Pink Slip Massacre at JCPenney

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JCPenney cutting 300 workers at headquarters

NY Post: The pink slip massacre at JCPenney has come a week late — but it may be even bloodier than feared. CEO Ron Johnson this week is cutting loose at least 300 workers at the retailer’s headquarters — a display of carnage that some employees had been dreading for weeks, calling it a “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre,” sources told The Post.
The cuts amount to at least 10 percent of the 3,000 workers at Penney’s HQ in Plano, Tex. The Post reported exclusively on Feb. 6 of the cuts.
We had a person crying as if she had just received word that someone had died,” a source close to the retailer said yesterday. “They get straight to the point in letting you know you no longer work for JCP.” A Penney spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment.
About 75 workers in Penney’s legal, human-resources and information-technology departments had been given walking papers, according to insiders. A team of about 20 fashion-trend watchers lost their jobs yesterday — as well as designers in men’s and kids’ clothing, sources said.
The ax was expected to swing again — and some feared the cuts could drag on for a few weeks, sources added. “A large group was sent an e-mail and went into a room this morning,” a source said yesterday, relating the grisly scene. “They said almost everyone [being hired] is very young, and it is clear they only want young people.
The cuts will leave HQ with less than half the workers it had when Johnson took the reins in late 2011. Johnson is cutting jobs despite vague responses in recent weeks when asked whether layoffs were looming. That, in turn, is feeding growing cynicism among the rank and file, insiders said.
“The remaining employees can’t help but wonder if the timing has anything to do with the Martha Stewart trial,” one Plano worker told The Post, referring to the courtroom battle that began this week over Stewart’s licensing tie-up with Penney, which Macy’s charges violates its licensing deal with Stewart.
“Maybe upper management is hoping that the press will be looking in that direction and won’t notice what is happening back in Plano,” the employee said. In New York, testimony began in the much-watched trial. Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren is expected to take the stand Monday.
I doubt the layoffs have anything to do with a trial. JCPenney has been tanking for some time. In early February they announced they were closing 300 to 350 stores and that and that their one-year stock performance was -53.6%.

JCPenney Father's Day ad with homosexual couple.

JCPenney Father’s Day ad with homosexual couple.

In February 2012, Johnson initiated a new (but undeclared) pro-homosexual policy. They’ve been going downhill ever since. Elections, agendas, and advertising campaigns have consequences.

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0 responses to “Pink Slip Massacre at JCPenney

  1. But despite all this, the sinking Titanic called JC Penney is still keeping Ron Johnson as CEO. Meanwhile, Mike Francis, who was hired to be JC Penney’s President as recently as October 2011, quit last June after just 8 months — with a $10 million departure package.
    I feel so sorry for the 300 workers at JCP headquarters, and the hundreds more in JCP stores across America who will lose their jobs as those stores are closed in the months ahead:

  2. The rich get richer , the poor get poorer , and the beat goes on . There will be no more middle -class shortly .

  3. Are they the folk who convinced him the “gay marketing” idea would pay off?

  4. When you cave in and mix in the homosexual agenda in with your corporate business model and plan, offer for sale some of the ugliest clothing out there, this is what you get, an epic failure and now 300 plus people are losing their jobs. Gay marketing really paid off, right in their collectives A$$es.

  5. I believe J C Penney was founded by a true Christian and he tithed a large percent of his profits. Look what it has become . IN my little area it is the only decent store besides K mart and Wall Mart and it would be a huge loss if they close, but people I know definitely will not support it since they went to the homosexual agenda. It is a sad situation for the workers the shoppers and Penney’s but people complained to them many years ago about the sayings on shirts etc. And the evil things on them also. They do promote some Nazi emblems on their clothes. People are getting wiser ! It does not look good for Penney’s, or their suppliers.

  6. Penneys’ CEO Ron Johnson has a real knack for irritating people. We no longer shop there.

  7. we tried to give pennys a heads up,they were stuborn wouldnt listen,we told the big dogs their sales would tank,why mix gay agenda with a retail store its stupid.why would they let ceo ron johnson bankrupt a store we all once liked?????old man penny would never have let ron johnson drive the car.

  8. Well I walk thru a JCP to get to a mall store, it is very clear the older more experience worker, with retirement and health care benefits are getting the ax. This gives him that Apple look. He is a lovely man.
    Well check out the loot Ron’s crony Target buddy, Francis got, he canned him in 9 months, Ronnie the JCP clown has such an ego he took over his duties, amazing for a guy who flys in from Ca to Texas on a private jet for 2-3 days work.
    And yet the new multi tasking JCP checkout clerk gets less than 20.00 hours a week, and their commission was taken away. Amazing, he has revolutionized and created the Chinese sweatshop equivalent in retail. Guess that is why he likes to call store aisle, The Street, peddlers selling goods they themselves can not afford.
    JCP doesn’t deserve anyone’s money. Penny’s as we know it is gone.
    Ron the fair and square guy.

  9. “We had a person crying as if she had just received word that someone had died,” If she is the person who brings home the bacon and bread, yeah, I’ll bet she’s crying because she knows that someone could die if she can’t bring home the necessities. I cannot imagine going to work and having that bomb dropped on me, hey, you no longer have a job. My husband and I used to talk about how fortunate we were, we lived in an age when we could raise our five sons in a decent atmosphere, we had jobs we knew would be there the next day, pensions down the road. etc. I think what I’m saying is this: LIFE WAS STABLE. Folks, that’s gone. God help us! BO is the stink bomb thrown into our country, and it’s about to blow up. I’d better quit before I say what I really think….


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