PETA's newest ad…

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NSFW.  Really, this is how they sell going vegan? Doubt it will convince many men – or women.  I’m not giving up my bacon!!
And what girl walks to the grocery store in her underwear?

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0 responses to “PETA's newest ad…

  1. Funny how every peta ad always include gratuitous sex or violence.
    Just saying…

  2. Goodness gracious. I think I would rather have a man with meat on his bones then a skinny minnie, like in the video. After being married for a while, the the fact that he is making the bed sells me more than the sex. (Wow, my daughter just poured cold milk down my shirt…Oh Well…the thought of my hubby making a bed had me a little hot…she cooled me down!) Hehehehe….YUCK! :p

  3. What a nonsense… did they pay someone to come up with such an idea??

  4. Thank goodness I raised my family so they don’t live like that!!!

  5. This makes no sense to me. Duh!

  6. and that made sense? how i didn’t get it either

  7. Dennis H. Bennett

    And what girl walks to the grocery store in her underwear?
    It was WalMart….WALMART!!!

  8. That’s the STUPIDEST commercial ever.


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