Pipe bomb found in mailbox of George Soros’ Bedford, NY home

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Yesterday afternoon, an “explosive device” was found at the home of billionaire and Democratic donor George Soros in the town of Bedford in Westchester County, 50 miles north of Manhattan.

At about 3:45 p.m., Bedford police responded to a call from the home’s caretaker about a suspicious package in a mail box, containing what appeared to be an explosive device. The employee placed the package in a wooded area until authorities arrived.

The Westchester County Police Department’s bomb squad was called, as were federal and state investigators. Law enforcement officials said the device, constructed from a length of pipe about six inches long filled with explosive powder, had been left in the mailbox by someone and was not delivered by the Postal Service. The bomb was rigged with a detonator, and it could have maimed or possibly killed someone had it exploded near them.

Sadly, Soros was not home when the device was discovered by a caretaker.

Two F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force squads that handle domestic terrorism cases, as well as the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are investigating the incident.

The New York Times portrays Soros, 88, as a benign philanthrophist and his critics as far-right villains. Soros “donates frequently to Democratic candidates and progressive causes, and has given at least $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations to promote democracy and human rights around the world.” But his “activism has made him a villain to conservative groups and the target of anti-Semitic smears.”

Even Fox News comes to Soros’ defense, saying he “is vilified on the right” for donating heavily to “liberal causes,” and that “Others have falsely accused him of being a Nazi collaborator during World War II, when he was a child in Hungary.”

But here’s Soros on CBS’ 60 Minutes, admitting to having collaborated with the Nazis:

Both the New York Times and Fox News also insist Soros is falsely accused of funding the “caravan of migrants” that originated in Honduras and Guatemala, and is now in Mexico making their way toward the U.S. border. The latest report is that the “caravan” of INVADERS has swollen to 14,000 people.

But according to Jamie White of Infowars:

The UN and billionaire globalist George Soros are the driving forces behind the massive migrant caravan marching to the U.S. southern border, according to reports.

As with the previous caravan that sprung up last spring, the open borders group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which is connected to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, is involved with organizing the caravan

As with the previous caravan that sprung up last spring, the open borders group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which is connected to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, is involved with organizing the caravan…. Pueblos Sin Fronteras is but one of several Soros groups financially and logistically supporting the caravan.

It is not just Infowars identifying Soros as funding the “caravan” invasion, but also WND, in a report on April 29, 2018:

The caravan is organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, [b]ut the effort is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – thus the acronym CARA. At least three of the four groups are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, WND has confirmed….

Other support groups are funded by the MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation.

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72 responses to “Pipe bomb found in mailbox of George Soros’ Bedford, NY home

  1. Next best thing to the Devil. You watch. They’ll spin this as a bunch of “deplorables” out to get the Great Giver. Somebody should scoop this POS up and drop him in Russia. They have arrest warrants out for him there.

    • Lophatt . . . What a fabulous idea. If only wishes could make it happen. He is such an evil, evil person.

      • Thanks. He’s not popular in Hungary either. I think he needs a visit to his old country. They’d like to give him a “Mussolini Welcome”.

    • From what I heard from Michael Savage some years back, Soros is also under indictment in France, too.

      • Hmmm? Could be. I only know of the two, Russia and Hungary, but it wouldn’t surprise me if France didn’t issue a warrant. I know they would if Le Penn would have won.

        It’s an absolute disgrace. Henry Kissinger was in the same boat for many years. I don’t know what they did about that but there were countries he couldn’t travel to.

        I could see Hillary Clinton suffering the same fate. IF we had a real AG she would be sporting an orange pantsuit.

    • What kind of idiot thought that Soros gets his own mail? I think this a bs story, but I love your idea. I just hope his son goes to Russia with him.

  2. People seem not to be aware Soro is just the front guy. Soros does nothing without his boss’ consent. Rothschild

    • Oh, we’re “aware”. I say it all the time. Soros is just an agent. Still, he’s an identifiable agent and a great place to start.

  3. Yeah, right.

    Because the first thing I’d do with an explosive device is carry it out of the house. Not. I’d carry myself out.

    Sounds suspect.

    • My thoughts exactly, DCG. Even a moron wouldn’t have done that. How stupid do they think we are? Not buying this.

    • DCG . . . I’m very glad you picked up on that. What kind of an “idiot employee” would carry an explosive device out of the house to a safer, wooded area? I hope that the FBI puts as much effort into this “attempted bombing” as they have “the Russian collusion” nonsense. Perhaps this was some kind of a ploy for sympathy for this evil, old devil.

  4. Not buying it.

    Probably fake and planted by a Sorosbot.

  5. Pipe bomb left in the old goat’s mailbox? How convenient, Soreass wasn’t home at the time. “The bomb was rigged with a detonator and could have killed someone”, and…..the caretaker placed the package in a wooded area until authorities arrived. Do they think we are stupid? Soreass’s home is very well protected, from the pic there are no gates, how can that be? He doesn’t pickup his mail, and anything going there is scrutinized and handled with kid gloves by the caretakers, and the caretaker was unharmed as he removed the pipe bomb. Gimme a break a five year old child can figure it out, they just want to feel the pulse of the people and divert the attention away from this POS having his hands in the invasion of the proletarians.

    • Let’s have fun with this story. Postman: Mr. Soros, I have a package I need you to sign for. Just sign on the line next to the X, take your time, leave the paper in the mail box, I’m getting the hell out of here. Have a nice day.”

  6. Mirror? What the Marxists accuse others of, they themselves have done, are doing, or will do. Mike Adams was concerned in a post he recently made in which he told of organization of k teams to be directed at selected individuals in government, the media, and others of concern on “Activation Day.” Doxxing is open, and all people of importance need to be well guarded. The team’s consist of five, and, when needed, they are to call four other teams. Of course, the upcoming election has much to do with it, and, if they lose, they may well go over the edge. Mike believes that if they win, they will ease up. I don’t. I believe that they will be determined that this situation never happens to them again. Not just all the master enemy has driven them to dedicate all they have for the plan, their very existence is believed threatened.

  7. Who in their right mind would ever believe Soros gets his own Mail. Of course he has someone checking for all dangers. Funny in the timing though. He has been trying to destroy this country for years and suddenly he gets a little threat right before election. Not buying this one.

    • If it were true they wouldn’t release it unless they wanted to. There’s a reason we’re hearing of this. Just like the MSM is portraying the Latin invasion as “poor starving immigrants”, they portray Soros as a “kindly benefactor”.

  8. Maybe the FBI should go talk to the Unabomber…

  9. No surveillance cameras? His house would have security systems putting the White House to shame.

    A revealing fact about Soros is his connections to the Deep State’s ruling elite at the Carlyle Group; his personal stable of monetary operatives at the Group of Thirty; his reported control over the European Parliament; and, his influence over the CFR, where he used to be a director.

    What’s so chilling is that with his close, working associations with leaders in banking, the military, commerce, and the RCC, nonetheless the overriding, comprehensive objective of his Open Society Foundation is the total annihilation of Western Civilization; erasing the sovereignty of the US and all of Europe; and finally, extirpating every trace of Christian morality from the face of the earth. Are our leaders in on this? Most major corporations (beholden to the banking cabal) appear to be.

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  11. We’re supposed to believe that George Soros gets his own mail out of his mailbox? We’re supposed to believe the butler took the bomb from the mailbox to the woods? Even the FBI or Maxine Waters wouldn’t be this stupid, would they?

  12. We know it wasn’t Danny Greene…. I am sure there are enough cameras on this creep’s place to catch a mosquito screwing 2 blocks away… I smell something here too

    • Brilliant point, Watertender!
      Surely, billionaire Soros’ home and grounds must be covered with surveillance cameras.

  13. Shill house for a shill guy.

  14. Soros is a top enemy of all living who is worthy of death and when he is dead the world will be a better place.

  15. JoeThePimpernel

    The first of many false flags.
    It’s the only play the ORANGE MAN BAD crowd have left.

  16. This does sound fishy. Who knows at this point?

    Make No Mistake: I detest Soros for being the amoral criminal that he is—regardless of his intelligence in dealing with hedge funds, money and all the rest. (We have to “Give the Devil his due,” so to speak: He does possess some intelligence). Let us recall the “60 Minutes” interview he gave some years back (about 25 or more, as memory serves.) The reporter asked him, “Do you believe in God?” Soros responded with a simple and candid “No,” as if the reporter had asked him if he believed in unicorns.
    So that is the secret: If one actually IS able to dismiss the idea of a Supreme Being as being poppycock, then anything, as Dostoyevsky said, was permitted.

    What makes for an atheist? Brain damage? A pathology in the brain? Bad wiring? No, actually: We are all born without belief, thanks to Original Sin. Thanks to Original Sin, belief DOES NOT “flow through the blood,” to paraphrase Ronald Reagan: We are BORN without belief. Belief is not inherent to our fallen nature. We have to be taught it. It has to be accepted, and it has to be cultivated.
    So it seems to me that, even if the young Georgy Schawrz had an abnormality of nature, he was never taught about God, or, he rejected it out of hand.
    So in his mind, I would hazard to guess, he thinks there’s nothing wrong with HIM: It’s the rest of the world that’s crazy!

    This man was, according to the “60 Minutes” interview, a knowing and willing Nazi collaborator. This is no “conspiracy theory” from Alex Jones or Koko the Clown: It came from Soros’ own lips. CASE CLOSED.

    But as much as I detest the man, it is not up to some lone individual to take this matter into his own hands. My own gut tells me that no “lone nut” did this. Someone, acting on orders from on high, did this. So the next question is, Qui Bono? Who benefits? What was the motive?
    At this point, as the “pipe bomb” did not explode, I take it to be a warning signal from someone to Soros about something he did that the public does not even know anything about at this point. So maybe Old Soros said something to someone he should not have.
    Hopefully, time will tell.

    • Or they contrived the whole thing to have something to accuse the “Deplorables” for? I agree Steven, that he made his choice. That’s a fundamental choice all of us must make. I would further suspect, as you say, that it isn’t in his personal interest to acknowledge God.

      I also imagine he thinks he’s smarter than everyone who believes in God. That really is what Satanists are all about. So, in my mind that makes him very stupid indeed. Where does he think everything around him comes from?

      Anyway, all of this plotting and conniving is not new for Satanists. That’s what they do. It’s who they are. Could somebody want to take him out? Sure. But in the circles he runs in I doubt that any of his fellow Satanists would do that without authorization.

      It is also possible that a dummy didn’t consider that he’d be blowing up the butler. I mean, really. It isn’t like little Georgy puts on his flip-flops and saunters out to the walk to get the mail. He probably has a conga line of naked concubines to do that for him.

  17. They make him sound like a saint. He is far from a saint. He is a War Criminal. Why has he not been arrested? He stole valuables from the Jew’s before they were led to the gas chambers. He is a Jew himself. Evil man. Yet he hasn’t been charged. Unreal. Hope he gets his just deserts. Sounds odd that his employee took the bomb in the woods. A realistic person would of ran out of the house. Stinks to high heaven. They want them to think someone else sent it.

  18. Sorry, The only person responsible for this “bombing attempt” is Soros himself. This is a textbook, “false flag” event, used to gain sympathy for Soros, smear legitimate critics as “violent,” and to distract the public from Soros’s sponsorship of the criminal invasion from South America.

  19. To the great Patriot that tried this. Good try don’t be discouraged keep up the good work and better luck the next time.

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  21. Am I imagining it or has anti-soros media been bleached or very well hidden from the Net.

  22. Dan Blather (FAKE NEWS)

    The bomb container featured a backwards MAGA hat with an attached Kavanaugh picture from 1986 covered with hearts and kisses.

  23. “Benign Philanthropist.” That’s like calling Mengele a caring physician.

  24. I actually don’t believe it, I think it was a plant from the Left to try to gain support for him. Who in their right mind would pick up what they thought was an explosive device and MOVE IT TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION? It doesn’t pass the smell test!

  25. The Lone Ranger

    The story of Soros being a Nazi collaborator is not false. I saw an interview he did where he admitted that he assisted the Nazis in locating the homes of rich Jews in Hungary when he was a teenager. He also said he had no regrets doing that because if he didn’t do it someone else would. Of course the Nazis went into the homes and stole everything of value. It would seem to me that Soros is doing the same thing now only it’s America he wants to destroy for the New World Order. He needs to be arrested for Sedition.

  26. Why would anyone want to kill Soros’ illegal alien servants?

  27. Frank Pastorkovich

    George Soros planted that bomb on himself. Its the oldest trick in the book. And the play of last resort. When you can’t change public opinion with your ideas, then you attack yourself and blame and demonize your opponents to discredit them. The same sort of sleaze that Adolf Hitler used in burning down the Reichstag. Amazing how if you live long enough, you see the same play and scene run over and over again. Now the Clintons are saying someone tried to plant a bomb on them. See the pattern here. They want people to feel sorry for them and hurt their opponents. Please Don’t fall for this BS and nonsense.

    • I was about to post my comment that, after reading all of the comments above yours, this most likely is a false-flag op run by Himself, the wicked wizard of the North Badlands.

    • As a matter of fact, its the same “sort of sleaze” pulled by the Romans and the Greeks before them. They would attack themselves and blame it on whoever they wished to attack. Classic.

  28. Wed., Oct. 24, 2018 @ 10:06 a.m.:

    Drudge Report just posted that the Clintons and the Obamas received similar pipe bombs in their mail that were intercepted.

    I think we’re seeing either a warning to all three parties to remain faithful to omerta (code of silence) or a false flag event is being planned or is in the works.

  29. We almost had a world MINUS George Soros!? Awww….

  30. They have never been photographed together until now.

  31. My question here, as other commenters have already said about false flag stuff etc, is who makes “pipe bombs” anymore? Didn’t that stuff go out, culturally, with the later proven bogus material of the “anarchist’s cookbook”? (The “instructions” were shown to not only be bogus, but dangerous on top of that.) Besides that, would such a someone even think the creep would get his own mail, someone who obviously had the brains to be able to look up where he lived, and be stealthy enough to get close to the house to get access to the mailbox, and this alleged someone couldn’t come up with something better than a rinky dink “pipe bomb”? They thought to plot out such a “bomb” but didn’t think to get intelligence to make sure it ended up where it was intended, and risking other people’s lives, including postal employees? That sort of thing doesn’t add up.

    Also as if someone like soros is ever “at home” at such a place, how many other places does he own, and was this one slated to be a summer house, or renovated soon, or sold to someone else because he got bored of it? Many questions.

  32. I think anyone looking at the current alleged list of recipients will see straight away that this is another hoax. This is as “real” as SHES. Even Holder was a recipient. I smell Brock all over this.

  33. This is one of the “new ones” allegedly “mailed” to CNN. Note the lack of a postmark. I know of no way that can happen if it were really mailed.


  34. What a loser this mutt is. These idiots are SO PREDICTABLE. Anyone who votes for them is a moron.


  35. Who would believe the absolute nonsense that is being pushed out by the media right now? We’re supposed to believe that someone mailed a pipe bomb in an envelope? The post office wouldn’t even accept that. And judging from the fact that they released pictures of these devices, they must have known there was no chance of them being real. What idiot would stand close enough to a bomb to take pictures? The pictures would never be released if there was a real investigation of a bomber happening.

    John Brennan doesn’t work for CNN. Why would a package be sent there for him?

    This is the wrong time of year for April Fools jokes, but that’s about how much sense all of this makes. I have been laughing all afternoon at this lunacy.😂

    • That’s absolutely true, Mary. No cancellation on the stamps. As you say, who in their right mind would stand next to a real bomb to snap pictures? Who would ALLOW them to do that?

      This is an obvious fraud. The MSM is blaming Trump. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is allegedly a recipient as well. The return addresses say “Shultz”.

      This is very insulting. Of course they’re playing to their fans. They MAY actually be stupid enough to fall for this. I note that they did little, if any coverage of Republican politicians being shot and shot at, sent “Ricin” in the mail, etc..

      There is no way that this country can stay together with this adversarial posturing. I’m sure that’s exactly the intent.

  36. This is as true as it gets, unfortunately:

  37. Isn’t it odd they don’t seem to be talking about this? It seems “false flag” is the leading trend at Google.


  38. With the other devices showing up today at Democrats doors or being found by postal inspectors it looks suspicious… Mrs. Watertender says Hillary orchestrated this to frame Republicans and divert attention from the Left

  39. The return of the vast right wing conspiracy so the average marshmallow dullard gets the sympathy feelz for the poor downtrodden democrat AKA CPUSA party.
    The desperate caravan of strong healthy military aged men didn’t work so now this bomb scare.
    Where is the mighty FBI? Too busy trying to overthrow a sitting president.

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  41. From one sound bite, to the next, to the next to the next, always in a desperate frenzy to get one more moron to believe in their Antichrist atheist totalitarian Marxist agenda.


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