Pets who steal our bed . . . and we let them!

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Source: The Dodo

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0 responses to “Pets who steal our bed . . . and we let them!

  1. Love it, yes, if you love 4 legged babies, they are allowed to steal your bed!

  2. And why not? They have souls, life-breath, and give unconditional love, even when abused and neglected. Can we say the same about our children, even when they become adults?

  3. I think they are just keeping the beds warm while waiting for their bipeds to come home. Love the pics.

  4. Not to be outdone! Ziggy sleeps above my head on my pillows as she has done since I began cancer treatment. Jack sleeps touching my feet. Bernie who is now blind sleeps wherever I put him. Maggie finds a spot near the end of the bed. Buddy is amazing. If everyone (they are all about 20 lbs) gets in bed, he can make himself squeeze in and he is the new old boy, who was horribly overweight. Border Collie, approx. 50 lbs. He needs a boost because he is missing a back leg. So two ppl in a queen size bed and most of but not all the dogs is an interesting puzzle. I forgot Mickey. He’s there, too.

    • Sorry about your cancer, Meadow. Will keep you in my prayers. <3

    • I will pray that Our Lord cures your cancer. May the Triune God bless you, and may the Church Triumphant, the Blessed Mother Mary, the angels and the saints, assist you every day.

    • Dear Meadow–your beloved “bed hogs” are there because they want to give you their love and energy in your time of need……They are rallying around you. That’s all they know how to do. Take everything they can give you during your cancer treatment….prayers and love to you from THEM, and me!!!

  5. For those with bigger kitties…

  6. These pictures are truly great. Because the weather is starting to cool, my cat has returned to my bed at night. Last night, she did a new trick–in the middle of the night she inched over to where one of my hands was and kind of scooted her head under my hand so she could get petted. I have often thought when I get to Heaven and am reunited with all of my pets, I will need king size bed to accommodate the menagerie. Now that will truly be Heaven!

    • OMG Auntie Lulu….now I KNOW we are from the same place! (And, did I ever tell you that one of my great-grandmother’s name was “Lulu?”) I KNOW that if I get to say what Heaven is going to be for ME—I am going to be met by my MANY passed beloved pets. This doesn’t mean that people are not important to me…it just means that if there are “many rooms” in Heaven for those who arrive there….MY ROOM (if I arrive!) must include the wonderful flora and fauna of my life on Earth…..

  7. Love it. Dogs are too cool. Over here, we have Maude, an 18 year old beagle/springer spaniel.

  8. Cute!

  9. I thought it was just my cat that does this, lol. I wake up on the brink of falling off the side, over the course of the night my little 5 lb kitty takes possession of my bed. Don’t know how he does it tbh.

    • Issa, the Japanese Buddhist priest-poet of more than three centuries ago has told us exactly how:
      Slowly, slowly,
      climb Fujiyama,
      little snail!
      PS: Isn’t this how we acquire grace?


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