Please Pray For Gabriel

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UPDATE: I now have a firm diagnosis of what ails my precious Gabriel. He has congenital polycystic kidneys, which means his kidneys are full of holes. My only options are (1) a kidney transplant, the average survival rate is one year; and (2) giving him daily subcutaneous injections of fluid supplemented with potassium.
Given Gabriel’s age, I will not put him through surgery. So, after I bring him home from the vet hospital tomorrow, I will give him the injections every day and do my very best to keep him alive for as long as I can.
Thank you for all your prayers. I am so very blessed to have such kind and loving friends here on FellowshipOfMinds.
God bless everyone,
~Eowyn (Friday, 5:20 pm, west coast time) 
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My beloved cat, Gabriel, is very very ill. I took him to the vet just yesterday for a checkup. He’s been losing weight and appetite for the last couple of weeks. The vet could find nothing wrong with him.
Right after we returned home, Gabriel took a rapid turn for the worse. He has difficulty walking and neither drinks nor eats.
He is the light of my life. I love him with all my heart and soul. PLEASE say a prayer for Gabriel — that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy, heal Gabriel of what is ailing him, and that I may have just a little more time with my beloved boy.
Thank you.

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33 responses to “Please Pray For Gabriel

  1. Oh, poor little Gabriel. Is he very old? He is in my prayers, most assuredly.

    • I do not know Gabriel’s age because I adopted him 2.5 years ago from a Persian Rescue Foundation. Animal Control found him in an open field in San Jose. He has only a few teeth left, a sign of age and/or poor diet. He does have the boniness that is characteristic of old age — of both animals AND humans.

  2. Eowyn, I was once told by a vet after one of my cats had an illness that if my cat stops eating I would have to force feed it milk with either an eyedropper or syringe otherwise it would just starve itself and become very weak. I did have to do it once after our cat, Aja had an allergic reaction to a medication and scratched the fur and skin from around her face and she quit eating and drinking, we used a straw to get water and milk down her and it worked, she started eating on her own after a day or two. I hope this was helpful to you
    I will pray for Gabriel’s recovery and for strength for you.

  3. Thanks, May and Tom and everyone, for your prayers and counsel. I just got back from dropping Gabe off at the vet. Yesterday, we did order a blood-work on him. He has high kidney proteins, low potassium (which explains the lack of appetite), and anemia. He is now on IV.
    PLEASE pray that this is “merely” a kidney infection that can be cleared via antibiotics. I’ll update when I have news.
    THANK YOU and God bless you all!

  4. Prayers for you and Gabriel, Eowyn.
    Vox Populi

  5. Prayers for your precious Gabriel! Our pets are members of our family. Remember, miracles do happen.

  6. Canadian Chick

    I send you well wishes that Gabriel pulls through. He looks like a little angel. Easy to see why you love him so much.

  7. Prayers that your boy gets well soon!

  8. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all your prayers and good wishes! God must have heard them ’cause Gabriel is eating, while on IV (with potassium). We’re waiting for the culture results of his urinanalysis. P-l-e-a-s-e keep praying. I thank you all very very much.
    God bless.

  9. My prayers for Gabriel and you Eowyn, also for the vet and assistants.
    Bless Your heart.

  10. Thank you, Bob and Steve and everyone for your prayers. Just spoke to the vet. Gabe is eating; still on IV. Partial urinanalysis results indicate “debris” in urine of red and white blood cells, suggestive of kidney infection. Still must wait for culture to develop, which will give definitive indication of infection. That’s tomorrow. Also, a radiologist will do ultrasound tomorrow to see if Gabe has stones in ureter.
    So I’ll know more tomorrow. Your prayers are helping. God bless you, my dear friends.

  11. The Angry White Woman

    …Be sayin’ a special kitty prayer at bedtime tonight.

  12. Check your email Eowyn.

  13. I put one in for the little fella, too.
    I love animals, particularly small ones.

    • Thank you, Dave, and Steve, and everyone for your prayers. Gabriel is so blessed to have so many praying for him.
      I’ll have more news later today.
      God bless everyone!

  14. Steve,
    Yeah, my dog Oliver is a 17 lb Schnoodle, and much prefer his company than that of most people I know.

  15. It must be a guy thing…..blaming gas on the family pets. 🙂 Hubby blames Joey (our four-footed furry kid) for it, too. Joey normally weighs about 30 pounds until he falls asleep in my lap. Then he weighs around 500 pounds. Joey’s much better company than most people I know, and he also has better manners except for his drive-by-trash-can-raids.
    Vox Populi

  16. Hope things are improving with your baby today. We dearly love our older Yorkie, Tillie, who is almost 15, even though she gets deafer and more arthritic by the day. We would feel lost w/o her.

    • Bless you, DW.
      After eating yesterday, Gabriel’s back to not eating today. But the vet did get him started on antibiotics, even before results of the urine culture are in.
      His kidney protein numbers are a little higher, but his potassium number has actually gone down. They’re giving him potassium both in IV and orally.
      He’ll get ultrasound in a couple of hours. I’ll call at 4pm (west coast) for results.
      After feeling more hopeful yesterday, I’m back to worrying…and crying…. Please pray.

  17. Good luck w/the injections. Hopefully that willl help Gabriel w/his appetite.

  18. Steve,
    One reason Oliver is so great to have around is that he doesn’t shed.
    At all.
    The down side is that he has to be groomed.
    LOL – Instead of getting into the land surveying/engineering/construction bizz, I should have been a pet groomer.
    Loaded, I would be.

  19. Bear with giving the injections, they’re worth it. All my prayers and best wishes for you and Gabriel.

  20. Thanks, Anon & Steve, for your prayers and good wishes. Much appreciated….
    and, yes, whatever time we have is a gift. EVERYTHING is a gratuitous gift. I thank God in and for all things, always….

    • Spend all the time you can with Gabriel. The injections should make him feel much better. Still sending prayers to both of you.
      Vox Populi

      • Muffin, I will love him even more fiercely than I have. Vet gives him 2 months, with daily injections. I will fight for his life.
        Just got an early morning progress report: Gabriel is eating. Alleluia.
        Thank you for your prayers. Please keep them coming….

  21. The Angry White Woman

    All cats go to Heaven. It gives all the dogs in Heaven something to do. Prayers, always.


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