Piers Morgan wishes the American Revolution had failed

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Desperate to boost his and CNN’s embarrassingly low ratings, pro-gun control Piers Morgan is resorting to outraging Americans.

His latest ploy?

Tweeting this on the Fourth of July:

Piers MorganHey, Piers!

Stewing in your hatred for conservative patriotic Americans has rotted whatever grey cells you had left in your melon. You’re so stupid you don’t even realize the obvious implications of what you tweeted:

If your mad King George III had, as you so charmingly and eruditely and professionally put it, kept “his shit together,” the 13 American colonies would never have won independence from a corrupt British monarchy.

That means there would never be a United States of America.

Which means there would never be a CNN to hire you to spew hate instead of actual journalism.

Just pathetic.

Piers Morgan in Burger King Flame Fragrance AdvertThe Scent of Seduction?  More like “The Stench of Narcissism”!


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0 responses to “Piers Morgan wishes the American Revolution had failed

  1. Too bad his sphincter doesn’t spasm and cause him to choke on his own shit. Oh, wait, maybe that’s his problem now…..

  2. After all, he was on the losing side. You can’t expect the loser to be happy about the outcome.

  3. Well Piers, I am glad it did succeed, because look what bad shape Britain is right now. Beheading of soldier, hacked to death wheel chair man, and most recently beating of a teenager. All by your lovely Muslims. What I wish is that you would just get a one way ticket back to Britain.

  4. With a thought process like his , his mother and father must have been sister and brother . That would explain a lot .

  5. Of course, he’s a big fan of George III… and has no sense of his audience.

  6. In a way, Old Piers is correct, if King George III had been on his game, he would have dissolved parliament, hung the lot of treasonous bastards, and treated Americans the very same way as every loyal subject of the crown should be treated, and those rights are guaranteed by the monarch. The issue isn’t that the King was bad, he was weak, parliament was and is bad.

  7. Well, I don’t see where anyone above has told Mr. Morgan how the cow eats the cabbage in the good ole US of A where he has made million$. So here goes: Hey Piers Kiss my RED, WHITE AND BLUE American FLAG tattooed …!

  8. Had it failed, this flaming dumbass would be conversing in German.


  9. And get the f’ing Hell out of my country, you f’ing commie puke.


  10. Scent of Seduction, huh? Yeah, I’d like to flame-grill ole Piers. Quick, ye olde Barf Bucket! Is that pix for real? I’ll be printing it out for the bird cage, with a message to the birdies to peck away, and I know just where they can start, where his manhood lies/lays/laid.
    Thanks, Dr. Eo, got my day off to a roaring start – you do make my life!

    • Your assuming he has manhood worth pecking !Just put a bulls-eye over his face and tell the bird ” HAVE AT IT “!!!!!!!

  11. Ha – yeah, those assumptions!! But-but-but-butt – he thinks he’s hot stuff. He’s really just stuffing….

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  13. P.M.= a puppet for CNN.

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. It is clear now that his brain cells are as defective as his narcissistic pose, considering his most stupid statement about the American Revolution. If I were Piers, I would put myself into serious self-examination to examine his judgment and his motivations. Oh, but I forgot, narcissists do not question any of their choices, do they?


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