Photo Of Concealed Weapons Permit Gets Army Vet Banned From Daughter's School

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WRDWTV: Tanya Mount said she is being targeted by the administrator at her daughter’s school after a meeting between the two several weeks ago.
“I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology,” Mount said. On Wednesday, Mount says she was handed a notice from Richmond County Board of Education Police.
“He tells me that were going to issue you a criminal trespass warning,” Mount said. The notice banned her from McBean Elementary School where her disabled daughter attends.
She asked what she did wrong.
She said the police told her the principal was afraid of her. She says they asked if she was in the Army and if she had a concealed weapons permit. Mount replied yes to both questions.
Mount who is a parent volunteer says she is banned from the school for posting a picture of her new concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page.
She says she has never had any problems with Principal Janina Dallas but says she was blind-sided weeks earlier during a meeting with Dallas.
“She told me that instead of volunteering at the school and playing on the play ground with my daughter I need to be at home doing grown up things,” Dallas said.
We tried to speak with the principal, but were told she was unavailable. A district official told News 12 that the principal met with Mount regarding her role as parent volunteer, but did not know the full details of the meeting. Mount says she feels targeted for no reason.
“I feel that this is some high school crap. He said she said. She should have contacted me instead of taking the legal route which was uncalled for,” Mount said.
Mount re-confirmed to News 12 that the district gave her permission to transfer her daughter from McBean to another elementary school in the district.
Reason to ∞ home school.
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0 responses to “Photo Of Concealed Weapons Permit Gets Army Vet Banned From Daughter's School

  1. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear.
    Most of an entire nation is crippled, made unable by sixty years out-of-control feral gubbmint to behave in its best interests, a feral governance made worse by unConstitutional machinations of a Congress 90% sold out long-ago to the highest bidders.
    Those who can, have already left or are about to do so; a remaining minority will resist. The majority –We, the Sheeple– will be swept along the path of least resistance into a fate never seen before, but foreshadowed by secret camps and prisons, death by drones and men in black suits.
    Welcome to the USSA! Have your papers ready and in order….

  2. I dont do the spacebook, twitter or any of those networking things, and this is a reason, I hear all the time about people getting ito trouble of some sort after telling all thier little secrets to the world, face it people, the world has changed, there are people out there that will screw you over just because they can, even your friends and family, Do yourself a favor and throw the facebook crap in the toilet and relax to something else and keep your self private

    • I would agree, I think individuals are very “unwise” to put their personal life out there for the world to see. We have seen far to many instances where seemingly innocent info has been used against the account holder. I shut my Facebook account down some time ago; even when I had it, I revealed minimal information. Rather sad, because my nieces post pictures of their kids, vacations, even what they had for lunch on there–since they lead very busy lives, I guess I just miss out on all the nitty, gritty information about them and their children. Oh! How sad, when people don’t just pick up the phone and “actually talk to you.” I see not having FB as a trade-off–one is much safer not subscribing to it, or the other social media sites.

  3. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Absolute BS.

  4. A cowardly principal who deigns to allow the woman’s daughter to transfer to another school? (Liberal control freak, if you ask me– since when does a parent need permission to take their kids elsewhere?) Sounds like someone in the liberal “school family” got a gun and is being expelled for heresy.


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