Petty tyrants across America try to ban the American flag

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In May 2010, a FoxNews poll found that an astonishing 33% of people in the United States wanted the American flag to be banned. Some among that 33% are actually successful at getting the flag banned even when it’s someone else who’s displaying the flag.

Here are some instances chronicled by FOTM:

  1. A shopping mall in Portland, Oregon, forced the manager of the children’s train to remove American flags that are used to decorate the train ride.
  2. An apartment complex in Springfield, Oregon, served an eviction notice to a Navy veteran because he put up an American flag in a common area of the complex on Navy Day.
  3. A neighborhood association banned a 90-year-old veteran from flying the American flag outside his suburban Virginia home.
  4. An Olive Garden restaurant in Oxford, Alabama, banned a woman from bringing an American flag into the restaurant for a planned Kiwanis Club meeting because the flag would “disrupt the dining experience for all other guests.”
  5. The principal of Denair Middle School in California ordered a 13-year-old boy to remove the flag from his bike for fear the flag of the United States of America would “incite racial incidents” Hispanic outrage.
  6. The Live Oaks High School in Morgan Hill, California, sent three students home for wearing American flag t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo because the t-shirts might provoke “violence” on the Mexican holiday.

Add two more to the above list.

CBS Boston reports, Sept. 12, 2012, that a housing agency in Wrentham, Massachusetts, had outlawed the display of U.S. flags.

The Wrentham Housing Authority notified residents of the Garden Lane public housing complex of the policy through a letter taped to their doors on July 11, 2012. The unsigned letter said the move was made after a tenant had complained to the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) over the 4th of July holiday. Wrentham Housing Authority executive director Nancy Siegel told WBZ-TV she “followed orders” by sending the letter although she admitted there was not an excess of American flags at the complex.

Residents of the complex for the disabled and elderly, responded by hanging their own flags from the poles built in to the apartment buildings. State Representative Dan Winslow paid a visit to Garden Lane to give flags to the residents (see pic below). The flags were so popular that many were taking an extra flag or two for their neighbors who were not home.

Rep. Winslow gives a flag to Air Force veteran John O’Brian (photo by Dan Libon)

In response to a firestorm of complaints, the office of Governor Deval Patrick issued a statement that the ruling was a mistake and that under their policy, “respectful and safe” displays of the American flag is allowed on public housing property. However, it remains unclear who had given the order to Siegel to send the offensive letter.

Then there’s the Applegate Apartment complex in Muncie, Indiana.

Snejana Farberov reports for the UK’s Daily Mail, Sept. 29, 2012, that the management of the Applegate Apartments banned veteran Chris Smith and other residents from displaying yard art, including the American flag.

Residence: Smith has lived at the Applegate Apartment complex in Columbus for the past three years

Smith had enlisted in the U.S. Army after the September 11 attacks and served four years. Until the letter from his apartment’s management, Smith had decorated the patio of his apartment with military insignia and other patriotic symbols, including the star-spangled banner.

Outlawed: Chris Smith received a letter from the management of his apartment complex saying that he and other tenants can no longer display yard art, including flags Chris Smith

But after three years of living at the Columbus housing complex, the veteran received a letter from management informing him that he can no longer display an American flag outside his unit.

In response, the veteran took to the Internet and created a Facebook group called “Let It Fly” in hopes of overturning the ban.

Smith told Fox News “I can’t stand for it. It goes against everything I believe in. The flag represents freedom…it represent the blood that has been shed so that we can live free. I just want to fly a flag. I just don’t understand what the big deal is.”

Change: The policy regarding yard art was put in place after the complex was purchased by new owners

The change in policy comes after Applegate Apartments was purchased by new owners who revised rules to include a ban on any yard art, including the American flag. The new policy means Smith and other tenants can only decorate the space outside their front doors or the inside of their patios.

Here’s contact info for Applegate Apartments:

4055 North Everett Road, Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: 765-284-2247

Click here for a website where you can write a review of Applegate Apartments.


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0 responses to “Petty tyrants across America try to ban the American flag

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. People have no guts and will cave in to anyone and anything so that they appear “politically correct,” to secularism, the god of many people in this country. I will do my part to contact the managers of this apartment complex.

  2. What a bunch of BS!!! I’ve said this before, one eventually might have to get a tattoo of the American flag as it may be the only way to display it in our future.

  3. If these people don’t like the flag of our country, they can go back to where the hell they came from.

  4. 40 Reasons Not to Elect Obama

    What is President Obama doing?

    Approving guns to be given to the Mexican drug cartel, revealed by the DEA.

    Giving millions to the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza and calling it foreign aid.

    Supporting communist goals with treaties in the United Nations.

    Giving millions in food aid to the communist country of North Korea.

    Giving billions in subsidized food aid to the communist country of China.

    Down sizing the military strength of the United States and the Navy.

    Denying needed medical benefits to seventy percent of the war veterans being discharged from the military today.

    Sending someone else to honor Memorial Day and our veterans at Arlingtion National Cemetary while he supports black Americans at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Electing a person to the position of Secretary of Homeland Security with zero experience in security.

    Talking bad about the free market system, saying, “The free market, it doesn’t work, it has never worked.”

    Should I keep going?

    Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with their visit to the White House in their request to take over Syria.

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    Refusing the request of Arizona in assisting the southern State from invasion of foreigners at the rate of three thousand per day.

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    Promoting gun control in the United States by treaty with the United Nations under Agenda 21.

    Authorizing the active spying and data collection of American citizens text and e-mail and phone conversations without a court authorization violating constitutional privacy.

    Allowing communist governments access to the U.S. Patent office to steal inventions of American citizens

    Should I keep going?

    And now he supporting sodomy with gay marriage. Destroying the family unit.

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    Signing the NDAA Act knowing it had a new legal provision for the detention of American citizens without requiring a reason for arrest.

    Requiring everyone to accept the mark of the beast as a medical benefit in the original Health Care Law. See H.R. 3200 page 1000.

    The Administration is continuing to push the microchip implant on all government employees and the military and all police forces nation wide as a medical benefit.

    Obama received a call from the British government to hurry up and sign the Arms Transfer Treaty with the United Nations. But 57 members of the U.S. Senate sent him a letter saying don’t you dare. That treaty would have taken away the second amendment rights of American citizens.

    Obama approved the sale of 50 square miles of land in Utah for the exclusive use of the communist government of China.

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    President Obama says nothing when you tube videos show Islamic extremists protesting on a busy New York City street stomping on the American flag.

    What do you think is coming your way if he gets 4 more years? Christianity in America will end.

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  5. I would put up an even bigger flag. 😀


  6. Folk who wish they were born in the Soviet Union so they could be an informer for the secret police… making themselves happy by making others feel worse.

  7. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We never forgive. We never forget. because none of us are as cruel as all of us… go ahead, yank on our string and do like Japan did … “wake the sleeping giant”

  8. i wonder if soviet flags are bannd? lol


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