Pistol pastry kid's incident will remain on his record

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Request to have the incident expunged from the child’s record was denied by school system

NRA-ILA: In March, I reported on the outrageous case of a seven-year-old Baltimore, Md. student who, according to a Daily Caller article, was suspended for two days for the “horrendous” act of shaping a breakfast pastry into what his teacher thought looked like a gun.
This week’s outrage is a follow-up to that story.  According to a WashingtonPost.com article this week, the request by the family of the second-grader to have the incident expunged from the child’s record was denied by the Anne Arundel County School System.
According to the article, the family’s attorney met with school officials after filing an appeal asking that the suspension be reversed or that the child’s record be cleared. School officials denied both requests.  As the lawyer argued, the child was simply playing, and, “No one was hurt.  No one was scared.”
The article goes on to note other, equally outrageous cases of “zero-tolerance” rules being applied with zero-common sense that occurred at about the same time.  In those cases, children were suspended for pointing fingers “like guns” and for talking about shooting a Hello Kitty “gun” that blows bubbles.

Pistol pastry perp

Pistol pastry perp

The boy’s father said he had hoped for a better outcome. “I guess I expected more of a fair result,” he said. “I don’t view the punishment and the mark on my son’s record as a reasonable reaction to the situation that took place.”
These types of ridiculous cases are now all-too common, and the trend is disturbing.  As we’ve said many times before, we all can agree that we want our children to be safe at school, and that reasonable safety measures should be followed.  But such overreaching, misapplied standards encroach on our freedom, and in many cases, place an extreme burden on innocent children and their families.  This is outrageous and should not be tolerated.
Reason to home school.

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0 responses to “Pistol pastry kid's incident will remain on his record

  1. Can someone post the email and phone numbers of the school officials that imposed this stupid punishment on this child. They need to hear what the world thinks of them and this nonsense

  2. What happened to the psycho that determined this shape was a gun? Are these teachers being subjected to psychological testing to be sure the mentally disturbed are not educating (or brainwashing) our kids?

  3. Home Schooling looks better all the time.

  4. In the liberal mind , ANYTHING COULD LOOK LIKE A WEAPON .

  5. Good post DCG!

  6. I bet if we looked farther into teachers instruction manuals we may find some new advice coming out of the federal department of education from the Obama administration advising schools to enforce no imagined gun playing at school with penalties.

  7. This is unbelievable! Can someone please tell me how this is even legal?!?!?! Next thing you know, if the child says that their favorite movie is X-Men or one of the Die Hard movies, they will be expelled! This is just another angle the liberals are taking to try and “scare” law abiding citizens from owning a firearm. If your kid sees or even hears talk of a gun, and repeat it, they are done. The liberals will not stop at any cost, even if it hurts children. Ironic, they scream about how children are unsafe at school, but then attack same said children. As I know those shootings were horrible, I will say one thing. A psyco with a gun is a visiable and apparent threat. The liberal psyco’s are hidden and concealed threats! I’d rather deal with the one I can see coming! As I have heard before and fully agree, liberalism is a mental disorder! Time for us to treat the disorder! This needs to be taken to the highest court and made extremely public!

  8. Well, sense and effective exercise of judgment are “racist,” you know…

    • Some one I know’s almost got a detention or suspention. She was telling someone about her skeet shooting lesson and the a.p. of school overheard, and told her to never speak of this again or she would be punished. THIS IS INSANITY. WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS COME TO!

      • I took my friend’s 12 yo to gun range awhile ago. We all insisted he never mention it at school to anyone. That’s how paranoid we have to be these days with the PC police.

        • I guess there was some kids fighting in my town’s plaza. Now there are police cars patroling it all the time. My small town has stared turning into a police state!

  9. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and this kid’s ‘teacher’ is its poster child.

  10. Wow, that kid sure looks scary – the better to inflict him on the Libtreads. This kind of stuff gets me praying for this country!

  11. My husband and I did not have any children, but if we did I’d want to move to the wilds of Texas where such nonsense will probably NOT be tolerated anytime soon!

  12. What happens if you bake a rainbow “gay” cake in the shape of a gun?


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