People of Walmart: The I’m-Delusional Edition

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None of us sees our self as what we really are or as how others see us. There’s always a gap between our self-image and reality. But the gap for these Walmartians is Grand Canyonesque.

Ever seen an obese python snake in nature?

Do you want to kiss these legs?

Alas, only one of the two words is true.

A legend in his own mind

No thanks!

So delusional, it’s sad….

User-submitted photos of Walmart shoppers from across the US. Courtesy

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0 responses to “People of Walmart: The I’m-Delusional Edition

  1. Had to post this on facebook!

  2. Are these from San Francisco? Nowhere in any Walmart in San Antonio, or any other Walmart which I have shopped at from AZ to AK, from MT, to KS and SD, FLA, ALA, LA, have I ever seen anything like these! WOW.


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