Please pray for Grif and Auntie Lulu

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Your prayers are needed for two of our FOTM family:

  1. Grif, a former newspaper reporter who joined our team of all-volunteer (read: unpaid) writers in June. See his first post on the infamous Red Hen Restaurant here.
  2. Auntie Lulu, a loyal reader who is uncommonly insightful in her comments and unfailingly generous to other commenters.

Both have been quiet, so I sent them a wellness-check email.

Grif responded with the distressing news that he had a silent stroke some weeks ago. He is being outfitted with a heart monitor today. He writes:

As for FOTM, I do not subscribe to any other blog. This is it. I love this blog. I pray that it continue to prosper with the truth.

Please pray for Grif!!!

In the case of Auntie Lulu, as you know from my post of September 10, she was admitted to ER for kidney stones, some of which remain unbroken. A stint was put in, but it has led to bleeding. The loss of blood is so massive that she feels weakened to the extent that it affects her thinking. I urged her to see a doctor ASAP. Yesterday, she saw her physician’s assistant and a blood test was done to ascertain the amount of blood loss and whether an iron or blood transfusion is warranted. The results will be out today.

Please pray for Grif and Auntie Lulu. Both are devout Christians and genuinely good people.

Thank you and God bless you,


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34 responses to “Please pray for Grif and Auntie Lulu

  1. My prayers being said for both, that they will get the good medical treatment they need and we see them back at FOTM soon.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    And isn’t it a shame that Auntie Lulu couldn’t actually see the doctor, but a PA. Okay, prayers up for the both of them. I would think they’ve probably put dear Grif on thinners too and I hope it is not one of them that has had so many problems. So we’ll lift up both of these dear folks to the Lord asking for divine intervention and a healing touch.
    Thank you for letting us know. Prayers up!

  3. I am praying for a speedy healing to bring back two treasured members of the FOTM family. I pray Grif’s procedure will put him back in the road he was traveling.
    For Auntie Lulu, what a sweetheart and sorely missed. I am also praying her tests will prove she too, is back on the road to a healthy recovery. I know the pain and damage kidney stones can do.
    Since our massive move, to say our internet service is spotty is being generous. I have missed much.
    I am grateful the Dr. Is keeping an eye out for our members.
    Dear God, please take these two valued people and heal them. The world needs people like them. Thank you God. Amen.

  4. Lifting both Grif and Auntie Lulu in prayer. Lord hear our prayers and be with Grif & Auntie Lulu, to comfort them with your love, give them your strength and guide them to health with thy love, thy power and thy way of life so they will be back with us soon.

  5. Leeann Springer

    I’m sending up prayers for healing and recovery for Auntie Lu Lu (I love reading her posts and her shared wisdom). May God heal her body and stop the blood loss. Sending prayers also for Griff and that he can find strength and bearing after having a stroke. Praying in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Leeann

  6. Prayers that you both get well soon!

  7. Prayers and blessings for Auntie Lulu and Grif. May the Lord touch them, heal them, and strengthen them today.

  8. Praying for them now.

  9. Prayers for both going out now.

  10. Prayers for both.

  11. This is the first I’ve heard of Griff, and I hope it’s not the last. Auntie Lulu is of course a treasured person here for a long time, so it’s impossible for me to think of FotM without her daily presence. I will pray for them both, 24/7.

  12. This is not good news. I was wondering why Auntie hadn’t said much. My son had bleeding a lot with his stints earlier this summer too, but this last time when you all prayed for him at the emergency he met a new doctor who placed flexible stints in which are in newer use the profession, and the bleeding and pain are negligible compared to the regular hard stints that most of the doctors have been using.
    God Bless you Auntie. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray this nightmare is over and you are completely healed- SOON!

    Griff, I can think of anything more terrifying than a stroke, but God can an does work miracles! I pray in the name of Jesus that you are out of danger and are fully recovered NOW! By his stripes you have been healed!
    Nothing is impossible with God.

  13. I have experience with kidney stones, a lot, and they can be very horrible to deal with. I have written back and forth with Lulu on several occasions and I have always been blessed with the exchange. She is just a wonderful, devoted Christian, who always seems to be able to say the right thing that I need to hear at the time. I will of course be praying for them both, that God will bless them, and also strengthen their bodies, to allow them to get back on track where He needs them to be

  14. Prayers for both Grif and Auntie Lulu. So sorry to hear this.

  15. Our Prayers and love for them both.

  16. Best wishes to both Grif and Auntie Lulu, and may our prayers be answered for you both. Do not mess around. Get the treatments you need now, and don’t put it off at all or let others delay it for you.

  17. Stephen T. McCarthy

    I will also pray for both of them with faith that things will turn out well.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

  18. I pray that both Auntie Lulu & Grif get healed properly, and soon! I can’t imagine the pain Lulu is going through. And Grif, I hope your condition rapidly improves.

  19. I’ve been wondering about Auntie Lulu myself and want to wish her and Grif a quick recovery. Best to you both.

  20. Oh my, Dr. E., THANKS so much for following up on our Auntie and Grif. Who elso but you would do so? I have been absent b/c I’ve had to be out of state to bury/memorialize my mother. I have not checked in very regularly.

    Dearest Auntie LuLu….chin up and best wishes….my husband has done what you are doing and it is not pleasant, but it is medically manageable and will end at some point and, praise God, you will be OK… will have to avoid oxylates forever now……Swiss Chard, spinach….a lot of “super-greens” that are good for you and good for the planet…… well as any sort of “softened” water AND hardened water. When we lived in Utah on an Indian Reservation, with the water owned and controlled by the Northern Ute tribe….we got the hardest water ever…sometimes even real STONES came through the faucet…and sometimes we got a “BEAVER WATER alert” when a beaver or something had died in our water source…….and most of the populace used to save their kidney stones in jars to “show off” at social gatherings and family reunions :)- And for Grif….prayers that your doctors can set up a plan for you to avoid or at least recognize your risks for repeat!!!!! Hope that information can speed you along to recovery and a healthy future!

    • Sorry to hear about your mom.

      • Much thanks for sympathies! DCG…. I needed that. My mom’s death, besides being emotional/grief for me, has been a 4-state nightmare to encounter/figure out aftermath —and took me all my summer and into now—early fall (CA/MD/FLA/PA) upon which I also had to deal with the unexpected “Holy Jim Canyon Fire” in my community/my employment here in CA. I am still dealing with this b/c we are under “mud-slide” watch in our areas/my school-employment, stripped of flora b/c of the fire—due to expected rains from a Pacific hurricane/torrential rain expected here momentarily. Every day this week I’ve trucked my school work home with me b/c, if our school is canceled, we teachers are still expected to report to a central area and perform some sort of work…so, I take “future projects” with me—home every night in my “rolling cart” so, if I have to report to an evacution area, I can spend the evacuation day working on a class project.

        For all FOTM readers…do what I did after dealing with my beloved mom’s death in Florida…who was a resident of MD….a Native of PA where we all in our family are buried in our family plot…..and your child, who has to deal with this all, live in NONE of these states….(I am in CA)…..

        PRE-ARRANGE your end dispostion!!!! I did not know what my mom wanted, but only had to go on what she’d provided for my father, who died in 2000–also in Florida, and buried in the family plot in PA. That nixed the “easy and cheap,” cremation. So, I had to find a funeral home in a state and place that I did not know much about, to handle her immediately after death, and coordinate it by phone with a funeral home in my mom’s birth town in PA…who were SO COOPERATIVE and ON THIER GAME…or I’d not have had a CLUE. You might not be so fortunate in this area as I was!

        Bottom line—after I took care of my mom’s last needs, I went to the same funeral home in PA after her memorial and pre-arranged care/business for my husband and me…..(we have adjoining plots to my mom and dad in PA b/c my grandparents gave them to us 30 yrs ago). Then, I went to the only local headstone place and designed/ordered /paid for my husband’s and my headstone to be set (as well as my youngest brother’s stone….which ws never provided for by anyone…not his wife, kids…when he died/I buried him 2 years ago in the family plot). I sleep SO MUCH easier at night now that I’ve cleared all this….my mom’s business….and for sure…my husband’s and my last care. I hope we have another 20 years easily, maybe even more according to both of our immediate family DNA history….but—after what I had to do/go through with my mom…I don’t want my kids to do any of it. I want them to be free to celebrate my life, their father’s life, without this same stress I had to endure/figure out/mangage financially & emotionally and strategically over many states…..

        ….I never want my kids to have to do the same. They will, now, only have to make ONE phone call and everything will be DONE and taken care of. They will be free to grieve without burdens and the stress that I had to field/endure over many months’ time (my mom also had real estate that I had to deal with…without any previous understanding or without most written contracts available to me). Please, even if you only own a car or the clothes on your back….make a written trust. Or…at least….name a benefactor on your bank account or any “burial insurance.” My mom had a will…but it is ONLY a trust that allows you to “skip” probate…which can cost THOUSANDS of dollars PER STATE (if more than one state is involved.). In the end, I was “lucky” b/c both of my daughter-in-laws are internatioinal corporate attorneys. One of them solved all the probate crap for me with one phone call. Most of us would not be so fortunate….

        Please don’t look at this pre-planning/payments as “morbid.” Please look at them as merciful and as a plan to execute your wishes without others having to decide or pay……

        • So sorry about your loss and all the work you had to do for your mom’s funeral and burial.

          Good advice about making funeral plans. 2 years ago, I purchased the Neptune Society cremation plan, ashes to be scattered at sea.

        • Dear CalGirl:
          I am ever so sorry to learn about your loss of your mother. I know that no matter how long we have those whom we love, it never seems to be long enough. Beyond that, you and your family seem to be assailed by difficulties beyond anyone’s control. As I am in your prayers, know also that you are in mine. Our God is the god of infinite mercy and comfort. May He hold you in his hands and give you peace. These troubling things–the fires, the work expectations, the necessities of a loved one’s final arrangements–are in that category of “this too shall pass.” God is faithful, and we have his absolute assurance that He works all things together for the good for those who love Him and who are called to His purpose. May you find solace in Him, and in the prayers and thoughts of our fellowship. With God’s blessing.


  21. Thank you for sharing a message about these good people who are suffering from ill health. May Our Lord comfort them and bring them to a speedy recovery.

  22. Lord Jesus, please heal Grif and Auntie Lulu of their infirmities. You are the great physician. May you be glorified in this.

    Your will be done, Father, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

  23. Offering prayers for both in the name of our Lord Jesus.

  24. Prayers for complete healing sent for both Auntie Lulu and Grif.

  25. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Prayers AND HUGS going out… continually.

    Been out myself with my own and mother’s health problems (neither immediately serious, but very potentially so), a refrigerator dying, and my iMac repeatedly going into a spinning beachball tailspin (looks like it needs a new hard drive). So not online a lot. Booted to a spare drive/OS today… backing up and cloning the hard drive (well, that’s the plan). Tried working off a laptop but it’s all from scratch; no bookmarks, saved docs, etc. And it needed a new battery. “Livin’ on the edge”…

    Mom showed me her phone bill at her house yesterday to ask why it went up $70… for home phone, TV, and Internet (Fioptics). It HAD been $99/mo the first year, the went to $170 the second year, and was now at $242/mo!

    I got on their PC and went to the phone co’s website, where I got splashed with an ad for $49.99/mo for 500Mbps and phone for another $20. She’s paying $150/mo for *10Mbps* now. That’s right. I tested it at and verified it with customer service in a chat I initiated online. I asked if I needed to pursue legal help or perhaps alert the local news channels?

    The sales guy immediately transferred me to tech support, who flipped a switch and the re-test showed 20Mbps (it then went back to 10Mbps after the chat!). I’d told him I would switch mom & dad to the cable company like I use for $70/mo with 20Mbps and Basic TV (which has itself gone up $5-10/yr for the past 5 years; they offer 200Mbps for $45/mo, yet my rate for 20Mbps just went up to *$50/mo*; to get 200Mbps for *$45/mo* (for a year) would require quitting for 30 days first, then re-installing as a new customer…)

    End result? I got the phone co to lower my parent’s rate by $75 a MONTH. That’s $900 a year. Because I challenged their right to take advantage of an 80-year old couple that uses the web to check email and search Yahoo.

    We should ALL be doing this, people! Don’t pay premiums for lower-tier service, and don’t pay extra for service you don’t need/use!

    Infuriating. And it’s all to lower the cost for the younger generations and slackers that want unlimited bandwidth and no data caps WITHOUT paying for it themselves. Net neutrality. Hogwash. Anyway…

    It’s always something… and yet, nothing seems important compared to what’s playing out on today’s world stage. The end is very near.

  26. Rather than write to each of you, my dear friends, individually . . . I send most grateful thanks for all the prayers and good wishes which have been initiated on my behalf.

    Since I have been feeling so poorly, and thinking about mortality . . . it has come to my mind that when I get to the other side, and have the opportunity to meet and greet each of the wonderful members of the FOTM family–my joy in the mansions of Heaven will be doubly filled due to my association with each and every one of you.

    God Bless each and everyone of you.

    • xx00. I hope that every day, you can measurably feel better when you look yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning. When you ask yourself…”Do I feel a little bit better this morning than I did yesterday morning?” I hope your answer is, “YES!” Every little movement “forward” counts!

  27. Dr Eowyn, God Bless you for your righteous spirit, and your willingness to reach out to the lost/sick among the FOTM family. You are truly one in a million.


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