Planned Parenthood Recasts Itself as the Place to [Not] Get an Abortion

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In the wake of a pro-life group busting Planned Parenthood for the umpteenth time, and House Republicans finally threatening to cut funding, the abortion provider can sense it’s in deeper trouble than usual. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of PR campaigns.

The new strategy for saving public image is to change the subject. The group has launched a PR campaign focused on more attractive services. That’s right – the organization with an obsessive devotion to abortion on demand suddenly wants women to see it as anything but.
Your humble blogger logged into her facebook page this morning only to see a slew of brand new advertisements from Planned Parenthood. All three of them promoted the group as a place to receive affordable breast exams. None of them mentioned abortion at all. The first one was flagged as “offensive content” and disappeared. It was promptly replaced with a similar missive. That was one flagged. A third one appeared. This screen shot of the third ad conveys the general tone of the campaign.

Elsewhere on the internet, Planned Parenthood is suddenly promoting a grassroots petition to get free birth control for every woman in America. It’s awfully convenient this petition made waves a week after the first LiveAction release. Why, it almost looks like a shameless PR move. Fortunately for Planned Parenthood, gullible feminist bloggers fell for it. Look for more examples of “Planned Parenthood is a harmless lovable fuzz ball” to begin making rounds.

It looks like that Soros-funded strategy session produced a few ideas.

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0 responses to “Planned Parenthood Recasts Itself as the Place to [Not] Get an Abortion

  1. I chose that photo because it’s like the perfect double entendre for this story.

  2. Nice of them to do breast cancer screening because the 1994 study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center showed very strong evidence that teen abortion is a strong risk factor for breast cancer!
    Here’s the link to the abstract of the study nobody is talking about.
    The full paper is available as a PDF file from a link on this page.
    Risk of Breast Cancer Among Young Women: Relationship to Induced Abortion

  3. Funny how they care so much /sarc
    Defund them now!

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  5. Just like their name, their entire operation is a misnomer. Planned Parenthood? Should be Planned Un-Parenthood or Fetus Removal Services.
    Of course, this is how progressive politics have always been sold. Nothing is as it’s named. The PPACA neither protects patients not decreases costs. The American Clean Energy and Security Act neither creates clean energy nor offers greater security. “Women’s health” is really about dead fetuses. On and on it goes.
    What’s the last inventive idea provided by so-called progressives anyway? Even their own name is an antonym.


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