Petition to Support Arizona's Immigration Reform

Support Arizona!

Being a border state, Arizona is on the front line of America’s illegal immigration war. For wanting to actually enforce the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’s immigration laws that the Fed refuses to enforce, and for wanting to ensure their personal safety and their state’s fiscal wellbeing, Arizonans are being demonized as racists by illegal aliens and their evil enablers.
Don’t let Arizona be alone in their struggle. If Arizona crumbles, Mexico’s frighteningly violent drug wars — in which beheaded bodies are left in streets — will spill inland, beyond America’s border states. We’ll be next. 
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has a petition on her website which we can sign to show our support for Arizona’s new Immigration Law.
The petition simply says:

Support Arizona’s Immigration Reform

Show your support. Join me in standing up to Washington and protecting Arizona’s citizens from illegal immigration.

All it asks is your name and e-mail address. You also have an option to keep your signature private. I just signed the petition; 40,765 people have signed.
For the petition, CLICK HERE.
To read a simple clear Fact Sheet on the immigration law, GO HERE.

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