Please pray for our Dave

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Update (May 16):

Last night, Dave’s dad passed away — quietly and peacefully.
Dave asks me to thank everyone who prayed for his dad and his family. He wants you to know that all your prayers helped a great deal.
He asks that we continue to pray for his mom — dad and mom had been married for nearly 64 years.
Please keep Dave in your prayers as well. His mom is also seriously ill, and Dave himself has diabetes.
8Dave, one of FOTM’s writers, needs your prayers.
Dave’s dad has Alzheimer’s disease. About a week ago, he fell down the stairs and was taken to emergency hospital. He was kept in ICU for a while, then was released, after the doctors determined he did not have a stroke.
But now, Dave’s dad has stopped eating and is being kept (barely) alive with IV fluid. He will be moved to a hospice today or tomorrow.
Dave, who has diabetes, has been caring for his dad and his mom (who’s also ailing) for several years now.
Please say a prayer for Dave’s dad, and also for Dave — that the peace and strength of our Lord, Jesus, be with them both.
Love and prayers to Dave from our little band of FOTM writers,

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0 responses to “Please pray for our Dave

  1. LORD, bring the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to assist this family in their time of trouble. In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Prayers for both of you Dave. I hope hospice will make him comfortable.


    As always we pray for comfort and for God’s will to be done.

  4. Thanks for posting this prayer request, Dr. Eowyn.
    The more prayers being made for Dave’s Dad (and Mom, and Dave), the better.
    Dave, your family is in my prayers.

  5. Will be including them in my daily prayers.

  6. Praying!

  7. May our prayers lend you strength and peace.

  8. Lord Jesus, extend your blessings to this most worthy family and protect them in these trying times..

  9. Dave,
    Got you covered here in the Lone Star State! :o)
    Thanks for letting us know, Doc! Please keep us posted!

    • Oh dear….
      I was just talking about your family, Dave. So very sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in 2002. I feel your pain. Prayers for mom.

      • Dave,
        Thought about you about 1 this morning. Seemed prayer was needed.
        You are in my thoughts heavily this morning.
        Please keep us updated on how you, your family and mom are. Share anything you wish us to know!
        May God keep you,

  10. All my prayers.

  11. Dave, as always my friend please know you and your Mom and Dad are in my prayers.

  12. My prayers are flying out to you. I am sorry I didn’t check earlier!

  13. My families prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. May His peace be upon you and your house, in Jesus precious name.

  14. Thanks, Doc E, and to everyone here at FotM.
    These last sixteen days have been difficult, to say the least. It had appeared for a couple of days that my dad was going to recover to a certain degree, but now that he has stopped eating, it’s only a matter of time.
    We were asked if we wanted them to put a permanent feeding tube into him, and we declined, as it would involve a surgical procedure that would require anesthesia, and we very much doubt he would survive something that traumatic at this point.
    Besides, my dad was always pretty adamant that he never wanted to become a vegetable and be kept alive by a feeding tube for very long. If you have ever known a Marine war veteran, you can understand where that comes from.
    They are hydrating him and nourishing him with IVs for the time being, administering pain killers, antibiotics and such, and we now have to decide whether to move him to hospice, or keep him where he is.
    I will be suggesting the latter, as I do not think he is up for any kind of a move at this point.
    I appreciate all of your concerns and prayers, and don’t worry about me, as I have known this time was coming for a while now, so I am at least partially mentally prepared for it.
    Of course, that only makes it slightly easier.
    I am spending a lot of time on the flight simulator late at night after everyone has gone to bed, which helps to get my mind off things for a while. I am hoping to find my dad’s log books, as I would like to retrace the flights we took when I was growing up, and even some flights that I wasn’t present for.
    In some cases I can remember exactly where we went, and the courses we took to get there, but I have forgotten most of them.
    When I am not on the sim, what little time I have on the pooter has been pretty much taken up by eyeballing emails, and stomping on an occasional troll over at NB.
    LOL – You have no idea how therapeutic that can be for me.
    It’s even more fun when Drudge links to a thread, cause we get a whole new batch of the furry little buggers to screw with. 😀

  15. Dear Lord Jesus, there is never a problem you cannot solve and Brother Dave can rest assured that you are in the midst of the midst of it all, working all things out for the best since we know he love you so much. We praise and thank you for your mercy and forgiveness for all of our fears and weaknesses and we put our trust in you to reward his father with a hearty “Well done” when that time comes, now or further on down the highway to Heaven. Certainly there may be a crown awaiting him and one of the many mansions, so we continue pressing towards the mark of the high calling in your name Lord Jesus and we declare that “All is well” . Amen and amen.

    • I would like to add my prayers to this particular prayer, as Alice has put into words the very things that at this point, crying as I am, I can’t do myself.
      My husband and I just prayed for you – I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner – and of course you know, where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ Holy Name, we can call on Him, to be with your family, by your side, Your loving arms around each and every one, and to help Dave and his family make the kinds of decisions he won’t question in the years to come. Grant him the Grace you so freely gave to me, if You so choose and You feel it is right for Dave, please give him that gift of inestimable worth – to be by his father’s side, as he draws his last breath. Please God, let his dad die in peace. We honor his service to our country and thank you God for one very special favor, as my husband and I see it – and I feel free to say this, here, because of the friends gathered here – thank You for taking him before what he fought for, is well and truly ruined. No man should ever have to fight for his country, ESPECIALLY as a Marine, only to watch it die. Semper Fi, Marine.
      Dave, I sure hope you find those books. I trust Jesus will either help you find them at the very moment He thinks will be the best for you (patience) or you’ll begin to remember things you think you’ve forgotten, but with Jesus’ help, you haven’t, really. God bless you, Dave, hang in there, m’friend. For your mother, I pray all this, as well. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

  16. My lord, the greatest of all,doing miracle is your familiar job.You can do something new that no one can ever do in Dave’s life.Please visit and heal him from his suffering. In Jesus name. Amen

  17. you have my prayers…. I get it…

  18. May the presence and comfort of our Lord bring you peace as you face these difficult times. Hold your memories in your heart. Love never dies.

  19. Just checked in here after a couple of crazy days in hubby’s office. My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with you. Both myself and my husband lost our dads to this dreadful disease. Decisions like yours were ones we had to make–it is not easy.

  20. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that your faith will sustain you in the difficult times ahead.

  21. May he rest in peace. Prayers for you and your mom.

  22. May your father rest in peace.
    Dear God
    Please protect Dave and hus mother, abd help them get through these hard times. Help them to face their grief. Please help them to know you are there watching over them,and to never lose hope. God bless Dave. Amen. P.s the comment above i for got to add something so I duplicated on this comment.

  23. Dave,
    Am sending prayers your way. It sounds like you and your father were really close. It’s neat that you are redoing those flights you took together. He’s right there with you, always. ( I fly, too. There is nothing else like it in the world.) My dad recently passed away after having normal pressure hydrocephalus for several years.

  24. Dear, dear Dave – I can’t add a thing to these beautiful posts, but I do ask you to take care of yourself. Make sure you eat and get enough sleep. I know how difficult that is right now, but you are needed!!

  25. Dave, I can tell your Dad was a very admirable man,God Bless him. No doubt he is in a beautiful place. You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of you, your mom needs ya.


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