Please pray for Joseph and William

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So many people — good folks — are suffering in this curséd Barack Ebola logo economy.
Two good friends of Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) need your prayers.
They are Joseph (regular commenter josephbc69) and William.
On October 22, while doing landscaping for a client, Joseph fell on the steps. The retina in his right eye is partially detached, which means he can’t work. That, in turn, means more financial hardship.
William, a good friend of FOTM, is a talented freelance graphic designer. Like so many Americans, William and his family are suffering financially.
With a full background in traditional commercial and fine art skills, William’s specialties include graphic design, web design, web development, logo design, illustration, flash animation, concept development, interface design, corporate ID, advertising design, business to business, and consumer. He is also gifted in people skills — he is kind, considerate, affable, and very hardworking.

If you can use William’s graphic design skills, you can contact him via FOTM’s email ( and I’ll forward the email to him.

Please pray for our brothers in Christ — that Joseph quickly and fully recovers from his injury, and that William finds work and many paying clients.
Thank you for your prayers.
May God bless you and your loved ones,

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36 responses to “Please pray for Joseph and William

  1. Prayers and good thoughts winging their way to Joseph and William.
    As a fellow illustrator, I can attest that this economy for professional artists, is absolutely @#$%^&*!

  2. Volens er Potens: Prayers are in, if work can be found will do!

  3. oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the update! Jo is one of my favorite characters on here!
    If i know of anything that can help Mr. Williams and his family I will be more than glad to pass it on!
    yes, and of course, prayers!

  4. I’m praying for you both, Joseph and William.

  5. My prayers are with the two of you, Joseph and William. I pray Joseph heals miraculously well and quick. I pray William gets so much work, he’ll have a waiting list. IJN Amen.

  6. Prayers for both!

  7. We have put Joseph and William on our Home Church prayer list. May God grant them a total healing. Leeann

  8. Thank you for posting this. Sending prayers.

  9. My writing cannot express what my heart feels for your thoughts and prayers, for the both of us….
    ¡Adiós Amigos!

  10. How generous and uplifting to see such caring going on. It does the heart good. Thank you. May God Bless those needing a little extra help at this time.

    • Ditto Glenn47’s thoughts. I am so struck with the caring of the FOTM community! Prayers and praise to Joseph, William, and “Artist.” My prayers are NOT just for them, but for our nation, our culture. As a history AND art teacher of many years, in a subtle way, I lead my students to see that, if a culture is successful, it values & promotes its artists (visual/performing/ literature) into superheroes & into historic stature. One way to tell if a civilization has succeeded or NOT is to evaluate the longevity/world stature of its art and artists and/or innovators. If a society is so busy doing other things other than these….they disappear into obscurity (think Ghengis Khan…who took over more territory in less years than anyone/any governmental entity in history….) making no “mark” for themselves other than a passing remark in historical record. No lasting postivie contribution, no huge changes that had lasting effect upon global existence. I am cheering for our superheroes, like Joseph, William, “the Artist.” They are the stuff of which our culture is truly made, & of which I hope we are remembered in time….. Good thoughts always…

  11. Silent FOTM reader CSM has this suggestion for Artist and William:

  12. Will be praying for Joseph and William. . .

  13. I’m praying the good LORD will open doors for everyone that thinks there are only windows… Please lift us up high enough to see your way LORD.

  14. Thoughts and prayers for both of you. Doc suffered a severe detached retina 15 months ago, and the recovery is a booger. That said, his vision is still improving–just takes a lot of patience.

  15. Note to surfercajun:
    You had inquired if Christian booksellers might be carrying “The Best Part of the Day”…I am not sure about individual Christian brick and mortar stores but there is this:
    thank you!

  16. Will be praying from the bottom of my heart. Seems all I do anymore. 🙂
    Wise woman once told me “This too shall pass”
    Think about it. It always does. Just stinks waiting for it to pass.
    Hang in there guys.

  17. Without reading everything again or thoroughly, is it mentioned where this person hails from?

  18. I hope that all readers are aware that you can download a FREE copy of my gardening guide,, from this site.
    Look under BLOGROLL above.
    I add to it continually, so if you downloaded it at the first, you’ll find a new section on soils and mapping a garden. As my sight allows I’m adding a Shade Gardens section; remember, this is an INTERACTIVE book, so YOU can improve on it. My ego won’t suffer!

    • Thank you, Joseph… please keep us updated! I was thinking of you just this morning! 🙂

    • Joseph,
      I have been reading this morning the booklet you have written and I am already learning so much! I always wondered how some plants could see so sun loving when clearly (in my past) they were neither part sun part shade like my hydrangea. they leaves are burned and they have never flowered and they are near a water source but i think they still get to much sun. Would you happen to have any advice for me?

  19. bless your caring heart, dear. I will definitely pray for our dear brothers, and I will help in any way I can…………dear Heavenly Father God, send your merciful guardian angels to surround your beloved children in their time of need, comfort them, heal them and help them to find good jobs. thank you dear Father God, in Jesus’s name, amen…………………….

  20. I add my prayers to all the ones listed here. Jesus, I trust in You! May Joseph and William and Artist all be blessed abundantly.

  21. Wow – can’t thank you enough, dear Dr. Eowyn, for this post! My five-year-old grandson will LOVE this book. Prayers are heading upstairs for Joseph and William, too. God bless you, precious Lady!

  22. Prayers and best wishes for all.
    We are truly living in sucky times, and I have been dealing with it since 2008.
    And no, it isn’t getting better – I don’t care what the MSM says.

  23. I pray times are improving for William and Joseph and anyone facing difficulties on FOTM…this is just an update on the book “The Best Part of the Day”. I received it yesterday and it is truly a beautifully illustrated and written book. I can’t wait to share it with my children this Christmas.


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