People PAY for this: 'Extreme' haunted house is the stuff of nightmares

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Independent UK: McKamey Manor in San Diego, California isn’t your usual haunted house, instead of sighing at pop-up ghosts you can see fairground operators smoking a cigarette behind, you’re bound, gagged, drenched in blood and terrorised for four to seven hours.

Claiming to be the world’s most extreme haunted house, it grinds down guests through sheer terror, force feeding them, riding them, shouting in their  faces, shutting them in small boxes and much, much more.
Sound like the worst way to spend a night ever yes? Well apparently not, because there’s 24,000 people on the waiting list. Here’s a trailer it shot for 2013’s Scare LA convention:

All guests are required to sign a waiver before entering and are health checked to ensure they can ensure the stress of the ordeal.
One couple decided to go there straight after their wedding, because what better way to celebrate the joyous union of marriage than by having your heads put in cages full of snakes and being forced to eat rotten eggs?
Still think you could brave it? Here’s some nice stills for you:
The trailer caused a huge argument in the ever inflammatory YouTube comments section this month, when one viewer asked how guests could say a ‘safe word’ with their mouths taped up. McKamey Manor dodged the question, but did provide some more enlightening info about its safety protocols:
“LOL…you’re taking this MUCH to serious, but I do understand. When a person is selected to take the tour…and after they pass all my requirements, than the games begin. The folks who seek us out are true haunted house fans who no longer get scared at a typical “Boo” haunt. So all of them know exactly what the haunt is all about. They have followed us, and seen us on TV and have watched all the movies. So they really do know. But I still try to talk them out of it…but they never These folks want the “Live Your Own Horror Movie” experience. In all our years of running an extreme haunt…no guests have been injured. They think they will be…that’s what get their blood going. Its like being on a roller coaster or some other thrill ride. Yes they sign waivers and are well warned. Ant they know that once they are in…there in no escape until the tour is completed. That’s why (especially with the new haunt), I have to make sure they can physically handle this little adventure. What you have seen in the past videos is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to how it is now. Just imagine…only TWO guests take this massive tour at a time. That means they can expect to be going through stunt after stunt for at least 4 hours. How scary is that…and THEY LOVE IT! I’m also there every step of the way filming them and making sure they are safe. Safety is alway paramount. It’s all a big mind game. We control everything. What they see, what they hear, what they smell etc. We are the puppet masters and they gladly come along for this unique one of a kind adventure. We have folks flying in form all around the world to take the tour. In October we have a couple from England coming all this way to get married and to go through the haunt. We also have a woman who is such a huge fan that she is spending her vacation just to come and see us. She’s traveling from Kuwait! Those two will be in the movie called “Haunter The Movie” which has been filming for the last year or so. Soooooo, I hope this explains things a bit. We are just normal folks putting on the scariest and craziest home haunt anywhere. We do all this for the love of the fans, and because we have so much fun entertaining the folks. So please try not to worry…all is fine, and everyone is actually having the time of their lives. But I’m glad my movies freaked you out a bit…I guess that means I was successful…lol.”
I have no words for this. I could barely watch a minute of the video. Just horrifying that someone could get a “thrill” out of this.
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13 responses to “People PAY for this: 'Extreme' haunted house is the stuff of nightmares

  1. (Rolling my eyes) Where else but Mexifornia?

  2. Better described as a Haunted House experience for masochists, perhaps?

  3. What can possibly motivate presumably sane people to willingly subject themselves to this horror — and pay $ for the torturous experience? Yet another sign of the sick and twisted times we live in.

  4. Every time I think they cannot get any more gross and disgusting, our luciferian leaders raise the bar a few more notches.
    I’ve even seen churches sponsoring Halloween events as gross, calling it a safer alternative to the dangers of kiddies going out trick or treating
    sick sick sick!

    • You’re speaking of the “hell houses”, Art? Yeah those are just as vile… using the devil’s own tricks to try to point the way to Christ? That doesn’t work that way, in fact it renders service to the devil by playing along with his schemes of gore and disgust, while most certainly depicting Christianity as horrid and unmerciful (and what is Christianity without Mercy?). Does God really want service out of terror, or out of Love? (there is no Love in terror, and likewise there is no terror in Love.)
      Suffice it to say anyone running such houses as a “safer” perhaps have not considered the above, and that, in fact, such places are just as unsafe.

  5. People begging to be treated like MKULTRA & Monarch slaves, caged, strung up by their limbs, electro-shocked, screamed at, tortured, grossed-out, terrified, traumatized… Yup, very “normal folks” who run that place for the “love of the fans.” I seriously doubt it. “Puppet Masters,” indeed, probably well-trained Handlers/Trainers, offering “abuse-adventure” to bored adrenaline junkies brainwashed by too many “Survivor” shows (not to be confused with very sane Preppers).
    Someday that place will get sued for personal injury; forget the waivers!

  6. Ok I’m confused, are they just splattered with fake blood, or is it real blood from somewhere, and most importantly: is that a real gash on that guy’s face because people are actually HURT or is that part fake?!?!

  7. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! I didn’t even make it through a minute. YUCK. Those people don’t look like they are having a blast. Or, maybe I don’t know a “good” time when I see it??

  8. I was just speaking to someone the other day that “halloween’ isn’t what it should be, and has been reduced to gore porn… This thing they’re calling a haunted house isn’t a haunted house, its getting people to pay money to be in guantanamo (or one of the aspen/wwasp “troubled youth camps” (read: detention & brainwashing facility)) there is no ambience or subtlety to this, there isn’t even a valid storyline, just torture and gore porn, without elegance and without artistry, a waste of all resources involved… and what is worse, how long before some actual serial killer decides to get on the “employee” roll and actually kill someone at such a thing?
    I would hope someone can find a way to shut this worthless excuse for a “haunted house” down, and get those that run it to seek more godly and good business ventures.

    • halloween is all about satan, gore, and sex

      • Rather it is now anyway, and was when the pagans were celebrating their debauchery as well, what is needed here is for a complete discarding of the ancient/modern malarkey and replacing it with something that is more of a harvest festival with much more appropriate costumes and festivities… strip away all the “adult” (read: juvenile/teenage) stuff, all the evil-oriented stuff, and every last trace of alcohol/drugs etc., and perhaps an actual fun day might be able to be had by everyone (adults and kids alike) I think it is possible to retain a “dress up and get free candy” holiday, without all the vile trappings of satanism and neo-paganism.
        Granted I know some would rather the holiday be done away with completely, which is certainly understandable as well.

  9. dominatrix performers and their submissives..another pathetic attempt to normalize deviant behavior


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