SOTU Open Thread: Play the Obama Bullsh*t Bingo!

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Tonight, Obama will deliver the 2011 State of the Union address. I wonder how many teleprompters he’ll be using?
To relieve your tedium, play the Obama Bullsh*t Bingo game!

The game is really simple. There’s only one rule:
Everytime you hear Obama utter any of the above words or phrases, stand up and yell



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0 responses to “SOTU Open Thread: Play the Obama Bullsh*t Bingo!

  1. He’s getting ready for 2012…add to the bingo card: we can overcome, Michelle and I, & together we thrive….

  2. I won’t be watching. I cannot stand to see him or to listen to him. I change the channel onthe television whenever they he is on even if it is a brief clip. I’ll read his speech so I can cringe at the lies but I will not be viewing it. Most of the time I will recite the prayer to St. Michael when he is on……….. defend us against evil, says it in a nutshell, don’t you think?.

  3. I will not watch,I can’t stand the illegal fraudulent marxist pig. If his lips are moving he is lying. They are trying hard to make people think he is following Reagan now.what a joke. Why? can’t everyone see thru him,what he wants is to be a dictator. I want him unseated yesterday. This is the only hope we have of saving America.

    • tina,
      I don’t see this country surviving two more years of Obama, either.
      Oh sure, there will still be a country called the United States of America, and it will lurch and sputter its way along a little further, but it won’t be America.
      In fact, I’m not altogether sure we are still America even now, as I really no-longer recognize this country as the America I grew up in.

  4. I won’t be watching, either.
    For one thing, I can’t stand the sight of the man that is currently destroying my country.
    For another, I can’t stand the sight of RINOs holding hands with jackasses.

  5. There’s another one missing: “But let me make this clear…” (followed by a murky load of BS)

  6. Eowyn, that bingo card hits the mark.
    Tonight’s yawnfest should be called “Rinos and Jackasses Meet The Teleprompter”. Dave, our country is now known as “America Lite”.
    Stay tuned for the introduction of “America Classic” next year.

  7. Well glad I didn’t watch tonight while I was working…catching a little bit of repeat on Fox. “If we care about our deficit”, “I am prepared to join them”, “rein in our deficits”, “give them a government more competent”….yadda yadda yadda. Complete BS!!! Sickening…


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