Picture Perfect Gunman – To Disarm America

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And so the next gun grab begins

For a long time the Left kept coming up with non-starters in their attempt to prove the danger posed by white ex-soldiers coming back into the country. Now they have their poster child.

And yet, nobody stops to ask how this would have turned out if the patrons of the country music club were armed and trained.

Any guesses how long before the truth leaks out, and we know what really happened? To me, this wreaks of false flag and street theater. There is even a report that some patrons were survivors of the Las Vegas shooting.

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54 responses to “Picture Perfect Gunman – To Disarm America

  1. I read that too, Traildust. Shades of Sandy Hook survivors being at the Boston smoke bomb event. How many more of these must we put up with?😏

    • Well, winter is coming on. Maybe the circus decided to catch some California sun. It’s a tough life dodging imaginary bullets.

  2. At this point, given all the terror events and false flag events that have occurred, the ONE QUESTION that remains to be answered—or at least investigated—is this: What was the role (if any) of the Mossad in this event?

    We are being played. These events, if orchestrated by the deep state or its agents or agencies, will only fool a certain (small) number of people. They don’t fool me: Whether the terror event in question was orchestrated or not, NO, America IS NOT relinquishing its firearms.

    So what is it? Is some apparatchik somewhere just spending his agency’s budget to keep the gravy train rolling? Or is it that there are enough leftwing nuts in power who actually believe that this one last terror event will work this time? What is the answer? In any one given event, we may never know enough. But again, the Question MUST be asked or investigated: To what extent, if any, is the Mossad involved in this? The Federal Government of this Nation has been infiltrated by independent operators who seek to establish or maintain their own “parallel government.” It’s already been done with the CFR and the CIA; there have been factions within those agencies, too. And we have the added dimension that, not only are we being manipulated, we are being TRIANGULATED. And we are being LEVERAGED. “By their fruits Ye shall know them.” This is what has been going on. It does not matter if they actually clone someone who looks exactly like Donald Trump or Bozo the Clown at this point: There are too many things going on behind the scenes to be completely hidden.

    Where’s Waldo? Where’s Sess—never mind….

  3. Yeah, I’m just starting to gather information on this. They have ALREADY had a motorcade for the slain policeman. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I haven’t. All the Demon-Rats are howling about being in charge and guns control. Right on cue. People not even cold in their graves.

    This smells like a fish market. The ‘Press” keep calling it LA. It is eighty miles North of LA. Just more crap. The reason I mention it is as an example of how they just read the script the CIA hands them.

  4. Right now “The Talk” on CBS is calling for gun control and disarming Americans… Does not take long does it….

    • Why, it’s like it was “in the can”, ready to go. How AMAZING (cough!). For those of us who are still reality based, we know that even when bad things happen, it takes time to sort it out. How do they instantly know everything about the alleged shooter, the cop who got shot, etc.? Usually it takes at least days.

      My default position is definitely set to “fraud” until proven otherwise.

    • Well, they want us regular folk disarmed. Their personal bodyguards can be armed, of course.

      • DCG . . . and how do we know whether or not “their personal bodyguards” aren’t going to jump the tracks any time soon? Normal everyday people should have the right to protect themselves.

  5. California already has draconian laws about magazine capacity. Doesn’t look like they work too well. This is a little too close to “Hollywood”, figuratively and literally.

    All the reports I’ve read read alike. They claim people were hiding in the “attic”. Really?

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Got that Lee Harvey Oswald look, to me.

  7. Banning guns will redirect the problem but will not end it. These people are already head cases and emotional wreaks. Guns are convenient and easily accessible to them but take them away and the murderous rage will still be there. That’s when they’ll turn to explosives. I’m surprised they haven’t already since a good sized pipe bomb could rack up a higher body count and be less detectable. The task really is early detection of these people by therapists, family members and friends. A person harmful to themselves and others can be headed off since its not a matter of protecting their rights as much as the rights of their potential victims.

    • They’ve already signed on to the UN treaty that has us all disarmed. They are desperate to follow through. None of it is about “crime”. They want us defenseless and dependent.

    • There is no “problem”. We have a God-given right to defense. The Constitution protects it. It’s a scary world, especially when some use stuff like this for their own ends.

      We don’t have to, and should not, “balance” anything. This is total bunk. Even the story doesn’t make sense (as usual). They say they knew he was reloading because there was a lull so they broke out a window, blah, blah, blah.

      Funny, why didn’t they rush him? There’s only one of him and a whole big room full of them. If he had 10 or 20 rounds in a magazine that’s all he’s got until he inserts another. Big strapping college students? They claim they saved the “woman folk”.

      What they want is for us to go “oh, that makes sense. We need to give up the guns and everything will be safe”. Well, it won’t be and that isn’t ANY answer.

  8. Another Hellywood central casting shooting.
    I’ll believe it only with good evidence.

  9. And what do you know…the Marine was “known” to authorities.


  10. These things are conspicuous,if for no other reason than the timing. How ironic that this particular event happens RIGHT AFTER THE MID-TERMS?
    BTW-Be forewarned-Nevada now has a “governor” (no caps,as with alleged president obama,a sign of disrespect) ,a senator,wacky Jackie Rosen,and a Washoe County Sheriff who all fully supports Gun Control AND CONFISCATION. I’m expecting,until AMERICANS can change the power structure,Nevada will be “California Jr.” (I don’t like it,and reserve the RIGHT to refuse,as an AMERICAN,to comply to anything UNCONSTITUTIONAL they might enact.

    • I saw a news article about Californians driving up real estate prices in Nevada and Idaho by moving there. Californians are also changing Texas, which is really, really bad because if Texas turns “blue,” then the Demonrats will have a lock on elections with 3 blue-states with big populations and electoral votes: New York, California & Texas. It baffles me why people flee California but bring the same left-wing California ideology & politics to their new home-states.

      • That’s a poser. I wouldn’t expect that. It’s their politics that drove them out. Of course, expecting logic from a Marxist is a losing proposition.

      • I wondered that when I lived in Boise. The theory held by the old-timers there is that the Californians sell their homes for big money,move to Boise for the Small town atmosphere,good place to raise their kids,but they realize how much they miss all the stuff they had,so they encourage their friends and family to bring those businesses when THEY come to Boise. BOOM! Instant California.

        • In north eastern WA where my dad lives, a lot of people from California are moving there. Same thing: They sell their homes in CA for massive $ and can purchase palatial homes/lots in WA for a lot less. At this point, the area still remains red yet give it a dozen years and it’ll probably turn blue like the Seattle area…

          • Well, I’m not convinced that voting is all its cracked up to be. There is lots of gerrymandering and other illicit practices that go on. While its true that people often vote against their own interests, that many people simply CAN’T be that stupid.

            If they’re smart enough to leave California, it seems inconceivable that they’d want more of what they just left, but….., who knows?

            • “If they’re smart enough to leave California, it seems inconceivable that they’d want more of what they just left…”

              Liberal logic isn’t designed to make sense 🙂

      • I am wondering how much longer we can hold out in Ca. now that Newsom will be the gov. If you want to retire you will be forced to leave unless you are rich. No one that is on a fixed income is going to be able to pay the increased property taxes, gas taxes and all the other taxes they are planning on as well. But my son was saying there was all sorts of talk on Facebook that fleeing will do no good as Nevada, Texas, and Arizona will all be blue soon too. I think there are both conservatives and libs that leave California, but I also think there are a lot of immigrants in these states that are pushing it Blue. Everywhere there is a concentration of immigrants it is blue. Ca turned blue because of immigrants. https://twitter.com/HenryMakow/status/1060178462072299520

        I think we can safely say these areas are all heavily populated by immigrants and immigrants overwhelmingly vote liberal. Nearly one third of California’s population is foreign born. Southern Texas- tons of Latinos. Same for Southern Nevada- think of all those Mexican immigrants working the Casinos in the Service industry. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that when we older ones die off, and this young brainwashed generation and the immigrants take the reigns that Communism is inevitable.

      • Wandering Californians are like a disease spreading to other vital organs in America. One of them was a close friend of mine in high school and for a few years after. He was a walking LSD dispensary, an occultist, and a communist sympathizer. When I decided to follow Jesus in late 1972, my friend was furious at my decision, and vehemently opposed it. That was the day and hour I walked away from that “friend.” I have often prayed for his conversion, but seeing no evidence of it, have no interest in any contact.
        He is one of the polluting Californians who has moved to Texas.
        Many “Massholes” are similarly ruining formerly conservative New Hampshire.

    • I never thought I’d live to see the day. It has to be Las Vegas. Growing up EVERYONE was a shooter. Most of my guns came from Reno pawn shops.

      Of course I never understood Dirty Harry Reid either. It was a nicer place to live when The Mob were in charge.

  11. Regardless of what happened the scenario bears the marks of public theater, where the msm’s “investigative reporters” never unearth anything that might discredit an obviously pre-scripted (because identical) official narrative. The always present, many little details glaringly inconsistent with the supposed main facts of these cases, which taken together had previously provided a powerful and conclusive refutation of such narrative, are now universally considered evidence of insanity, anti-Semitism, etc against those pointing out that the official narrative is demonstrably false. This is very close to truth becoming what the state says it is, while questioning it becomes a crime—a line being pushed every bit as much by Fox News as by CNN as a matter of fact.

    If you were going to pick a venue for one of these events, you couldn’t do much better than a darkened bar filled with boozing college kids hysterically responding to what they thought were gun shots while mistaking crisis actors crying out in pain for the real thing. I don’t know what happened, of course, but it should raise eyebrows among rational minds—not to minimize the horror of mass shootings but to eliminate them by separating the real from the fake.

    The controlled narrative always seems to center on the same small number of eyewitnesses. Loose cannons among those present are a containment problem, but an easy one, because college students are notorious for wanting to ensure that their account agrees with the peer group consensus, and they’re generally too naive to recognize leading, entrapping questions in which they do, however, sense that a negative response convicts them of heartless disregard for innocent victims.

    Another point, brought up by Steven, is identifying one or more groups known to manipulate everything from our elections, immigration laws, gun laws, and foreign policy, who are also known to operate with near total impunity toward American law enforcement at every level.

    • All great points. The legal drinking age in California is 21. I don’t know how or why they mention eighteen year-olds. The “basic script” is the same no matter where you get the “news” from.

      How would they know these things? How would you promulgate it so quickly? As an example, there is a “spontaneous” protest against Session’s firing today. My, that’s quick.

      Some of us know that life doesn’t work that way.

      • Re: Sessions’ “Cessation”:

        __Ann Corcoran (Refugee Resettlement Watch blog) & Ann Coulter say that Sessions alone was the Legal-Brain-Safeguard in the Trump Admin against unfettered immigration (legal & illegal), & with him gone > Bad News. Ann’s motto: “Demographics is Destiny.” So true!

        The timing of his firing/resignation > with the “caravan” still(?) on its way here, could make one suspicious if what Corcoran/Coulter say is true.

        __Sundance of CTH had a different opinion re Sessions’ departure: He says Potus knows, with Dems overtaking the House, that they will be after him re every minutia they can think of, & Trump knows he needs an UNrecused AG ASAP for that coming-storm. Sundance says, “It’s as simple as that” re Sessions’ booting.

        __#SlowWalker has been amended by Mitchell, et al, to #SlowWhitaker. 😉

        • I have never liked Sessions, period, for a long time and a number of reasons. As to Trump’s astuteness and impressionability, the jury is out for me.

          It is true that is is fixing to get bombarded. He’d better shut that off, quick, as opposed to two more years later. What he told them about Senate retribution is true. He should now not say anything he plans. He should DO what he wants and tell them what he DID.

          I still think he needs to rescind that business about the “press” being able to propagandize us and lie to us. Then he needs to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine”. Then the cable news and others must come under the FCC for licensing. If they spend all their time bad mouthing Trump and don’t provide equal time to Conservatives, pull their licenses.

          Why on Earth should he care if they scream. Let ’em.

        • I’ve long stopped paying attention to Ann Couler. Trump’s invocation of new rules barring illegal border-crossers from seeking asylum proves the two Ann’s to be wrong.

          • Thanks for the link.

            Coulter does have a reputation of being a chronic flip-flopper. Wasn’t sure re the other lady.

            Potus should have issued that asylum proclamation back on 1/11/17. Waiting has only made matters worse, but “better late than never.”

            Here’s a new statement from Potus from yesterday. From what I can gather, he is “suspending” aliens from entering the USA from anywhere except via the official ports of entry (duh, as it should be & probably already says so in some law somewhere), & none of what he says in this newer proclamation applies retroactively (it should):

            11/9/18: “Presidential Proclamation Addressing Mass Migration Through the Southern Border of the United States” | The White House:

  12. No matter who controls the house band in Mordor on the Potomac, open borders, disarming of deplorable kulaks and the smart grid control matrix will happen whether we like it or not. Use the time that Trump is buying us wisely.

  13. After people questioning the last Synagogue shooter wanting to kill off so many seniors & elderly, I guess they needed to counteract that with a shooting of a younger “college night” crowd at the bar.

    __Potus tweeted 13 dead. TampaBay[dot]com delineated 11 dead in bar, plus cop/1st responder, plus shooter. So there’s the Masonic #11 & #13 again.

    __Visual Imagery! Some female who was at the bar said MEN GOT DOWN ON THEIR KNEES to shield people behind them from the shooter. Courageous Alpha Males? Shocker from a “college crowd.”
    –(Or were they protesting the National Anthem since shooter was a military guy?)

    __And give me a break on the bar’s name: BORDERLINE (Personality Disorder) Bar & Grill!
    –Cops were called on the shooter’s home by neighbors twice (shooter divorced 2011; lived with his mother) 6 months ago & 18 (=666) months ago, both times for loud arguing.
    –At the April cop visit, they had a “mental health screener” come by to interview pre-shooter but it was determined he did not need to be committed.
    –(Another prong in the Gun Grab Game > Mandatory Mental Health Screenings.)
    –Seven months later, the guy cracks & decides to shoot up “BORDERLINE” Bar & Grill.
    –Maybe his mother has BPD & he “couldn’t take it anymore.” Though men can have BPD as well.

    __Cop who was killed responding to shooting, Ron Helus, 29 (=11) year veteran on force. Potus called him a Hero.
    –Coincidentally, the first 2 letters of his last & first names spell HE-RO.
    –Also, Anagram Scrambler turns his name into Just Another “SHEOL RUN.”
    –(Someone asked above if Mossad was involved. Well, there’s your answer. Sheol is Old Testament Hebrew for Grave, “the place to which you are going”):
    –Shooter was claimed in TampaBay article to have been an “Introvert” (ie, “Loner” to the Propagandists). Above anagram link also offers “Loners Uh!” for deceased Cop’s name. Could have been the cop’s “last words.”

    __No great anagrams for IAN LONG, shooter. A funny one said: NAG LION, maybe as in Commie/Dems plan to NAG Potus (LION) w/shooting hoaxes until he caves in to Gun Control/Confiscation(?)
    –(Sorry to say but I can actually see Trump eventually saying, “OK, yes, it’s time, I’m sorry, but these shootings cannot go on. We must give up the guns for “Peace & Safety” for all, blah blah blah.)

    __MSM (seen in tweets) also says some of the survivors of the Vegas shooting just so happened to be at the BORDERLINE shooting. Is MSM dropping “crisis actor” hints? Glad they are willing to make it easier for us to be SUSPICIOUS!

    __I have not seen yet a list of names/ages of deceased bar patrons.
    –Were their bodies “left on site” as at SHES & the Synagogue? or transported to hospitals/morgues?

    • PS: 11 days from Synagogue shooting to Bar shooting:
      10/27-28 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      10/28-29 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      10/29-30 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      10/30-31 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      10/31-11/1 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/1-2 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/2-3 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/3-4 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/4-5 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/5-6 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      11/6-7 = 1 @ 24 hrs.
      TOTAL: 11 Days.

      Bar Shooting per Google results said “23:20 local time” or 11:20pm. Synagogue shooting began circa 9;54am(?).

      FYI: A Henry Makow tweet with link to the JDForward, I think it was, said Sheldon Adelson (VEGAS BABY) was w/Potus Trump at WhiteHouse watching Midterms results on 11/6/18.

      Then, voila, next evening 11/7, a shooting in ThousandOaks with prior VEGAS shooting “survivors” present!

      • I’d love to see what a statistician calculated the odds of Vegas “survivors” being present for this one at.

        • Correction: Sheldon Adelson at WhiteHouse for Midterms tweet was not at Makow’s. But all the major MSMs have the story: JPost, Haaretz, Bloomberg, etc. Adelson & wife, plus a few other unfamiliar rich Jews were also present for the Midterms Results viewing w/Potus. They ate fries, hamburgers, hotdogs on fancy dishes, lol, per JPost.

          (Another JPost headline said Potus will be holding TWO Hannukah celebrations this year!(??) — Saw another tweet w/stats: 79% of Jews voted Democrat; only 17% voted Republican.)

          Back to BORDERLINE: This tweet from early AM today; original source CBS:

          Breaking911 @Breaking911

          “I was at the Las Vegas Route 91 mass shooting”: Man inside Southern California bar when a gunman opened fire was with “probably 50 or 60 others” who were also at the Las Vegas massacre last year. “This family got hit twice.” pic.twitter.com/vVY4YWgBv4
          9:25 AM – 8 Nov 2018
          By: CBS News @CBSNews
          https://twitter dot com/Breaking911/status/1060584112992518144

          That wording isn’t very clear. Were the “50-60 others” ALSO at Vegas AND Borderline?

          Maybe CBS has a statistician they will loan you to figure up those odds. 😉

          Fetzer has a post at his site basically saying the Commie Left HAD TO DO SOMETHING FAST to divert attention from all the voting fraud that took place; hence, another shooting, & this one by a “mind-controlled Vet.”

          As far as I’m concerned, Trump & Adelson could have done it as well when they saw the lousy election results, also as a diversion. Adelson is a big dog in Vegas & could probably set up a Vegas + Borderline connection with a few phone calls… to the Crisis Actors Guild. 😉

          • I think “Dan” (above) is on to something. I mean think about it. Crowded room, smoke grenades. Throw in a few crisis actors and lots of screaming. About all they’d have to worry about was somebody armed.

            In California that’s VERY hard to do for most, getting a license. Everyone would repeat just what they heard, just like the people at the Pentagon on 9-11. “Big plane come down, cut of lampposts”, etc., etc..

            • So true re everyone would just repeat whatever everyone else was saying.

              (Reminds me of the Holocaust “survivors” at Ernst Zundel trial who admitted similarly, that they just repeated the story they were told.)

              Back to Borderline, that Zach Welz guy has a photo of a CERT Drill flyer for Sat. 11/3/18, at Ventura County / Thousand Oaks Fire Dept, & says many Vegas-shooting crisis actors participated:

              Zach Wellz PhD @WellzZach

              Replying to @TeamUpRGC @RebeccaRage333

              Not real. They just had a CERT drill a few days before. Large number were involved in the Vegas Hoax.


              12:51 PM – 8 Nov 2018

              Twitter By: Zach Wellz PhD @WellzZach https://twitter dot com/WellzZach/status/1060635871991476224/photo/1

              Drills always Fake
              +4 Days =
              Shooting Hoax

              Always a “winning combo” for TV Ratings! Maybe they discovered that jackpot with the new genre of “Disaster Movies” beginning circa 1980s/1990s(?)

  14. Since this current shooter was a veteran, that reminded me of this story from a few days ago:

    “FDA Approves Controversial New Opioid 10 Times More Powerful Than Fentanyl”:

    The story says the FDA fast-tracked approval mainly for the MILITARY for battlefield wounds. (How many soldiers become addicted as it is to the currently-available less potent opioid painkillers? If they come back home hooked, no wonder.)

    • No doubt, but in his case, they didn’t mention any Purple Hearts. They said he was a machine gunner. To me that’s pretty strange. Of course I was in the Army, but we didn’t have “specialized” machine gunners. Any qualified infantryman would do.

      On the weapons purchase application it asks if you’re nuts. Of course no one is going to answer “yes”. But, they say they had been to his house and even sent the “psych squad” over to evaluate him. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have confiscated his guns in California.

      Of course, I find all this hard to believe. In a club full of young cowboys and cowgirls, all hyped up on testosterone, nobody challenged a lone gunner with a pistol? Wow, I guess the Old West is dead.

      • It’s probably ALL a lie & nothing happened at the bar but confusion, if anything.

        No men tackled the guy per the one story I saw. Instead (per the “story”), the men knelt down in order to shield everyone behind them from Madman Vet Shooter.

        (Why not turn the tables over at least & kneel behind those!)

        Since the perp is “dead,” oh well! We’ll never know.

  15. “CA Bar Mass Shooting: State-Sponsored False Flag Terrorism to Strip Gun Rights and to Distract from…”

    “Deep State had to change the topic of conversation across the Internet from the “pervasive election thefts by Democrats”

    The election theft perps had to change the conversation—FAST!

    There’s no better way to change the public discourse than to stage a horrific mass shooting somewhere in the USA.

    (((The Powers That Be))) have run that game on the American people for many decades with no signs of slowing down.

    In the current case at California’s Borderline Bar & Grill , it’s quite clear why this specific target was chosen. Their website boasts “Ventura County’s Largest Country Dance Hall & Live Music Venue”.

    TPTB really want all the patriots discussing the details of this Gladio-style domestic terrorist attack… … …and not talking about the obvious election thefts in the House.

    Of course, the perps are aiming directly at the patriots and nationalists right after the most contentious midterm elections in U.S. history. They wasted no time warning the Right that they will kill to advance their New World Order agenda. Hence, this mass shooting is a HUGE shot across the bow.

    KEY POINT: Very few realize that the Right has been under attack by extreme left-wing insurrectionists for years. Homegrown terrorists on the Left carry out these mass shootings but are never correctly identified for the violent Soros-funded bolsheviks that they are. In this way, they have consistently gotten away with the cold-blooded murder of many a patriot.

    In other words, it’s war that the Left wants.”

    [Flanders] – Until then, they will continue to kill more and more of our people [The ones that the spics and niggers don’t kill first] and will continue to import more and more of their “diverse “migrant”reinforcements. You may have already heard that 40 to 50 or more of those people who were present at this “Country and Western” place were also present at the Las Vegas bloody-flag event. It seems that the jewsnews is not even denying it, but are proclaiming it themselves before they are openly caught on it.

    [Article continues with more explanation].


    • Re your/Flanders last sentence: Definitely an “odd thing” for MSM to broadcast shooting “participants” at one location admitting their same group was also present at a prior shooting “event.”

      Maybe MSM realizes too many citizen-investigators have noticed the same “crisis actors” are appearing in multiple disaster “events,” & MSM thinks it will lessen suspicion if they just come right out & declare it as a “News Fact.”

      In other words, “If we (MSM) say it is Not Unusual, then it is No Longer Suspicious Nor Unusual, but is merely Normal Life Coincidence. Believe us, because we are the Masters of the Tee-Vee.”

  16. A few more links of interest re the “THOUSAND HOAX” Borderline [Country Western] Bar “shooting” of 11/7/18-PM:

    __City of Thousand Oaks page re their Fire Dept.’s CERT DRILL of Sat. 11/3/18:

    __MSM Video of a “mother” who lost a son at the prior Vegas Route 91 Country Western outdoor concert “shooting” & then who lost the (same) son at the Borderline Country Western Bar “shooting”:

  17. Here’s one more link (in addition to the two in prior comment #240301 which hasn’t shown up yet):

    Interesting Twitter Conversation re Borderline Bar “shooting”:


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