Planned Parenthood abortionist says she has a 'god-given calling'

It’s one thing to make your living killing innocent unborn human beings.
But it’s evil of an even greater magnitude to lard over those killings by calling murder your mission from God.
That’s precisely what this revolting Planned Parenthood abortionist does.
Jill Meadows
Micaiah Bilger reports for Life News, Jan. 15, 2016, that abortion doctors — an oxymoron — are now using God as an excuse for killing unborn babies:

  • Mississippi abortionist Willie Parker defends his abortion practice with religious references, claiming his abortion career is “a ministry” and that the parable of the Good Samaritan inspired him to abort unborn babies.
  • Abortionist-in-training Carolyn Payne also recently wrote a column, claiming that her Christian faith motivated her to pursue a career as an abortionist.
  • In November 2015, pro-lifers in Chicago filmed an unnamed abortionist as she knelt and prayed on the sidewalk, thanking God that she can abort unborn babies.

The latest blasphemous abortionist is Jill Meadows, a Planned Parenthood medical director in Des Moines, Iowa, who says it is her “god-given calling” to kill unborn babies at Planned Parenthood.
In the wake of a series of undercover videos showing top Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted babies’ body parts, Meadows defended her abortion business in a letter to the editor of The Des Moines Register on January 5. This is her letter:

I am an abortion health care provider, and I am proud of what I do. It’s a privilege to be a positive presence in a person’s life at a time when she most deserves care and compassion.
Recently, a fraudulent video smear campaign against abortion providers was used to justify political attacks and violence against Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland does not participate in fetal tissue research, but not because we don’t believe it is important.
Fetal tissue research has led to medical therapy that has helped to save the lives of millions of people. As a premed student, when touring the labs at the University of Iowa, I learned that fetal tissue research had contributed to the development of a medication used to help infants born prematurely to breathe. This is just one example of the vital life-saving results of this type of research.
Planned Parenthood provides evidence-based, compassionate, non-judgmental, high quality, affordable reproductive health care. It is time for people who are anti-abortion to stop using terror, lies, hate rhetoric, misinformation and violence against us. Regardless, we will not be bullied and intimidated into abandoning the people who depend on us. I will continue to follow my conscience and God-given calling of being an abortion care provider. Our doors will stay open. No matter what.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue, told LifeNews that “Meadows is known for aggressively defending late-term abortions. When going by her maiden name of Vibhaker, she sued with [late-term abortion doctor] LeRoy Carhart to defend the grisly late-term Partial Birth Abortion method that has since been banned in the U.S.”

Note: Both Barack and Michelle Obama support late-term or partial-birth abortions (“partial-birth” because advances in medical technology mean a baby in his/her third trimester is now viable outside of the womb). Moreover, when he was an Illinois state senator, Barack had thrice voted for infanticide by voting against the Born Alive Infant Survival Act.

All of which means that Jill Meadows claims she has a mission from god to abort babies for any reason through all 9 months of pregnancy. No matter what.
Hey, Jill Meadows. I suggest you take a good look at your so-called god:
But then you already know that.
See also:

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV

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4 years ago

Those official abortionists claiming that they have a ‘God-given calling’ to murder the unborn, are correct in their a statement. But the real part where they err, that is, by telling a lie, is by not disclosing the nature and reality of their god. We know only too well in this sad world that there are two gods vying for control of the hearts of humanity: the God of Love and the God of Evil. The god of the official abortionists is the latter. No one, no licenced medical person with love in their heart as the root of their… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  dawes777

I agree that anyone who has such a job follows satan; but I, personally, don’t believe abortion is “necessary” in case of rape. There are some women who couldn’t bear the thought of carrying the child of their rapist, and choose to abort and I can’t say I fault them for that decision. There are also women who conceived children through rape and carried them to term and either raised the children or gave them up for adoption. I’m certain those children, who grow up and become adults, are grateful they were not aborted. It takes great strength of one’s… Read more »

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

Meadows is espousing the utilitarian “ethic” of Jeremy Bentham, who can definitely be considered a progenitor of the eugenic movement, and she is wicked. (Whether she knows that or not, to hell with her).
America is UNDER JUDGMENT, and God WILL ALLOW Her to be destroyed if She does not repent. A large number of people are having second thoughts about abortion, but the all-purpose political Left-Wing Monster is still on the loose!

4 years ago

I was about to type something . But after reading the whole article , I’d a looked rather stupid .
Having said that , I wonder if ” Miss God given calling ” has any children of her own ? Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall as she describes what she does for a ” living ” ( think about that ! ) to her young son or daughter .
And then watch their reaction !

Steven Broiles
4 years ago
Reply to  japoa

I remember when I was a boy that the adults had a rule never to mention the word “abortion” when “Alfie” came out. Now a lot of children think it’s a good thing because that’s what their parents say!

4 years ago

She has no idea what trouble she’s in!

4 years ago

She can claim whatever she wants, but my God would never call her to do that job. Hiding behind God does not make it any more correct.

4 years ago

They know it’s wrong but would rather sell their souls for the easy buck. Just like drug dealers, hookers, strippers, contract killers, porn actors, and most of Hollywood but worse. Anyone who kills babies and justifies it in the name of God is demonic to the core.

4 years ago

Bravo, bravo Dr. Eowyn! Her “god” is Satan himself. The picture you found for Satan is incredibly frightening, just like the ongoing killing of the innocents.