Please help a great patriot, Carl Swensson

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A historic event took place last Thursday, January 26, 2012, but the major news media all refused to report it.

That morning, an administrative law judge in Atlanta conducted a hearing into whether a sitting President of the United States of America who’s seeking reelection should be allowed to have his name be placed on the 2012 electoral ballot of the state of Georgia.
Despite desperate legal maneuverings by defendant Barack Hussein Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, to get the hearing dismissed (see here and here), both Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp stood firm.
And so, the scheduled hearing did indeed take place. The plaintiffs and their attorneys were present, but neither the defendant nor his attorney deigned to come and, in so doing, they effectively forfeited their defense.
Judge Malihi was prepared then and there to make a default judgment in favor of the plaintiffs. Happily, the attorneys for the plaintiffs persuaded the judge to conduct the hearing any way because they wanted to present their arguments so that those arguments and evidence would be entered into the court’s public records. Any future defense launched by Obama will have to address those arguments and evidence.

Carl Swensson (r) in the courtroom after the hearing

In his interview with Rev. James David Manning after the historic hearing, one of the plaintiffs, Carl Swensson, confidently predicts that Judge Malihi will rule against the defendant on Feb. 5, and recommend to Secretary of State Kemp that Barack Obama’s name NOT be placed on Georgia’s 2012 ballot. Swensson says Kemp has already indicated he will act in accordance with the judge’s ruling.
This means Obama will lose Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes. More importantly, Georgia has now set an example for others to launch similar ballot challenges in other states.
Should these efforts succeed in unseating this fraud from the White House, Americans have patriots like Carl Swensson to thank.
Mr. Swensson has devoted much time, energy, and his own money to his legal challenge against Obama being on Georgia’s 2012 ballot. He needs our help. Here is his message:

It’s taken me two long years of working with my Secretary of State and State Attorney General to make the events of the 26th possible and I can tell you that, short of some unforseen disaster, we will have Obama’s name removed from the GA ballot and open the door for other States to do the same. We now only have to wait for the Judge’s decision which will come in less than a fortnight. If any of you are so inclined, I could use some help… Go to my web site at and donate to my legal defense fund. Attorney Mark Hatfield is my responsibilty to pay but this whole effort has left me drained emotionally and financially.

Pray for this Judge and pray for this country.

Carl Swensson

Please do your citizen’s duty and help a great patriot, Carl Swensson. I wouldn’t ask you if I hadn’t just donated to his legal fund. No donation is too small. Every dollar helps!
God bless Carl Swensson, and may God bless America.

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0 responses to “Please help a great patriot, Carl Swensson

  1. Thank you for the continuous updates on this matter. I have donated as well. It is the least we can do for this patriot’s work!

  2. I have a question: let’s say that all the red states manage to do the same and they all ban him from the ballot. And then what? Is he still able to be candidate?? What happens next?

  3. defendant Barack Hussein Obama…
    I like the way that sounds. 😀

  4. Love it, buuuut if Mitt Romney becomes the repub nominee doesn’t the ‘natural born’ issue become a problem for both sides? That’s my theory…they are pushing Mitt Romney in us because his father was a Mexican citizen which means he wouldn’t pass Constitutional muster either. Then they would just disregard the Constitutional requirements all together…

    • Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico, but I’m not clear on whether at the time Mitt was born, George Romney was still a Mexican, instead of naturalized U.S., citizen. Natural Born means both parents must be US citizens at the time of child’s birth; it doesn’t require that the parents be U.S. native-born.

  5. PS: OK, I guess Mitts father George was born in Mexico to American parents who fled the US because of polygamy laws against Mormons. They were monogamous though. George Romney was only born in Mexico. Later the family moved back… Ugh. This is confusing!

  6. OK…DONE! Couldn’t do much, but every ‘lil bit helps! The sooner we can unravel this tangled mess of deception and derail Skippy’s upcoming chances at POTUS, the Better!

  7. Hope something snakey doesn’t happen between now and the election.


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