Planned Parenthood supporter yells "Hail Satan" at California city council meeting

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Want to see what a satanist looks like?
Take a good look at the fat middle-aged man in the black-&-tan striped polo shirt in the pic below.
Planned Parenthood satanic supporter
His name is Marcus Jay Shapiro, a rabid supporter of the abortion mill Planned Parenthood.
At an El Centro City Council meeting on March 4, 2015, Shapiro was asked to leave the meeting for threatening a pro-life pastor. Shapiro yelled “Hail Satan!” as he was being escorted out by police.
El Centro is a city in the far southeastern corner of California, near San Diego and the Mexican city of Mexicali. A charter city, El Centro owns the local hospital El Centro Regional Medical Center. The members of the City Council are also the Community Development Commission and the Redevelopment Agency governing board.

Note: A charter city is a city in which the governing system is defined by the city’s own charter document rather than by state, provincial, regional or national laws.

On her blog Saynsumthn, Carole Novielli recounts what happened at the meeting.
Some 2,000 people attended the El Centro Council meeting, most of them angry that the El Centro Regional Hospital had signed a transfer agreement for Planned Parenthood to open an abortion clinic — without any public input.
Christ Community Church pastor Walter Colace called the hospital’s decision an “act of betrayal.
Also speaking before the council was David Gibbs, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom and president of the National Center for Life and Liberty. During his speech, Gibbs said Marcus Shapiro had threatened pastor Colace and asked the city council to have Shapiro removed from the meeting.
David Gibbs
Gibbs’ accusation is confirmed by members of Christ Community Church at the meeting who said they had eyewitnessed Shapiro saying vulgar things to the pastor, repeatedly using the F word.
You can hear Shapiro yelling “Hail Satan” at the 2:43 mark in the video clip below:

On the YouTube site of the video, Shapiro was the first to leave comments, insisting that he had not threatened anyone that he believes “Satan is fake.” He also wrote a comment on Novielli’s blog, directed at David Gibbs, spewing another vulgarity while denying that he had threatened anyone at the meeting.
Marcus Shapiro's comment
Marcus Shapiro’s Facebook page shows him to be a supporter of Planned Parenthood. More than that, among his photos is this satanic pic:
Marcus Shapiro Facebook satanism
Novielli points out that the use of the “Hail Satan” mantra is not new to abortion supporters. During heated abortion debates in the Texas legislature, pro-aborts in the Texas Capitol were chanting “HAIL SATAN,” as well:

  • Here a pro-choicer used a sign that said “Hail Satan, Abort Everyone.”
  • Here a pro-choicer left an abortion clinic using the devilish chant.

H/t LifeNews
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0 responses to “Planned Parenthood supporter yells "Hail Satan" at California city council meeting

  1. Occult underpinnings interconnect the wicked in America. It is no coincidence that this man shares a ‘world view’ with Aka Obama and comrades.

  2. Marcus J. Shapiro

    I am not a comrade of Obama. Were you a comrade of W? Occult? For the record I am a JEW! I just like saying satan stuff because you guys are lame.

    • Yes, with a last name Shapiro, of course you are a Jew, although what relevance that has to your obnoxious behavior escapes me. Are you a retard?

    • If you truly are Marcus J. Shapiro, and not some other dirt bag, you are a blight upon the honorable ethnicity of Judah…Yes, Wygant is Jewish.

    • Aww, I thought you were being honest. 🙁

    • Shame on the immature provocateur, Mr. Shapiro:
      “Behold, thou art called a Jew … For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles THROUGH YOU, as it is written” [in Isaiah 52:5].
      –Romans 2:17,24.

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  4. Why does it seem that the seeds of perversion are always planted in California? It used to be such a bright, happy place…..
    From surfboards to satanic rituals in such a short time.

    • yes, California has indded dropped faster than a falling rock…been her since 54….with open borders basically it is to be expected….research the New World Order….and u will see why…tks..

  5. What a bunch of sick, twisted nut jobs.
    I mean, how sick do you have to be to actually want to go to Hell?

  6. Can’t take it to Hell with you, dude…

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