PG&E to pay Calaveras County $25.4 million for 2015 Butte Fire

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The state’s two biggest utilities might be the possible cause for other recent deadly wildfires, even though liberals say the cause is climate change. Mother Nature can’t write a big, fat check so follow the money…

From Sacramento Bee: Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has agreed to pay Calaveras County $25.4 million for economic damages stemming from the 2015 Butte Fire.

A Cal Fire investigation concluded the fire began in September 2015 after a PG&E power line touched brush and sparked flames that killed two people, destroyed 1,000 structures and burned 71,000 acres, mostly in Calaveras County. The county sued the utility earlier this year after months of unsuccessful negotiations, according to county spokesman Timothy Lutz.

The mediated settlement reflects the cost of rebuilding and restoring its roads, watershed and bridges, as well as economic loss from decreased property tax revenue, Lutz said.

The amount was smaller than the county had hoped.

“I would be lying if I said we weren’t disappointed” by the settlement amount, Lutz said.

The besieged utility, which has been blamed by state investigators for wildfires in wine country last October, warned in June that damage claims would likely exceed $2.5 billion from those blazes.

Lutz said the county Board of Supervisors decided accepting the settlement would be in the best interests of the county, rather than pursue litigation.

Thousands of individual claims have been filed by Butte Fire victims against PG&E, and a separate lawsuit by Cal Fire seeking $87 million in compensation for costs related to fighting the Butte Fire is ongoing.

PG&E is expected to begin payments to the county by the middle of December, Lutz said. PG&E did not respond to requests for comment.


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9 responses to “PG&E to pay Calaveras County $25.4 million for 2015 Butte Fire

  1. As you may know, PG&E is owned by the Rothschild families. The beginning of this vid shows LBJ’s statement in 1962 and JFK later. Weather control was implemented during WWII; therefore the tech developed long before. Click “show more” and save the links this compiled video was produced from; hopefully, they won’t have goofy music. Other than that, this is a great vid to learn what the criminals are doing and how they do it.

  2. Smart Meters along with high energy cell towers are killing us in more ways than one. Josh del Sol had a friend who got very sick early 2000 and he began to investigate. They sold a video a few years ago that is so worthwhile. It’s now free and there is a solution to getting these meters off our homes. Take the time to learn.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention the last 3 or 4 minutes of the combined CA fire video I posted is important showing plasma created and ball lightning.
    Just mute the goofy music when it starts.

  4. That’s why PG&E now has a new policy — turning the power off Californians’ homes & businesses when it judges there’s fire danger.

    • The Ca. Electric company in eastern Ca. Also turns off the electricity when there are winds. This has left my daughter and her two small children without electricity for days at a time. They live in an remote area and her husband is serving. No reimbursement for running a generator, nothing.

  5. Sorry but the taxpayers of Calif are paying for those fires started by PG&E, Edison. Moonbeam got a bil thru last year stated if the utilities are held liable the rate holders pay the judgement. Only viable solution is to go off grid solar.

  6. Just a few things to look into:
    Direct Energy Weapons
    PG&E Board members
    High Speed Rail
    DiFi’s husband contract regarding high speed rail

    • We first need to discover what’s happening. Reports I’ve glanced at say the fires burn so hot they consume everything in their path. Well, not quite, as it turns out that many photos of the devastation show entire streets and neighborhoods of houses incinerated—where open air fires strangely melt even the metal and yet the many trees in the photos are not only not consumed, they’re not even singed. In one neighborhood photo the houses are nothing but ash footprints while the streets are still eerily lined with trees. This is also true of photos of rows of cars parked on streets burned out while the nearby trees weren’t touched—unlike any natural fire and exactly like the 911 cars in lower Manhattan (as a matter of straightforward observation and verifiable fact). Tellingly the New York Times and other propaganda organs are now frantically rushing out with “plausible denial” fairy tale scenarios of accidental causation.

  7. Is Christopher Bollyn onto something in pointing out the fires appear to have started after equipment malfunctions associated with utility network hacks of the type Israel’s Riptech brags about having pulled off in California, supposedly to uncover rather than exploit vulnerabilities?


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