Petition Against Ground Zero Mosque

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Never forget!

Last night, New York city’s Community Board 1 voted 29:1 (with 4 abstentions) in favor of the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero. See my post on this HERE.
If you disagree with the board’s decision, there’s an online petition for you to sign to register your displeasure. To sign, CLICK HERE!
We Oppose the Mosque at “Ground Zero”
Add your name to the group of 37,548 people who have already signed using the Internet!

Please read our petition below and fill in the form to add your signature. Then, forward this petition to your friends and family.(ACT! For America Privacy Policy: We value your privacy and we will not give, rent or sell your contact information to any other organization. By providing us this information you help us ensure that everyone who signs the petition participates only once.)

We Stand With the Victims of 9/11,
We Oppose the Mosque at “Ground Zero,” and
We Urge You to Join Us in Opposition
To Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Elected Officials of New York:We the undersigned join with millions of Americans who are opposed to the founding of a mosque at the very site where Islamist jihadists destroyed the World Trade Center and took the lives of nearly 3,000 people.We are opposed to the grotesque symbolism represented by the building of this mosque at “ground zero.” We are especially appalled that those pushing for this mosque have designated its grand opening date for September 11, 2011 – the ten year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.We are deeply disturbed by the insensitivity to the families of the victims of the 9/11 jihadist attack exhibited by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his supporters. We find it grossly hypocritical that Islamists and their allies repeatedly lecture Americans about the need to be “sensitive” to Muslims while Imam Rauf and his allies practice the height of intolerance and insensitivity through the blatant act of building a mosque at “ground zero.”We are offended by the views Imam Rauf has expressed about 9/11, such as his conspiratorial theory that Muslims did not perpetrate the 9/11 attack and that America’s policies were partly to blame for the attack. Such views are a slap in the face of the victims and families of 9/11.We find it repulsive that Imam Rauf and his followers and supporters would seek to build a mosque near ground zero promoting the same Sharia ideology that the 9/11 hijackers used as the justification for their act of unconscionable murder.Therefore, in deference to the families of the 9/11 victims and their memory, we call upon the elected officials of New York to oppose the building of this mosque near ground zero and for them to urge Feisal Abdul Rauf and his followers to find another location for it. 

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0 responses to “Petition Against Ground Zero Mosque

  1. anyone want to start the list for possible other locations for this???

    • Tina—what a wondeful idea. My mom says that a very small town near where she lives in Mississippi has been fighting for months to keep a huge mosque from being built. It is time to take back our country!!

  2. american honor

    hey i created a page on facebook against the building on ground zero please spread the news and tell everyone to sign up.!/profile.php?id=100001166160652

  3. Valentin Grimblatov

    I strongly oppose even the idea to buld mosque near Ground Zero. Only after a catholic cathedral will be built in Kabul

  4. Interesting. I just wrote about this mosque and have been trying to figure out what the average person thinks about this controversy and groundbreaking on Sept. 11 2011!

  5. The thought of having a mosque at or near the 911 sight is unbelievable. Who in our government is being paid off to give permission to these terrible people to build with Muslim terrorist money?


  7. American’s aren’t angry because Islam is building another mosque. They are angry about the location, 600 feet from ground zero, and the timing, the 10th anniversary of 9/11. In Islam a mosque is more than a place of worship. It is a symbol, a symbol of victory over the infidels. Muhammad built a mosque at the Ka’aba, a pagan pantheon, when he conquered Mecca. Muslims erected a mosque over the holiest site in Judaism (the Temple mount) when they conquered Jerusalem. When Muslims conquered the Christian city of Damascus they built their chief mosque (Ummayad Mosque) over the Church of Saint John. When the Muslims conquered Cordoba, they transformed the city’s cathedral into a mosque. Similarly, Muslims desecrated the Orthodox Cathedral of Constantinople (Hagia Sophia) when they conquered Constantinople. They transformed the city’s chief church into a mosque by painting over the images of Christ and writing verses from the Koran over them. Likewise, Muslims have built mosques over Hindu temples and shrines. Definition of a chump – a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of. Americans are not chumps.

    • Thank you, David, for your observant intelligent comment!
      As you rightly point out, Americans do not object to mosques. It’s about the location and the intent.

  8. Odd that this particular thread should come up today. Last week I was talking with my oh-so-liberal daughter, and she brought up the “cultural center” and “place of prayer” for Muslims to be built near Ground Zero. She started on her rant about people protesting it, and I stopped her right there. I told her it was a monument to their victory over us. She started to argue with me, and I told her that I don’t belittle her opinions and she shouldn’t belittle mine. Anyway, we decided to disagree this issue which will never be discussed between us again. Some issues are toxic between us so we don’t discuss them. However, we do agree on many issues. At least I have my daughter back in my life after a year of animosity between us. We can finally agree to disagree without ruining our relationship.
    WOW – sorry to burden everyone with this, but it was important for me to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading and understanding. 🙂

    • Anytime, Muffin! You’re among friends here.
      It’s useful for others to read about you experiences. The war for our country’s soul is waged also within our families.

    • At least your daughter is back in your life – that’s good. Best to just not discuss or agree to disagree (I have to do that w/my mom).
      Heard on Mark Levin today: we should place a Hooter’s on one side of the mosque and a bar on the other for our Mariners to visit – loved it!

      • oops, meant “Marines”…I’m watching Seattle Mariners baseball game and got confused 🙂

      • Yes, Deb, I’m glad to have her back in my life. We are both stubborn as mules, so we do have clashes. We agreed to respect each other’s opinions. That’s the best it’s going to get for us. We love each other dearly and don’t want our relationship to be destroyed. It takes work, but it’s worth it.
        Love the Hooters idea! Brilliant.

  9. Well muffin,
    If it helps you a little; I have one of those in my home and he drives me a little nutso with his liberalism and his support for every liberal cause out there. He also says his problems in life are directly related to my lack of fatherly support and help. (He told me I let him down because I do not support him or his ideas.) I told him I was on my own at 13 and I supported myself. Then, yesterday I told him he was a 30 year old man/child. He should to go look in the mirror and then he will see the cause of all his troubles, and if he’s really smart he’ll even figure out how to handle them. Otherwise, he’s a lost liberal, stuck in the midst of of a conservative family trying to convert us to ideas contrary to conservative philosophy.
    He doesn’t care much for me right now, but I am not sure I really give a hoot what liberals like or dislike, and he’s a lib.

    • Ron,
      Don’t mean to be rude, but why are you allowing a 30-year-old son to live in your house who not only lacks gratitude but insults you? Does he pay rent, food, utilities?

    • I’m beginning to think there’s one in every family. 🙂 Hope things work out for you with your son. Maybe he will have an epiphany one day and realize the error of his ways. Sure hope so!

  10. Eo,
    It’s a very long story. He was living in Denver and went broke. He called his mommy and she couldn’t say ‘No!’ So he moved back here to Jax. However, I did not want him in the house so I built a 12×12 room in the back yard, hooked up electricity and put in an AC, along with Direct TV. He can use the kitchen facilities in the house and the bathroom facilities until he gets his own place.
    Up until about three weeks ago things went fairly smooth but then him and I had a discussion–He’s an Obama supporter because he wanted change. I can’t stand Obama supporters and I let him know it. We haven’t been getting along too well ever since. Hopefully, he will be moving to his own place soon.
    There–that’s making a long story as short as possible.
    Oh yeah, he’s one of those entitlement idiots. I can’t stand them either.
    This boy is a product of my wifes first marriage to another idiot. I adopted him when he was eight but he has never liked me…I don’t give him the emotional support he needs….
    Gag Me….

  11. Liberal Ideas have destroyed this country and will bankrupt it. These guys want to implement Sharia law here. They want to name the center the Cordoba center ( the conqueror) They destroyed the twin towers and are going to raise up a Mosque and look out the window and see the land that they conquered. What a joke ( just another liberal communist idea) Just another redistribution of wealth ideology. They think communism can work because they are in control. ( the Obama Regime) In fact just more failed policy.

    • That mosque is like spiking your football in the ndzone and talking trash about the other team’s mothers– left/liberals want to feel gratified about how “tolerant” they are, so they believe any two-bit taqiyya (i.e., bullsh*t, lies, etc.) that some smiling jihadists tells ’em about this even though everyone else gets the message otherwise loud and clear.


  13. Persecutedby PervertKoran

    Which city is New York or Mecca or Gaza?
    The United States of America is at risk of Islam barbarism and Koran mafia. The New York City is at risk to turn into an Islamic Hamas-Ekhwan “Gaza” with one hundred mosques (terrorist camps to promote Shariaa gangsters and propagate Muslim mobsters like Taliban) in the web of deceit and confusion to advance the march of Koran mafia against Western civilization. Muslim terrorists have invaded and become our US government’s poltical advisors like Imam Rauf! The Democratic Party has made the most dangerous blunder and blow ever to choose the candidate Imam Obama to facilitate the USA submission to Islam mafia and and surrender to Koran’s terrorism and destroy our Western civilization before our eyes. It is better for Imam Obama to resign or may be impeached by the US Congress for lying that he is not a Muslim. God bless and save America and defeat Koran Islam! Don’t be like our Coptic Christian Egypt under Islam occupation and persecution.

  14. Persecutedby TerroristIslam

    Have we lost the United States to Islam Barbarism? How can we explain that non-American Muslims are planning to build a mega mosque at the heart of New York? Have we lost the war on Islam terrorism? How have non-American Muzlims invaded our national security at and within our lands’ borders? How have Muslims invaded the USA without any war and battles but rather one invasion-incident of terrorism at Sept, 11th, 2001, in New York? Have we been too terrorized by Muslims to refuse any Islamization of America? Stand Up Americans. Terrorist Saudis and Wahhabites have implanted the candidate Imam Obama Drama to the Democratic Party and the ground zero mosque plan. The New York City has been corrupt, filtrated and bribed. Muzlims destroyed the Greek Orthodox Church and the NY officials refused to rebuild the church but they accepted the “victory-mosque” plan unanimously o Islamize America. The plan’s Imam is the co-conspirator of the Egyptian Alzawahry of AlQuaeeda and Al Quaradawy>. The fugitive Imam Raouff has been requested for trial in Egypt, but NY and the US government have been embracing him!
    Stop such farce of building mosques (Terrorist Camps in the USA). Are we kidding ourselves? Are we really fighting terrorism and making a war on Islamic terrorism or it is just a false propaganda? Where is our National Home Security? Ooh, Imam Obama is a Muzlim traitor. Sorry Obama. By the way, “Barak” is the name of Muhammad’s donkey in Islam Mafia! The Mafia of Islam (which is not a “religion”) is incompatible to Western Civilization and cannot be integrated with our American Constitution. Sorry America! Save Western Civilization from Islam Barbarism. Wake Up Americans. We must stop Building any mosque, any more, any time any where.

  15. The President has done nothing to make me feel patriotic since he was sworn into office!

  16. Thank you for caring. As you know they want to call that mosque “Cordoba”, sign that it is a provocation. The mosque in Cordoba was transformed into a cathedral in 1236 when King Ferdinand III captured the city from the Moors. It’s not a coincidence that in April 2010 a group of 120 Muslim tourists from Austria entered the cathedral of Cordoba to pray as muslims!!! Two of them after trying to stab police officers were taken away. The spanish had never heard of an incident like this before.

  17. Remembering11-09-2001

    Hi, I’m writing from Italy, and I’m supportive of you. A mosque near Ground Zero is an offence for the victims, their relatives, and to all the American Citizens. This Mosque reopens a wound and jeers at American’s sorrow. The Mosques are dangerous centre of terrorist activity. The risk is to permit these terroristic activities near Ground Zero and hear the sound of laugh for all the victims. I hope the petition could touch the authority’s heart and so they could remember their victims.
    I’m sorry for my bad English, but I really want to write my support of you.

    • Gracie mille, Remembering! Your English is perfect; I wish I could even begin to write Italian. 😉
      And a very warm welcome to our Fellowship!

  18. People wake up, muslims are trying to take over Europe and the USA. Most of these people are violent and are trying to take us backwards and in the name of a so-called “God” they are on a holy war mission. They live in 1431 and not in 2010.

  19. Why provocative Mosques are built on the top of others’ properties to disturb social peace and undermine human civility with disgusting noisy mega-microphones? Why do Muslims implant a New York ground-zero-mosque with superior higher minarets (for the pervert-pedophile monster Mahomet, brutal-butcher rapist) – on the cemetery of Koran’s holocaust victims? Muslims want to surround spit and invade non-Muslims to surrender to Mahomet’s fascism and totalitarian tyranny under siege.
    In the 7th century, Muslims built a mosque on the top of St. John-the-Baptist cathedral church of Damascus after they had invaded Syria. In Jerusalem, on the top of the holy site of the Jewish people, they built the “far mosque” and changed the name of the city. For 1400 years Muslims have built many mosques on the top of Coptic plundered-churches across the Nile River and burned down the Library of Alexandria to build mosques instead. In the 11th century, AlAzhar mosque in Cairo was once a confiscated synagogue with the existing David’s stars. In Egypt, Muslims built two mosques on the top of the pharaohonic columns of Luxor Temple. In the 16th century, In Constantinople’s, Turkey, Muslims converted the Agia Sophia cathedral into a mosque. In India, Muslims erected mosques on the top of Hindu and Buddhist temples. Today, Muslims want to build a victory mosque on the bodies of 9-11 attack by Muslims, in ground-zero New York. Koran’s doctrine of offensive Jihad, supremacy and upper hand subjugation on non-Muslims are designed to propagate totalitarian tyranny, racist bigotry and Islamic Arabization. The invasions of the terrorist-racist Islam Mafia are assigned to rob rape, confiscate and kidnap souls and create Islamic segregation in our Western world. Ban Koran virus, Ban and Outlaw Islam epidemic in the West and immune us from the scourges of the fascist mafia of Islam.

  20. I support Donald Trump I mean this can really end this controversial issue.I will always support someone who wants to practice their religion because everyone has a right to do so,but what I don’t understand is why does the mosque need to be built near Ground Zero? It really is a slap to the faces of the victim’s families if you ask me. The United States of America is a huge country there are so many places where muslims can build their mosque,so why choose to build it near Ground Zero? I am not against muslims building a mosque in this country I am just against them building it near Ground Zero,plain and simple,move it a couple blocks or more away. And I would like to add that muslims throughout history have always built mosques as symbols of their victories in countries or lands they have conquered. By building a mosque near Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11 is saying we won.

  21. Thanks for acting to stop the building of a mosque on ground zero but I couldn’t find an active link and therefore didn’t sign. If someone can tell me if there is another petition going on? Best to all of you


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