Pete and Repeat

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David Axelrod: Lincoln Built an “Intercontinental Railroad”

Posted by John Sexton Jul 7th 2011 at 7:10 am
When I caught the President talking about President Lincoln’s “intercontinental railroad” in an interview he gave in February, I thought it was just an off-the-cuff gaffe. But it turns out his former chief political adviser made the same mistake just this weekend at the Aspen Ideas Festival:

It’s not surprising that both men would occasionally misspeak. It is surprising that both would use the same example, i.e. Lincoln’s “intercontinental railroad” as an example of big government stimulus spending, and make the same verbal gaffe while doing so.

You have to wonder if both the President and Axelrod got the same talking points memo from someone at the Center for American Progress or another friendly progressive think tank. And assuming they did get the handy political illustration from a common source, you have to wonder why neither of them caught the error (replacing transcontinental with intercontinental).

What’s certain is that this is just the kind of gaffe that the left would have had a field day with if Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, or really anyone on the right, had made it. We have several recent examples of just this kind of gaffe becoming big news.

Politifact fact-checked Palin’s account of Paul Revere’s ride. So are they going to set the record straight on the transcontinental railroad? George Stephanopoulos went after Michele Bachmann’s account of the founding fathers and slavery. Is he going to question someone at the White House about this gaffe now that it has popped up twice? Will Chris Matthews suggest on air that the President is really a “balloon head?


What a couple gaff-holes!

Tom in NC

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6 responses to “Pete and Repeat

  1. They are all just a bunch of damn fools!

  2. Over! Was it over when Custer defeated Rommel at the Alamo? Hell, no– Osama will ride again! (Well, left/liberals never had much sense of history or paid attention in school– it’s the feeling that counts. That and Capitalist oppression made Michael Moore eat all those Big Macs and Twinkies.)

  3. LOL – I didn’t realize Axelstick had gone to school here in Atlanta.


  4. Inter-, Trans-, potato, potahto.

    They’re just so intent on intercontinental government, they cannot conceive of a nation working within its own borders and boundaries to build its infrastructure, without using parts from China.

  5. your education money at work, rest and play. spend more and the nation is a bit dumber. the media is the tool of the left wing dumbocrats. and the republicans represent the evil empire. just as obama wasn’t considered a moron for not knowing how many states there are in the u.s.a. any gaffes he has made which are quite a few are played down and not reported by the msm.

  6. i was thinking maybe obama had trans on the mind transvestite


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