Persecution of Christians in America: Teacher Removed for Criticizing Gay Marriage

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If you’re still wondering whether America has fallen under the Tyranny of the Left, I present you these two contrasting cases:

Exhibit One:

Corey Wight, 55, WSDOT employee

A state employee keeps his job even though he’s accused of stabbing and robbing the prostitutes he solicited. Corey G. Wight, a Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) engineer, was allowed to return to work because the WSDOT says it can’t fire him because his offense isn’t “directly related to the scope of his employment.”

Exhibit Two:

But a high school teacher is removed from teaching for saying he disapproves of gay marriage on his personal Facebook site.
John-Henry Westen reports for LifeSiteNews, “Florida High School removes teacher for criticizing gay ‘marriage’ on Facebook,” August 18, 2011:

Mount Dora High School has removed a veteran social-studies teacher Gerald (Jerry) Buell from his classroom for Facebook comments critical of homosexual ‘marriage’. Christopher Patton, Communications Officer for Lake County Schools told LifeSiteNews that Buell was moved to administrative duties pending the results of an investigation into a suspected code of ethics violation.

On his personal Facebook account, outside of school time, Buell posted a reaction to New York’s passage of homosexual ‘marriage’ saying he “almost threw up.” He also referred to homosexual unions as sinful and referred to it as part of a “cesspool” of behaviors in remarks quoted by the Sentinel.

While LifeSiteNews was unable to reach Buell at his home, his staff page on the school’s website – which has been deleted at the time of this publication – revealed him to be a devout Christian. “First and foremost, I am a man of God,” he wrote. “I try to teach and lead my students as if Lake Co. Schools had hired Jesus Christ himself. That doesn’t mean I give a sermon and serve communion each day…what it means is I try my very best to teach and serve and minister to my students as a teacher led by and connected to the Creator of the Universe.”

In answer to castigations of being hateful, Buell told the Orlando Sentinel, “I’ve had kids that I’ve known that have been homosexuals. They know that I don’t hate them. I love them. It wasn’t out of hatred It was about the way I interpret things.”

Patton told LSN that a complaint email was received Tuesday with quotes given to the Sentinel. Buell, he said, has thus been removed from his classroom and reassigned to the district office to undertake other non-teaching duties while the board investigates if his actions constitute a breach of the code of ethics.

A very similar case to that of Buell’s is the Canadian case of teacher Chris Kempling who in 1995 was suspended from teaching for writing letters to a local newspaper explaining Christian belief on homosexuality. Kempling fought the charges all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court, where his appeal was denied – leaving him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Buell’s is not new to the United States. Last summer a Catholic professor was fired from the University of Illinois for sending an email to students in a course on Catholic doctrine, explaining how homosexual activity is contrary to the natural moral law.

More recently Canadian television sportscaster Damian Goddard was fired for Tweeting his support of Burlington hockey agent Todd Reynolds, who created a stir when he criticized New York Rangers hockey star Sean Avery for shooting a TV ad backing gay “marriage.” “I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage,” Goddard tweeted.


Please stop this Tyranny of the Left. Do something by expressing your disapproval and outrage to Buell’s principal and the school board.

Contact Information:

Principal Pam Chateauneuf

Debbie Stivender, Lake County School Board


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0 responses to “Persecution of Christians in America: Teacher Removed for Criticizing Gay Marriage

  1. For those that still think we live in a free country.
    Good find: re-blogged

    • Yup, agreeing with whatever left/liberals want is “ethical”; therefore, disagreeing with what left/liberals want is “unethical”… which is how left/liberals feel and that’s all that counts about this. (Constitution? That’s for racist, islamophobic gay-haters, you know.)

  2. Let’s see if I understood it correctly. To express an opinion is wrong, because certainly there is no such thing as freedom of speech left in the US, but to exploit prostitutes is okay! Now it makes sense… NOT!!!

  3. Clifton Lee West

    I guess saying anything against homosexuality is similar to attacking Obama who has been pulled out of the closet. If there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, why didn’t the Liberals/Progressives tell us about Obama in 2007 and 2008? Why would they deliberately try to conceal something so “normal” from all Americans? It couldn’t be that they “lied” to us, we all know how “honest” the Liberals/Progressives are, especially the main stream George Soros media. I am still glad I didn’t buy a bottle of Obama’s snake oil in 2008 and I won’t buy a bottle in 2012. My parents didn’t raise any idiots!
    Clifton Lee West

  4. I just sent the following email:
    So, Mr. Buell has committed an “ethics violation” by publicly expressing his opposition to homosexual marriage, and may be fired for it?
    Only government-educated teacher’s union goons like yourselves could come up with something as idiotic as this.
    No wonder government “education” is such a failure in this country.
    Why don’t you both do those of us who love freedom and liberty a favor, pack up your stuff, and move yourselves – along with your worthless moocher, leech, and tick family members, to a country you would be more comfortable in.
    Some place like North Korea.
    I hope Mr. Buell is looking for a really good lawyer right now, and sues you ignorant, freedom-hating bureaucrats, along with your hideous school system, to the point where you have to fire teachers and close down schools.
    You tyrannical, brain-damaged adherents to the mental illness known as political correctness are going to be stopped, if we have to sue you and yours into abject poverty.
    I hope both of you end up getting fired over this flagrant act of PC tyranny.

  5. Isn’t it nice that people can now be punished for disagreeing with us if it is politically correct? Soon people will be getting fired if they say they are against incest or animal stuff. Same thing. Unbelievable! Did I just wake up in China somewhere?

  6. persecution? my Gawd you conservatives are a bunch of weak whiny ass scum
    eowyn a couple weeks ago is first time I’ve ever posted here . you absolutely lied about me posting before. I’m in tn not Kansas you dumb slimeball

    • Well, helloooo Legion! (aka Tom, JasperX, John Jasper, Jack, middle upperclass guy, hater of trashjerks…)
      I see you are back with yet another IP address (, which — like your most recent previous addresses (;;;;; — is once again in some vague spot near the Holderman Cemetery (so appropriate!) in Kansas.
      Gosh, doesn’t give you the weekend off? it’s Saturday. Even your boss idol is vacationing in the rich man’s playground, Martha’s Vineyard. He sure is working riding you hard! No rest for the evil. Tsk tsk.
      As for your insistence that you’re in Tennessee instead of Kansas, how come your IP address (and everyone of your previous addresses) are all in Kansas, you one-standard-deviation-below-the-mean-in-IQ mucus glob?

    • Go play in the road tom or whatever you call yourself. Nice stress relief watching Eowyn stomp a mud hole in you,(with class):)

  7. I’m so SICK of this gay crap. It is demoralizing,nauseating,disgusting,and it is a MORTAL SIN. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be them when they meet their maker. It wasn’t Adam and Steve it was Adam and Eve. I hope people raise Hell. This is just wrong. The fraud in the white house is obviously queer, you can certainly tell who is who out there. Justice is coming.

  8. We’ve strayed a long way baby. From teaching the A,B,C’s with scripture references in the Mc Guffy Reader to reassigning a great teacher for his views on gay marriage. GOD’s view on gay marriage was clearly demonstrated in Sodom and Gomorrah. How can our nation get back to GOD? One person at a time.


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