We need a break from the People Freaks of Walmart.

Meet Pipsqueak, the 8-days-old pygmy goat!




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How cute, but my Beckett is cuter, He was born Oct 1st. My youngest daughter raises Nigerian dwarf goats and her mama, Hera, finally had twins. She had only had single births until now. She rejected the smallest one and would not feed him, on the 3rd day, my daughter called me from work and asked me to go to the feed store and get some goat formula, go to her house and get the baby and feed him, she would pick him up after work. Well, she took him home and tried to get his mom to feed him… Read more »

Joseph E Fasciani

After raising three varieties of milk goats for more than ten years, I agree that Pipsqueak is a dear little thing. And ‘Good luck!’ to those puppies when they try to keep up w/her when she starts being playful! As for ‘goats will eat anything,’ that is simply a myth, 100%. They may APPEAR to be eating weird stuff, but when faced w/a SHORTAGE of appropriate foodstuffs, they will –just as we would when starving– experiment w/anything to see if it’s edible, NOT that they like it. They are NOT so stupid, in fact, along w/pigs, they are amongst the… Read more »