Philly mayor blasted for celebrating sanctuary ruling, despite past crimes tied to illegal aliens

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From Fox News: The Philadelphia mayor, blasted by the White House after being filmed dancing in celebration after a judge ruled in favor of its sanctuary city status, was doing so because it was an “important moment for all Philadelphians,” his office said Friday, despite the city’s recent history of illegal immigrant alien-related crime.
A video tweeted by Mayor James Kenney’s deputy chief of staff showed him giddy after U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration can’t withhold grants to the city over policies that limit local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration officials.
“Mayor Kenney displayed excitement because it was an important moment for all Philadelphians, especially our immigrant community,” Deana Gamble, his communications director, told Fox News on Friday.
Gamble said the city’s policies are designed to ensure individuals’ constitutional rights are protected. “Philadelphia does not protect or harbor criminals and the judge also found that Philadelphia has historically cooperated [with] federal law enforcement agencies in fighting crime, which is beyond dispute and widely known,” she added.
Philadelphia previously has said it will only hand illegal immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents if they show a warrant signed by a judge.
But ICE, as recently as May, have been carrying out operations in the Philadelphia metro region that it says target “criminal aliens, public safety threats, and individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws.”
“Many people in Philadelphia have been killed, raped or assaulted at the hands of criminal illegal aliens,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told Fox News yesterday, calling Kenney’s dance “disgusting.”
Outside of the raids, illegal immigrants aliens who have committed crimes or fugitives who have been deported from the Philadelphia area in recent years include:

  • Milton Mateo Garcia, who was sentenced in 2016 to up for 44 years in state prison after being convicted two years earlier of raping a young woman in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood. Garcia, a restaurant kitchen worker from Honduras, came to be known as the “Rittenhouse rapist” after he grabbed a 26-year-old woman by her neck outside of her apartment and pushed her inside, where he sexually assaulted her. Federal officials at the time said Garcia, 28, had been living in Philadelphia illegally and had already been deported at least once before he targeted the woman. Following the announcement of the lengthy sentence, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said “Garcia does not belong on Philadelphia’s streets and, as a result of today’s sentencing, he won’t be anymore.”
  • Darlin Navarro-Turcos, also from Honduras, who was sent back to the Central American country in 2015 after being convicted of assault in association with the stabbing death of a man on a Philadelphia street a year earlier. Navarro-Turcios, who had been going by the alias Darlin Mendoza-Sanders, served a year in jail over the attack and had entered the country illegally in March 2003, ICE said. Prior to the murder, he was convicted of driving under the influence. “The crime this criminal alien is associated with is heinous,” said Tom Decker, director of ICE’s Philadelphia Enforcement and Removal Operations office.
  • Edwin Estuardo Martinez-Ortega, who as an 18-year-old was deported from Philadelphia in 2014. Martinez-Ortega was identified by ICE as a fugitive wanted on murder charges in his native country of Guatemala, and was picked up by agents after they found him at a barber shop in Warminster, just north of Philadelphia. ICE said they were tracking his presence in the area after his brother Nectali Ortega-Duarte was arrested in 2011 and deported to Guatemala on charges linked to the same crime.

Federal authorities said they swept up 49 immigrants in the Philadelphia metro area in late May of this year during a “targeted enforcement operation” aimed at “criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, re-entrants, and other immigration violators.”
“This operation resulted in multiple arrests of criminal aliens, public safety threats, and individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws,” Philadelphia Acting Field Office Director Gregory Brawley said after the sweep. “Some of these dangerous individuals had been released to the streets instead of being turned over to ICE on our detainers, which compromises the safety of the homeland that ICE officers strive to protect every day.”
ICE did not reveal the identities of those taken into custody, but said they included a 52-year-old Mexican illegal immigrant alien who was charged with simple assault and terroristic threats, and a 26-year-old Haitian illegal immigrant alien who had been “convicted in the Common Pleas Court at Philadelphia, of robbery, possession of an instrument of crime, simple assault, and criminal attempt-theft by unlawful taking.”
Read the whole story here.

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0 responses to “Philly mayor blasted for celebrating sanctuary ruling, despite past crimes tied to illegal aliens

  1. I truly cannot understand why Democrats are so hell-bent on protecting outlaw illegal aliens, including the worst criminals. “Liberalism is a mental disorder” is no longer sufficient to explain their deviancy. At this point, I find myself reaching for the only explanation that makes sense: Demonic possession.

    • “Demonic possession”, and votes. They are utterly mindless ideologues. They are sweeping out the centuries of steady progress in moral living and replacing it with, on the fly, idiocy. It is totally insane.
      Why would any locality “celebrate” a new burden? They don’t supply an adequate return on the tax investment as it is. They are actually saying “we don’t care about you citizens. We care about foreign criminals”. I am not exaggerating when I say they all need to be rounded up and put away. The politicians first.

      • Agree fully with your assessment. Also, I would add this tidbit. I have a friend who is liberal. I guess this might actually fit in under your ideologue category, but to flesh it out further…. Her self identity is outsider, anti- establishment, anti- authoritarian ( and because of this, anti Christian, she doesn’t hate Christ, but sees Christianity as being militant control freaks), and underdog, and I think that last item, ” underdog” is key because “underdogs” then Champion anyone else defined as an underdog. ( in the above case, the media has defined illegals as underdogs- go figure) This identity was really forged for many in the1960’s youth counter culture movement, and most of those people haven’t changed or grown. That is what these politicians are doing. Clearly they are ignorant and immoral, but as you said, their ” ideas” and their identity is more important than reality. My friend is not demon possessed. She is for the second amendment and personal freedom, but she is blinded by her identity, her family roots in blue collar unions, and her present poverty to open her eyes to the destruction of present day liberalism. She really still thinks it is exclusively the Republicans who are for the rich, and represent the rich. I would have to spend months educating her, but she already thinks she knows it all, and she is too busy trying to survive.I can tell any time I try to get through to her a wall goes up- silence on the other end ensues. When i tell her how dangerous the far left is, her comment is, ” and the far right too”. The only thing is, there is no ” far right” in this country. Rhinos are globalists just like the Dems.There are a gaggle of White Supremacists and neo-Nazis, but they are so ridiculously sparse, and have no political power whatsoever- just look at the pariah David Duke is even after being out of the Klan for the greater part of his life. What she is terming far right is probably the alt right that the leftist media has been demonizing as ” far right”. But who can tell thees people anything?

    • Dr Eowyn . . . . I think you are correct. This mindset goes so far beyond being a “mental disorder” . . . the only conclusion any thinking person can come to is that those individuals who so rabidly adhere to the “Sanctuary City” thinking truly are under the influence of “Demonic possession.”
      I would hope that the next time an election comes up, that the film clip of this idiot dancing would be right, front and center in the ad campaigns for his opponents. As it is someone should start a recall petition–this kind of behavior on his party is ridiculous.

  2. DEMONIC POSSESSION because they belong to the PARTY OF DEMOCRATS, hahaha, it even rhymes. It was on tv and I saw that cretin dancing as if he had won a blue ribbon for the biggest P of S flopped at the state fair, he was not alone in the dance either, so let’s hope the mayor and the company he keeps DONT have to regret the moves they showed because in the end it’ll bite them on their ass and will have to move out of city hall.

  3. He’s just showing off for his bosses down at New Odor HQ. Philly has always been my least favorite city. What a dive. Here’s another fifth columnist parasite helping to destroy the country for the NWO.

  4. something has got to give……

  5. Michael J. Garrison

    This Judge, like ALL Judges of today, is of the Federalist Society, which is in charge of bringing Sharia Law to America, at the orders of Esau, who truly controls America. This Judge is dancing because of the size of the check he received for this move against American Values.
    Don’t worry, this guy dies on Judgment Day (unless he repents).
    ALL Federalist Siociety members are gone before Eternity.
    I can hear this exchange Father has with this idiot Judge already: “Man, reverse this decision!!”
    Judge; “Over my dead body.”
    Father: “OK”

  6. traildustfotm

    As the water level in the swamp recedes, its bottom dweling creatures are coming into view. And they are ugly.


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