Phenomenal Motherhood – H/T GrouchyFogie!

When a group of dog rescuers arrived at the market to show the dogs available for adoption, somebody had left 12 puppies on the street – 8 of them were approximately 5 weeks old.
In shock, the rescuers didn’t know what to do. The group had recently canceled several adoption days at the market because of bad weather, so they were over their capacity with puppies still needing to be adopted out. Also, the abandoned puppies were so small that they needed to be fed every two hours, including at night.
That’s when a spayed stray dog approached, lay down beside the shoe box where the puppies were sleeping, and began caring for them.
She wouldn’t let anyone get near the babies.

Very carefully, the rescuers placed the puppies closer to her.
She began caressing them and offering the warmth of her belly to the newborns
The maternal instinct kicked in and…
after a few hours, she had milk and was feeding the puppies.
The rescue group named her Vida, which means “life” in Portuguese.

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8 years ago

I love this. I’ve seen this happen within my own family when my Weimaraner abandoned her babies, and my spayed female German Shorthair took over. I have also seen it with my little Baggy, a Yorkie cross who was also spayed, but she patiently nursed an infant squirrel I was raising.
I hope the rescue took the stray and the babies to a foster home.
This was my high spot of the day. Thanks for finding this lovely story.

Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

What a dear God’s creature Vida is! She puts some human mothers to shame.

Patriot Angel
8 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

I sure wish I could thumbs up that comment at least 100 times. SO so true. I look at how most mothers treat their children today and am appalled. My daughter looks around and I can honestly say she thanks me at least 3 times a month for the mother I was and for teaching her well.
God bless all good mothers. It is a very rewarding job. Hard work yes, but the rewards and benefits are more than worth it!

8 years ago

aww…loves a happy puppy ending!

8 years ago

This is a beautiful story. It is amazing that she was able to produce milk when she wasn’t pregnant. I was surprised to read m’s comment that this occurs regularly. Merry Christmas!

8 years ago

Only humans argue with their purpose in nature given to us from God.