Planned Parenthood Shooter?

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Think of the opportunity this gives to the gun control lobby

Whatever turns out to be true here, we can be certain of one thing. President Lucifer will seize the opportunity to press for nationwide gun control.

Crisis Equals Opportunity

What if the shooter is one of their doctors, trying speed up production of their lucrative the organ harvest?
I apologize for my sloppy handling of this story. As of a half hour ago, there was no information about the details of this shooting incident, which ha been going on for a while. This makes me think that special interests are meddling with the reporting of the story to be sure it fits their agenda.
A few hours from now we will know more about what is happening…
or maybe just think we know.

gunmanarrest397_20151127_2022029:15 PM EST
It’s 5 hours after the words above. Still no solid answers about motive or ID of shooter. The lack of actual answers is stunning.
I am going to venture a theory (and will likely be proven wrong).
I think the shoot doesn’t match the approved pattern for the Leftists. They can’t easily call him a rabid conservative. So faced with the need to make this crisis profitable, the ones who control the media are working feverishly to construct a fake narrative that will support their plans. Until they roll it out, we will get answers that are stupid and evasive.

Sun Nov 29 2:00 PM

Yup, the police officer killed trying to defend the people in the Planned Parenthood building was a Pro Life Christian pastor! 

My suspicion is that the spin doctors working madly to find any possible way to pin the guilt on pro-life, pro-gun Christians, had to silence the news while their puppeteers searched for any dirt on the Christian police officer, or any pro-life connection on the shooter.
What have they come up with? We may hear some convoluted reporting on Monday or Tuesday to support Obama’s next gun grab.

On the day of the Marathon Bombing, as I drove 35 minutes into Boston to take my wife home from the office, I was amazed to hear the bombing story transform at least 3 times! Somebody was busy spinning a narrative, a false narrative, right before my eyes. I drove thru deserted city streets, populated only by men in full combat gear. My wife and I drove home with little competing traffic, and on the radio, the news continued to morph like a work of fiction being roughed out by paperback novel author.
So yes, on this Planned Parenthood shooting, I don’t trust the news.


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0 responses to “Planned Parenthood Shooter?

  1. Obviously, with somebody screaming “Allah Ackbar!” we just more gun control… not that such things actually stop jihadis either.×445.jpg

  2. Two civilians and one one cop dead I believe.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much, as gun control is pretty much a dead issue now given all the mooooooooooooooooooslims and illegal aliens mullah Ogooma the Kenyan witch doctor is flying in here by the plane loads, as well as the BLM thugs getting in people’s faces.

  4. Gun (What?)Control!!!! Have you been to a “Gun Show” since Bammyhammy has been in the White House??? The Gun Show before…at 0900 hrs maybe 1/2 of the first section of the parking lot was full, no problem getting a good parking spot. Inside, dealers are doing a “Fair” business…every other dealer was making a sale…… “THEN!!” the first show after the election, and every subsequent show, the lot is full and the dealers have at least two people getting processed and a stack behind each one!!! This has been “SOP” since and lately, the lines have gotten “L-O-N-G-E-R-!!!!!!” Got that??????
    Now, we still don’t have any data on this “Shooting!” Tough stuff….Doesn’t matter……It’s not “Sandy “False Flag” Hook!!! It could materialize into Colorado “False Flag” Abortion Clinic shooting,,,,, but we shall see??? Meanwhile, back at the ranch…….The anti “G” politicos and their bretherin’ can pass all the laws they want but they should take note from “Stewie!!”..”Laws created by the lawless are only for hoplophobes and men (He uses that term loosely) without courage of their convictions!!” It’s kinda like the comment from some bandito in some old funky movie I saw where he says,”Badges?????, We don’t need no stinkin’ Badges!!!”
    So, this guy shoots up a Abortion Clinic!!! It’s simple, he sounds like a nut case to me!! They are a dime a dozen and I’m lookin’ for the guy supplyin’ the dimes…Thank you Fred Blassie!! I’ll leave it at that as my Jack and coke is gettin’ low and I need to go fix a fresh one……Might do ya’ll some good to join me!!!!
    Got Gunz……OUTLAW!!!!!!,

  5. You’re right about one thing: The media has to make the story fit their narrative.

  6. False-flag attack numero uno. Planned Parenthood is under attack, financially, and Barry “NWO” Davis is out for gun-grabs to assure his American dictatorship and surrender our God-given freedoms to the UN, the one-world government of the Antichrist. The rat that smells is in DC

  7. Maybe the aborted should come out shooting. But they, these most innocent of Christ’s creation, are with the Lord. The others, those doing the bidding of Satan, are hell-bound, if they don’t repent and come to Christ.

  8. Death is not new to planed parenthood that is what they do!!

    • I agree Pat. It is hard to feel sympathy for shooting victims who are part of the murder machine of Planned Parenthood.


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