Matthew, is leaving for that hellhole called Afghanistan.

Matthew will be deployed to Afghanistan for a year, and though he will not be on combat duty, we all know the country and terrain are fraught with danger.

So we humbly ask that FOTM readers pray for Matthew and DCG —

That God holds Matthew safely in the palm of His hands and grace DCG with His strength and serenity.

God speed, Matthew!

May St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of soldiers, watch over and protect you.


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0 responses to “Please pray for patriot soldier Matthew

  1. Take care brother and come home safe. We’ll safe guard the home front until your return. God bless and Gods speed.

    Semper Fi

  2. Please!!! Give him a copy of Psalm 91 to read daily!

  3. Stay safe over there Matthew. Good luck and God bless.

  4. Be safe Matthew… God is on our side!

  5. Praying for Matthew and DCG….please tell Matthew THANK YOU from my family! B/c of men like him my kids are blessed to live in a free nation. Bless you Matthew!

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. I have never stopped praying for Matthew and DCG since we learned that he was going to Afghanistan. Today, I will be saying a Rosary for Matthew and DCG, and for all the souls of the faithful departed because it is All Souls’ Day. I am so glad Dr. Eowyn that you have asked for the intercession and help of St. Michael the Archangel! I am also asking for the intercession and help of St. Joan of Arc, who is the Patron saint of soldiers and prisoners. I send to Matthew and DCG my love.

  7. Prayers and then some.

    May they all came back safe – and soon.


  8. Thanks all. He’s on the plane now, heading there 🙁

    I know he’ll be safe and protected. Prayers.

    • DCG–you both are and have been in my daily prayers. Though we have never met, I consider you my friend.

  9. Matthew will be in my prayers. I am thrilled to say that my great niece’s husband has just returned to the US. His carrier is in port in Florida prior to her arrival in Norfolk. My other great nephew is still overseas serving as a corpsman with a Marine unit. May God b less and protect our military. Their CIC is despicable and not worthy of the name.

  10. Got to speak w/Matthew during their stop in Germany for refuel. Still another 8 hours travel after that.

    Told him of blog post. He appreciated all your prayers!


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