Pithy Comments About Skippy's Jobs Speech

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To start the ball rolling,  here are some good ones.  Please feel free to add your own!
Stephen Green, the vodkapundit, drunkblogging on Pajamas Media
“3:47   Watching the members stroll in, it’s like a parade of all the kids you couldn’t stand in high school.
4:44   There are some good ideas in there, really. But it reminds me of Wall Street’s pony theory: “This thing is so full of horse s***, there must be a pony in there somewhere.”  Well, there is a pony. And it’s drowning in donkey crap.

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0 responses to “Pithy Comments About Skippy's Jobs Speech

  1. Did anybody that matters even watch the speech?

    • I sure didn’t!
      My time is more precious than spend it listening and watching this imposter. I can always take a fraction of that time to glean his main points from print.

  2. Didn’t watch/hear it. Stuck commuting on 405….much more pleasant experience 🙂
    I’m sure it was full of lies, “me”, and “I”‘s.

  3. I didn’t watch it or hear it. I count on Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit, to tell me anything I need to know. LOL

  4. This is just a rerun of the last one. A few billion to union jobs, a few billion to blue totally broke states so they are not forced to lay off public employees ‘remember this is jobs created or saved’. A few billion to Ivy League colleges to study the problem. Last but not least a few billion to green energy jobs. What does Joe six-pack get out of this? Nothing, Nada, zilch.

  5. I watched it. It was much of the same old tune at first –
    We have roads and bridges that need repair, right now. There is a bridge in Kentucky (he actually said this) that can be repaired, workers are just waiting. School windows and roofs (yawn. Sorry, like I said, we’ve heard it before) can be improved.
    It was most interesting. He was very forceful and direct as he spoke and many, many times said they needed to pass this Bill RIGHT NOW, stressing that if they pass this RIGHT NOW, all these good things can take place. He came across as a man who knows he is in deep trouble, as one making a “last stand.”
    Given his forcefulness and tone, his demand that they pass this RIGHT NOW, and his assurance that this Bill would put America back to work, I believe that the speech was nothing more than a political set-up for the Republicans and Tea Party members to be demonized. He is certain the Bill no one has seen will work – they just need to pass it RIGHT NOW. But they won’t, and they shouldn’t…
    and he can blame them once again.

  6. The Govt receives $130 billion every year in fuel taxes to keep up with bridge and road repair, wonder where this money goes?
    Unless you belong to a union you will not be helped at all.
    OK, so the overpaid union workers repair this bridge, once completed back on UN-employment again.
    Fact: A school built by union labor cost 28% more then a school built by local workers.

  7. I couldn’t believe all the standing ovations. Haven’t they heard all this before from this acadamic idiot, who can only read from his telepromptor and say it so pretty ?

  8. To sum it up it a nutshell, we are screwed.

  9. I watched it. I wanted to be able to say I heard the lies for myself. Every single one. Nothing new. Everything was recycled, with only a little change here and there to make it seem like new, so at least BO was green. It was a campaign speech, declaring that people couldn’t wait another 14 months. I don’t know why not, considering the fact that the Dems didn’t come up with anything for two years when they had total control. It will only be another two years, only this time without the Dems having total control. He cited Warren Buffet’s stupid declaration that he wanted to pay his taxes. PAY THEM. As BO declared that big business should pay their fair share, the camera showed the CEO of GE. Unfortunate timing? BO blamed the Republicans, again, implying that they don’t want people to work and want them to die young, because that’s what will happen if they don’t sign BO’s plan and support the EPA. BO also declared that he wanted America to be competitive with the world, clearly delusional in his thinking that this can be accomplished as he requires pay raises and higher starting pay, while also making sure American businesses meet all the required regulations. I noticed that the Republicans did not applaud very often and rarely gave a standing ovation; only the Demsheeple acted like it was inspiring and innovative. I took comfort in knowing that the lightning, outside, was unceasing throughout the entirety of the ludicrous speech. But, that’s only my point of view. What do I know?

  10. All you need to know about Obama was his very first act, gutting NASA. The same guy that claims we need to be number one in technology.

  11. Not one word said about giveing American manufactures a REAL incentive to COME BACK, No tax breaks, no nothing, this is 500 billion plan to do nothing that will really acomplish a come back, just more paint on a old board. It sounded good, but it put the pressure on the Congress to do it his way or it will be thier fault if things dont improve as he invisions.
    This econmony will not fix itself until the factories open up here again and the IRS gets out of everyones pockets.
    ..and this equal tax thing is a joke, 2% of a million is still more that 30% of 25000, thats about the way it is now, and the millionairs give millions to charity and local projects, ie. Dick DeVos and Fred Miejer, time to get off this equal tax thing and get real

  12. I hit the mute switch…just being able to see his lips move was enough to tell me he was lying .
    There was a pony in there somewhere….bwahahahaha


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