Photo surfaces of Cain sexual harassment…

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h/t Pat Dollard

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0 responses to “Photo surfaces of Cain sexual harassment…

  1. LOL – That so needed a spew alert.

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of funny, but it does minimize and cover-up what he probably did. Are three women lying?

    • What exactly did he do?

    • Given these hypersensitive times, what actually happened concerning the Hermanator could very well have been that innocent.

    • What three women? So far, I’ve seen no names, no faces, only innuendos. But the media completely ignored Larry Sinclair, who came forth in 2008 (and after) with claims that he had two sex-cocaine encounters with then-Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama (your name, what a coincidence!). That sure is objective journalism!

    • Hey Barack Obama what’s up with Solyndra, Fast and furious gun running operation, light square and the whole black panther investigation? Oh but let’s just focus on some crap that may or may not have happen 20 years ago. tell me Barack I bet you was all giggles after Bill Clinton screwed one woman and forced himself on a couple of other. Let me guess just water under the bridge right?


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