Petition against movie portraying Jesus Christ as a bisexual with a nose-ring

From Return to Order:

A new film, titled “Habit,” will give a portrayal of Jesus Christ played by a female. Paris Jackson, a “bisexual” musician and daughter of the late Michael Jackson, plays the part as a “gender- bending” Christ with a nose ring. Filming for the production has finished and is currently under development. According to reports:

“[Paris] Jackson …will play Jesus in the feature about a street-smart party girl with a Jesus fetish who gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by masquerading as a nun. Donovan Leitch, 852 Films, Martingale Pictures, Voltage Pictures, Cloudlight and Elevated Films are producing…

Jackson is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson…” (; emphasis added)

The very person of Christ is portrayed not only in an immoral setting, but is also is a manner that is totally contrary to His human nature. Our Lord was always patient with even the lowest sinners. But He always called them to conversion and repentance. This portrayal makes Him unnatural and vulgar. Please sign our petition, urging Elevated Films to stop the release of the “Habit” film.

39,873 people have signed the petition. The goal is 50,000 signature.

To sign, click here.


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11 days ago

Do I have to sign a petition? Can’t I just not go to see the movie?

Steven Broiles
10 days ago

Petition signed, and I also shared on one of my FB pages. Let us also note the disadvantages Paris was raised with. She had a pervert for a father (however talented he may have been), she was conceived in an unnatural way, and, like other Hollywood or music industry survivors, has taken her share of lumps. We would figure she should know better, but as odd as it may sound to us, maybe she actually does not. At any rate, here’s hoping the movie bombs, if it is released, and here is also hoping that she comes around to sanity.… Read more »

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
10 days ago

My God DOES NOT tell me to go kill people who insult Him. My God can take care of it!!
But….WOW!!…..on Judgment Day, I’d hate to be the poor slobs that created this Satanic trash.

Carl R Hassell
Carl R Hassell
10 days ago

Signed it. Thanks to Steven Broiles, & shared on my f.b. page

Steven Broiles
8 days ago
Reply to  Carl R Hassell

Thank you, Carl, and I hope you’re feeling better.

9 days ago


9 days ago

It is up to 44,593 now! 🙂

I bet they wouldn’t dare make fun of Allah or Muhammed, the muslims would go crazy. They’re cowards, going after Christ and blaspheming Him is the easy thing to do with people like them. I’m assuming that Jacksons’s daughter is also mind-controlled like Michael was. It’s terrible how this stuff keeps going and getting worse.
I pray that these people are touched by God and repent of their blasphemous ways!