Pirates Hijack 4 Americans

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Hostages Jean & Scott Adam, via ABC News

UPDATE: The 4 americans were found dead today, Feb. 21, off the Somali coast.
Via CNN, Somali pirates hijacked a yacht with four Americans onboard in the Indian Ocean, U.S. military officials said Saturday. The identities of the Americans were not immediately known, but the yacht, the S/V Quest, is owned by Jean and Scott Adam, according to Ecoterra International, a piracy watchdog group. Of course, this administration is all over it: Pirates hijack 4 Americans; U.S. mulls response.
The Adams writes on their website Another aspect of our travels is friendship evangelism – that is, finding homes for thousands of Bibles.” The Adams detail their travels from Mexico to the South Pacific, and list their yacht the S/V Quest registered to Marina Del Rey. “We were so unhappy being ‘dirt dwellers’ during our time in the States that another floating abode had to be acquired,” Jean writes on their website.
The U.S. military is prepared to intervene in the situation if necessary, said Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette, deputy commander of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, based in Bahrain. As noted in a previous post, Bahrain hosts the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet as a central hub in the effort to monitor traffic going toward Iran. Combined with the “protest fever” in the African/Arab Countries, this administration has their hands full in dealing with international situations.
According to The Jawa Report, “This could turn very badly if this couple are indeed evangelists. The radical al-Shabaab is known to believe in the death penalty for proselytizing to Muslims. If she is carrying Bibles it’s very likely that might be interpreted badly by any Sharia court.”
When will the President make a statement about this hijacking? Don’t hold your breath. We all remember how well he handled the April 2010 Somali pirate crisis with the capture of Capt. Richard Phillips. Fortunately, thanks to our US Navy SEALS, that situation had a positive outcome. Prayers that these hostages are rescued in a timely manner.

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0 responses to “Pirates Hijack 4 Americans

  1. I hope and pray they are rescued,but on the other hand it disgusts me,where they were at! [they should know better}

  2. Another test for the boy wonder. Twenty bucks says he’s hiding in a closet somewhere in the East Wing.

  3. Prayers going out for them tonight.
    God needs to help them because Obama sure won’t.

  4. These 4 people are interfering do gooder morons who knew the dangers , who got themselves hijacked. I do not fee sorry for them,. Don’t waste taxpayer dollars on them that we don’t have. Now if these had been 4 of our troops doing their job, it would be different., Then I would say, pour on the fire and get them out!

    • We don’t even know if their religion was the reason they were there, and we certainly don’t know if they’d been invited there to visit friends.
      And sailing a boat through the Indian Ocean is not exactly like barging into Afghanistan. Last time I checked the Indian Ocean was public property.
      Save your prayers for them, please. The last thing these poor folks need is half-hearted prayers from someone who thinks they are morons.

      • Well said, Candance. The kidnapped Americans are good-hearted Christian evangelists, which put them even more in danger with their Muslim kidnappers. They need our prayers!

  5. but I’ll pray for them anyway. what the heck


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