Please pray for Brian

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Calling on Fellowship of the Minds‘ prayer warriors!

Some time ago, I had asked you to pray for devout Christian and loyal FOTM reader Brian Heinz’s wife, Regina.

Thankfully, it turns out Regina does not have cancer.

I noticed that Brian hadn’t commented for more than two weeks, so I sent him a wellness-check email yesterday to see if he’s okay.

He responded quickly, but with bad news.

Brian is bedridden from the brutal chemotherapy for his cancer. To make matters even worse, he’s lost his job because the company he’d worked for closed down while he was on sick leave.

This is what he wrote:

Doc, thank you so much for your prayer. I have been bedridden now for a bit, waiting for my strength to get back up, the chemos just suck your core dry. I will be back, promise, you know me — not going to let the evil in the world get by without my voice pushing back against the evil ones’ ways.

My wife and I do appreciate all the prayers and beautiful words from everyone. Please tell everyone we are thinking of them and miss them as well.

Have you been able to work out the servers and hosting for the site? If you need help with any of that, money or when I get back on I would be willing to work for the site. If you need any help with minor things you can push on to others to do. My wife is saving all the posts. She brings me her lap top with them so I can try to keep up to a degree. Noticed other folks posting I have never seen on the site before and not as many as when we were still hosted by the so-called company [WordPress] who now show their true colors.

Let me know if we can help in any way. We would love to give back for what we have received from your site. And I hope Steven [Broiles] has gotten himself a job, have not checked the site in a few days. I also have lost my job as well. It went out of business while I was on sick leave, so at 64 and with cancer, not looking good for a job, but God provides so we are not worried. He will provide what we need or a job it’s what ver he has in mind for us, we are just waiting. Sometimes we need to listen to and hear him.

Yours always in Christ, Brian and Gina

Even though he’s lost his job, Brian still offered to assist FOTM with money (which we don’t need). That’s what an extraordinary man he is.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you and God bless you for your kindness,


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29 responses to “Please pray for Brian

  1. Texas Deplorable

    praying …

  2. Many prayers for you, Brian. What a wonderful man you are. May the Lord of all healing and blessings touch you, heal you, and make you whole. May He touch and bless your sweet wife too. In the name of Jesus our Savior.

  3. Saying prayers for such a generous and giving person. Wonderful news about his wife. Now to get Brian healed. Take care Brian we are here if you need anything, and please heal quickly, we need all the warriors.

  4. I pray you get better soon Brian. And sorry to hear about the company closing down. Keep your strength up and fight a good fight, which I know you will 😊

  5. Prayers go out for both you and your wife. I have a chronically-ill husband, and it’s no fun (for anybody).

    Keep the faith, and keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Oh, Brian, you are certainly beset with trials. But as I pray for you, for your healing, for the remission of your disability, for God’s protection of your home and family, I have absolute faith that God will keep his promise that He will work all things for the good for you, as you love Him and are called to His purpose. May our God of mercies and comfort hold you and keep you through this time of affliction. God’s blessing.

  7. My dear Brian, I supplicate Our Eternal Father to send angels to attend you and your wife that your current burdens might be lessened that you are able to bear. May the influence of evil be kept far from you and the sanctity of your home. May you be blessed with the knowledge that we, the FOTM family are forever mindful of you and your circumstances. God Bless you with strength and power to overcome your physical frailties. May the windows of Heaven open to shower you with the blessings which are necessary to sustain you and your family. We love you, and await your return in full participation with the FOTM family.

  8. Brian and Regina, brother and sister in Christ, I have dedicated the novena Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal” to both of You, for strength and courage in the difficult times you are going through. The Lord be with You.

  9. Dear Dr. Eowyn, thank you for posting this.
    And Dear Brian & Gina,
    Thank You for the update. You are in my prayers, and I am praying to St. Maria Goretti for you, also.

    As for me, the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission rescinded my license suspension on Fri., Nov. 9th. I have been driving since Nov. 10th and I have been doing an awful lot of footwork for homelessness preparation which—thanks to NYC’s welfare system, I will be able to avoid, Thank God.
    I have gone to a job center and plan to get basic computer training. This may take some three or so months. Welfare will provide me with some Metrocards for the bus and subway, emergency cash, food stamps and Medicaid, if I need it. Plus the computer training should be free, at least for now.
    When I went to the desk appearance ticket room in court, the clerk told me the D.A. “does not have sufficient evidence to pursue a case against” me. Meaning, the lady logged her criminal complaint and split. My pro bono attorney took the piece of paper and went over to the TLC and had my license reinstated. My other attorney got me a court date for Nov. 30th where he will attempt to persuade the judge to dismiss the case outright.

    Not to keep droning on about myself here, but I thank you for your concern for me, and I am learning that God CAN & DOES draw good out of evil. I believe God is preparing to draw us all onto the next and higher step. Had this never happened, I would have kept on driving—until I would just drop dead, I guess. But now, thanks to this job center I just came back from, I will have another option.

    I am praying for you both, that God will relieve you of this cancer. (I’ve driven some patients over the years, and from my observations, it’s something I don’t wish on anyone). I am also praying for the continued perseverance and success of FOTM, which has given me news I have not gotten from any other source (as well as different angles on stories we’ve already known.) Please rest up and make sure you take proper nutrition, if you can. And please stay in touch with us.

    God Bless.

    • Glad to hear you got your license back Steven, excellent news!

      • Thank you, DCG. I was out of work without an income for 31 days! (I tried Uber Eats and Post Mates, but I injured my foot and I can’t walk for too long). Hopefully the new court date will see the charge (a misdemeanor) thrown out.
        And then I will move to sue this woman.

    • Steven, so glad things are turning around for you. Good things happen to good people. Bless you this Holiday Season

    • Wonderful news, Steven, that you got your cab-driver license back and that you’ve avoided being homeless.
      God is good!

      • Thank You, Dr. E. This has been a learning experience for me. I took action the very day I discovered my license had been suspended—I knew it was coming. Except for Sundays, I did positive things every day, on three fronts—talking to the TLC and lawyers and other drivers, prepping for homelessness, and keeping other people informed. When I am settled and all this is over, I will write or post a video about my experience for everyone.
        Needless to say, I have been busy. And I have been learning how to be frugal.
        I also made Confession and have been going to Mass.
        I’m not out of the woods yet, but I will get there.
        Thank You again for posting my GFM campaign page and thank you everybody.
        I hope Brian makes it.

    • Steven…figured this outcome for you, so far, as something similar happened to us fr a criminal neighbor some yrs back. “Your” woman will never show up in court, & if she does, she’ll have no proof/deliver only a lukewarm emotion -laden performance. The burden of PROOF is HERS. She made the charges. You are NOT expected by law to prove a negative–whereas, she is expected by law to prove her “positive.” Since she didn’t show up so far, be assured, she is off having a hell of a good time somewhere else while you are suffering. Ever thus, in these sorts of cases. However, while you are experiencing the hardship leading up to your exoneration/dismissal from this gold-digger, you are still without assurances that “everything will turn out fine b/c you did nothing wrong….” AND, in your case, you had no income….I understand that this is so awful/stressful compared to our case: We did not deal w/our situation under financial duress, but otherwise…..still emotionally draining….Keep your chin up/keep going forward… all sounds good so far. This kick in the pants urged you on to the computer training (!) (the Biblical—-“All things work together for good….”) is similar to when my new principal refused to interview me for the head of my department (which I’d run for several years….very successfully, w/even county recognition) in favor of a male applicant who did NOT EVEN have his teaching credential yet. I GOT THE MESSAGE & that very day, signed up for an MS program that I was able to complete online/ weekends through a very reputable college based in Mass. in a year….which then added to my already 50-some grad credits in language studies, language development, special ed, etc etc…the things I use every day in my teaching job here in CA….& I was literally PLUCKED out of her school into a better-ranked school by other admins. bef the next school year started …..not to mention nearly doubling my salary within a few years b/c I’d not only advanced down my column in years, but jumped across several columns to the LAST pay column due to accumulated degrees/ equivalent credits at the Advanced Grad (PhD—AbD…meaning, “all but dissertation”). I continually thank this stupid administrator/woman for kicking me in the pants…….praise God. I was “too comfortable” where I was. She was wrong….but my reaction was to better myself so much so that she had no “power” over me anymore. You are doing this right now for yourself, too!

      The sweetest thing was that my stoooopid principal tried to “block” my transfer/acceptance of the job in my present school/position under the context that she had the “right” to keep me at her school until she found an “equally qualified individual” to fill my place. My Union pretty much told her to go suck eggs…she’d never find one as qualified as me, and had no power to hold me in a position for which she’d refused to even interview me for a long-standing head of dept. position in favor of a teacher who was provisional and not yet even certificated. The rest of the story—-this principal did not last very long after that. She was a “goner.” MEANWHILE….I do not teach any “testable” subjects anymore. I “ran away to art.” I still teach History when called upon to take up excess enrollent….I still head History Committees for the district as called upon, esp. text adoptions—some of which I’ve field-edited for the publishers….but I will NEVER EVER again give of myself to my school academia the way I used to…..I am happy to give to the arts and art education (that not too many care about, anyway) and “dwell in the shadows” away from so much social angst and exposure. You, too, Steven, are this sort of “crossroads.” I hope you can find your way, as I did 🙂 Rock on! Don’t let people like this reprobate take your power away!

      • Thank you, Cal Girl. The computer training is not etched in stone yet; My social worker is looking into it. We both agreed that something has to be done. I told her that at the age of 62, I know I won’t be able to drive every day forever, and she agreed. But it looks promising at this point. The problem is the time of the class: Day or night, my driving hours will shrink.
        In the meantime, I’ve been going to three different welfare agencies, so it’s taking time for my pending benefits to be granted. Dec. 16th looks like the let-loose date. It’s a long wait. The paperwork is a nightmare, too. I got to take care of that.
        And the credit card people are starting to howl. I’ve been on that, too. And one social worker/investigator told my landlord the City will pay the rent. So I’ve been on it.

        Throughout it all, I talked to God in my own words, “Lord, You know everything that’s going on and I don’t. Too many people have gone to the mat for me, and I know that suicide is not an option. I hope that when I’m through this that I’m a better person for it.” I’ve repeated that almost every day.

        And I will admit that this has been taking a toll: My eating and sleep have been off…. Thank God I stored canned goods I retrieved from storage!

        All in all, it’s “been a long strange trip.” I don’t understand it all—yet. But I have been taking positive action!

    • Great to hear things are getting better for you, Steven – I know there’s still a ways to go yet, but it’s in the right direction!

    • Brain and Regina, you remain in my prayers. 2000-2004 I was deathly ill. I should not have survived, but by completely changing my lifestyle to a new natural diet/naturopathic regime, and many, many prayers, I lived to tell the tail. Never give up hope.

      Steven, so happy to hear you good news. I will continue to pray for your protection from evil, so you may put this attack behind you. One good thing about being attacked,, is that it is confirmation you are moving in the right direction.

  10. Brian, I’ll keep you in my prayers. I’ve been through chemo., it’s not fun. I had very good care with mine, but there were times I didn’t think I could stand it. All I can say is that it gets better. It just takes time.

    Hang in there.

  11. Brian,
    May Our Lord bless you and keep you and make His Face to shine upon you and grant that you will recover rapidly.

  12. Prayers of healing and comfort for Brian during this difficult time. God is good and he will see you through with his love for you and your faith in him.
    Glad to hear some good news for Steven – keep on keepin on!

  13. Brian-Stay strong,my man;you’re not a quitter,neither am I,and that’s much of what carries us through the problems and pitfalls of life. It’s SO much easier when God is keeping his loving hand on your shoulder. I hope your strength and stamina come back to you quickly,you’ll be in my prayers. I envy you for having a wonderful wife like Gina to have your back and help whenever she can. I have faith God will get you through this,and and faith you’ll stand strong again soon.

  14. To all here with such kind words and prayers for us both its hard to write this email for I can’t see at the moment and will post again but Thank you all God brought us here and is helping us heal here with brothers and sisters in Christ I am getting better each day I get a time off period of 6 months then we ck and go from there.
    The hope you’ve inspired makes my heart stir with the holy spirit

    • God Bless you & Gina Brian. Rest up. And take whatever nutrition you can hold down, etc., etc. Praying for you both.

  15. Brian and Regina….our shared prayers uphold you to divine healing and love. Remember that every day counts…..every day that you are with us is one step forward—not only for you two, but for all of us. Blessings.

  16. Prayers sent for your healing, Brian.

  17. Prayers here and also from the Pink Nuns, Brian ( and–blessings on you and your family!

  18. Dear Lord, You’ve helped Brian’s wife Regina recently, please help Brian and give him strength in his time of need!


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