Pipsqueak meets the pups

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Pipsqueak is only 8 days old, but he’s ostracized by the adult goats. So a pair of doggie parents adopted him.

In this video, Pipsqueak meets the dogs’ puppies for the first time.


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0 responses to “Pipsqueak meets the pups

  1. Too cute! Need a cute story once in awhile. This election stuff is starting to wear on me. I think my blood pressure is up

  2. Adorable video!

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this too cute stress relief! Animals are so wonderful. I love the goat, “Pipsqueak,” and the puppy, “Buttermilk.” That is what I need now in our home, a pet goat! Wow, there would be a revolution posed by the cats, the dog, the parrot and the turtle.

  4. My Beckett is smaller than pipsquak and he is 31 days old today. Funny, but goats are really sweet animals, who would have thunk it?

    • Yeppers, I would! I raised dozens of various breed milk goats for my family of two adults and three children. FAR better than a cow; the quantities are easier to deal with, the milk is much closer to human milk for infants, and while one cannot make butter, it makes a superb spreadable cream cheese!

      I do NOT think introducing Pip Squeak to the puppies is a good idea, as it’s easy for one to lose an eye or have them damaged. Innocent and lovable, yes; entirely harmless? NOT!


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