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Best tailgate…evah!

H/t beloved Fellowship member May. 😉

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0 responses to “Pic of the Day

  1. The owner of this truck should get donations.

  2. Excellent! Mohammed was never a person of peace and tolerance. They need to look to the character, history and beliefs of Mohammed!

  3. Absolutely LOVE this!!!! He is only stating the truth. Is is high time we stopped being so damn PC. Muslim terrorists attacked our country and killed thousands!!! Also, being from Dixie, I rather like the rebel flag.To me, it is only about history, and I have a fondness for it.

  4. Yes, a Ford truck, not a government motors truck. Two thumbs up!

  5. whats everyones opinion of the mosque they are putting up at ground zero? Mine is VERY negative. I think the muslims need to be shipped out of this country-period.

    • Shush, tina…. Ol’ Benito is gonna be really really upset with you! Haven’t you heard? We are supposed to love everyone in America, where everyone — even illegal aliens, criminals, and jihadist murderers — are EQUAL and FREE! LOL

      • I have been SO angry about this that I couldn’t even post on it until now. How could anyone in New York, much less in America, let this happen? This will not heal anything. This is just an “in your face – we won” monument to Islam’s power over us. Don’t be fooled. Islam is trying to take over the world.
        In Deus nos fides – In God we trust

        • Steve, you can use any of my signatures. They are free for all to use. I try to fit the signature to my posts.
          In Deus nos fides – In God we trust

  6. Hey, y’all, isn’t this the same guy the CAIR camel-washers went after a couple of weeks back for being R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-C-I-S-T?
    I think it is.

  7. Camel washers–camel beaters—Where the hell is PITA??

  8. Typical uneducated rant on your site…. writing things where you know only half the story!! the owner of the truck quotes DAVID DUKE & is a borderline KLANSMAN.
    Glad to see you agree w/ such ignorant fucks, your true colors are showing, and they’re NOT red, white, & blue.

    • So where is your link to validate your statement about the owner of the truck?
      Aside from that, what part of his tailgate do you disagree with? Or do you support radical Islamists?
      And yeah, I do agree that radical Islam is a danger to our safety. And that’s because I believe in the red, white and blue, not the quran…


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